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Carrie Huang
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If you manage an e-commerce brand, you might be wondering what’s the best way to increase sales with your online marketing. You might have heard that social media, email marketing, and running online ads are the best way. Do you know if that’s true? The answer is, it depends.

Depending on the product you’re selling, you’ll need to test out what works in your market. See what your competitors are doing and what seems to work for them. Maybe social media platforms and email campaigns will work for you too. Maybe it won’t. The most important thing of all is the copywriting.

You can have a huge budget and beautiful designs to put out online, but what makes people buy is the copy you write. If your copy doesn’t match how great your products are, then you’ll have trouble converting new customers.

Your copywriting needs to focus on the customers. It’s all about them and not your products. You must know what they want and then offer value to them. If you focus on the value you provide, then it’ll be much easier to convince new customers to buy from you. Value builds trust with your ideal customers, and they'll be more familiar with your products.

So how do you know which customers to target? You’ll have to learn more about your market’s demographics. Who usually buys from you? What are their typical problems? You can also understand your target demographics better by using pre-framing techniques in your copywriting.

Here are a couple of pre-framing techniques you can use to increase sales for your e-commerce brand:

Pre-Frame Your Products on Cold Traffic

Pre-framing ties in with persuasion and marketing. When you sell your products, does your description mention how you’ll solve your customer’s problems? Your goal is to keep your audience’s perception of your products positive so they can expect the best results from you. If you know how to pre-frame your products well, you'll be making more conversions.

It might take some practice and a lot of testing to see what words help convert your sales more on cold traffic. But if you keep focusing on pre-framing and getting better at it, that's all you need to increase sales. Perhaps you should find ways to present as many testimonials as possible so you could generate 62% more revenue. Wouldn’t you want to read the reviews before purchasing a product you’ve never heard of?

As long as you're able to keep a positive reputation with your cold traffic, you’ll have an easier time selling all your other products in your business. And that applies whether they’re new products or old. Customers will trust that you'll keep giving them a positive experience if the consistent feedback is excellent. You’ll be warming up cold leads before attempting to sell to them.

How to Increase Sales with Less Effort

Would you want to increase sales by doing less work? Pre-framing will help you to achieve that. When you pre-frame, all the right customers will come to you. You won’t be wasting your time trying to sell to people who don’t need your products. Not everyone is a good fit for your e-commerce brand. Focus on those who are.

When you think about where your target audience is in their lives, you’ll start to picture why your products could make their lives better. Where do you want them to be instead? How much better would their lives be if they bought from you? You can use emotion to sell in your copy.

The more you understand who your ideal customers are, the less effort it’ll take you to sell to them. You’ll have to know how to handle their objections, pain points, and desires to attract them. Pre-framing could get you more customers if they find your products relatable to their situations.

For example, your e-commerce brand could have emotional-driven and expertly crafted stories to share with customers. What made you create these products in the first place? Is it because you saw a deep need and thought about creating a great cause? If that’s the case, some customers could relate to your story and will want to support your cause by buying from you. You could be donating some of the profits to charities each time you get a sale.

If you come across people who aren’t supportive of your cause, then chances are they’re not the best customers to target. That’s why pre-framing is essential and will help you distinguish who will have positive feedback after buying your products. Remind them why they should care and what you’re offering to help. You could impact them to take action faster if they fear an undesirable outcome.

The Way You Present Your Brand

Try to set yourself apart from your competitors by being unique. You could benefit from offering your target audience a different opportunity. You can even give your products a unique name to differentiate yourself from other e-commerce brands. Your brand will be more familiar to others, and those who aren’t ready to buy from you now will remember you when they’re more ready in the future.

“Personal Branding is all about your unique promise of value and what you bring to the table. It's (also) about getting your potential clients to choose you as the only solution to their problem.” – Dr. Sarah David, business & marketing strategist

There are ways you can pre-frame in your copy to increase sales. The information could be the same, but if you could change the words to sound more appealing, your products will sell more.

Here’s an example of two different phrases to show the framing effect:

  1. "Saves 200 lives."

  2. "400 people will die."

You can see how both phrases are different but have the same meaning. Which phrase would you rather use in your copy? You might choose the first phrase because it gives you a more positive feeling than the second one.

So keep in mind how powerful it is to frame certain words for your audience to read. Depending on how persuasive the copy is, customers could buy immediately after reading about your products. You can even include a sense of urgency, such as a limited-time supply or discount code. You'll give them the fear of missing out if they don't buy from you right away. Do whatever it takes to motivate your audience with their purchasing decisions.


I've listed several pre-framing techniques you can use to help increase sales to your products. When you get good at pre-framing your products, you'll be sure to start seeing massive conversions without doing most of the work. It’s possible to scale your business by giving your customers a positive feeling about your products. And pre-framing works for any aspect of your business and life. You can set your business apart from your competitors by being unique and memorable.

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Carrie Huang

Carrie Huang began her career at a full-service agency doing all things marketing. She then discovered that copywriting is the only skill that suits her the most. Her focus now is converting sales and producing results for clients. Carrie's dedicated to helping you achieve a vision in which she believes in too.

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