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When you aren't experienced in copywriting or any marketing skill; increasing sales conversion for your marketing campaigns may be a bit difficult.

But, before I get into anything related to innovative marketing… check if you have these essential needs first:

Did You Know that Video Content Creation Trumps Every Other Type of Content?

Co-founder and CEO of VaynerMedia, Gary Vaynerchuck says, "Whether it's video on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or YouTube, the content you need to be thinking about creating and marketing on social for your business is video. Period."

Do You Have a Simple Mission and Vision Statement for Your Company?

These statements will help every customer and client understand your company's why, who, and what.

The difference between the mission and vision statement is that a mission statement is the road map for a vision statement. A vision statement is what the community and company want for society or the world.

Have You Posted Any Blog Articles?

Many of the biggest influencers and companies in the world have some type of blog or news articles and so should you!

From Kourtney Kardashian to Coca Cola, these are great examples to follow for blog posts.

Besides having relevant content and established authority on the internet, you can increase your SEO results and traffic to your website with blog articles.

Has Your Company Invested in Any Kind of Social Media?

Now, this is an obvious one, but if you're not posting and blogging anywhere in the digital world, it's time to get your head in the game. You'll see why if you read on.

Now that we got all those points cleared up for all your marketing campaigns, let's finally get into what innovative marketing really is!

What Is Innovative Marketing and How Would It Affect Your Marketing Campaigns?

Innovative marketing is a set of unconventional processes and activities that market and communicate new products or services to a targeted group.

Remember, innovation is one word and marketing is another!

Innovation means a process that involves taking new ideas and making a positive impact for your customers for a new product. Marketing means a process of distributing information to consumers!

The focus here is having unconventional product launches by using a unique place, promotion, or deal with a special price. All this is done while focusing on the needs and problems of your audience.

For example, there's VEAR, a kickstarter legs jacket brand that acts as a raincoat for your pants against the harshest rains.

This company is in what you call a "blue ocean"! A marketplace that isn't so saturated and full of competition. You can even say the founders have created their own market and this is a plus for their marketing campaigns.

Why Be Innovative for Your Marketing Campaigns?

It's as simple as this. New markets equal more sales. If you can go hard and take control of a blue ocean versus a saturated, bloody red ocean, then you have few to no competitors.

Also, the business world is always forever changing. To stay on the road and up to date, you'd have to be adaptive with all the advanced technologies and upcoming trends.

A blue ocean market and strategy will have you focus on how your company can adapt to get ahead of its own market. In a bloody, red ocean, you'd worry more about how to become better than your competitors— losing focus on your customers' needs.

Right now, the trend is all about the COVID-19 (Coronavirus), and people are already creating content from this as you are reading this article!

Now, if you apply these tips with the customer's needs, deep desires, and pain points to generate higher conversions— you'll see promising results for your marketing campaigns!

5 Innovative Marketing Campaign Techniques

1. Word of Mouth

We all know that this is the most powerful way to get leads and loyal customers. But the main goal is to deliver a unique experience for customers as they'll keep coming back wanting more and more. You want your customers' faces to have the "wow" expression as your content glues their eyes or ears to the information!

If you can take control of how well and unique of an experience a customer can get, they will tell everyone how good and what your company is— establishing value and authority. This will have you stand out from your competitors!

2. Social Media Marketing

For those that haven't gotten started yet, social media may bridge a gap between product and customer along with the use of demographics. With this and a unique idea to resolve customer's problems effectively and efficiently; initially, this alone will beat most paid ad boosts or post boosts.

3. Retain Existing Customers

Research shows that acquiring customers is seven times more expensive than retaining existing customers.

Because of this, you have to focus on delivering customer service. Without unique customer service, your customers will not care for any of your content or products.

4. Blue Ocean Geographic

To take control of a specific part of a market, there are times that you will have to figure out where you can find an open "blue ocean".

To remind you, the market universe has two types of oceans. A blue ocean and a red ocean. A red ocean is full of sharks, your competitors, in which it is a saturated marketplace. A blue ocean is a non-saturated marketplace.

Additionally, you may have to find a new geographic with high demand to take control and lead. This would also help you with your marketing campaigns with less worry!

5. Proving Your Expertise and Process

If you can find a way to showcase how you create, build, innovate, and process the steps, this would explain and have your audience understand the "how" of your expertise. It would create an immense amount of trust and curiosity!

A perfect example would be a restaurant I've been to many times. It's called Din Tai Fung, a Chinese restaurant most known for their soup dumplings— part of a company with restaurants scattered across the world.

They would always showcase the chefs behind windows, making the dumplings from scratch. Many kids and adults would look into the windows with curiosity to see how the chefs perfect each dumpling— creating trust and belief that their food will be good from start to finish!

Now that we've covered the 5 innovative techniques for marketing campaigns, let's look at some takeaways.

3 Ginormous Takeaway Examples:

1. Instagram

If you look at Instagram, it's more of a positive lifestyle and storytelling social media platform.

The most excellent ads either have some type of story by a copywriter, use of popular memes and trends to stay up to date to grab attention creatively, or a remark to a problem— leading to a solution— a company's product!

2. Netflix

It has the best quality content and multiple TV series with its own branding and name on it. This is what you call innovative.

They made it easier to watch any show or movie with a click of a button— taking advantage by creating what a modern consumer "needs" (unlike Blockbuster), while using the right demographics the best way possible.

3. L'Oreal

One of the biggest beauty cosmetic companies around, with the understanding of digital era consumers, they created a digital makeover app called Makeup Genius. They also created unique makeup line "Em-cosmetics" for hugely influential makeup blogger and YouTuber Michelle Phan.

Now, I know you may not be like these big companies, but there are many innovative ways to market yourself or your brand and I hope these will give you more insight!

Also, our professional copywriters at can assist you with your marketing needs.

Lastly, there's this special thing called "innovative selling".

Copywriters Need this Mindset in Every Marketing Campaign!

The mindset is not about pushing products. It's about looking for ways to help customers succeed through the value of what your organization provides.

The last thing a person wants is to see a pop up of a price, product, and deal for something they didn't even care about.

A Copywriter's Foundation for Marketing Campaigns

Once copywriters understand a customer's needs, goals, and value proposition— deep understanding becomes a foundation for what to expect to hear back from customers.

This also means that if you have information on the pain points and desires of your audience, you can use that in your company's favor and bring a solution to a customer's problems.

A Marketing Campaign's Secret Sauce to More Customer Acquisition

Trends! Understanding and translating trends means the conversation between you and the customer can be meaningful. With this, you can reach a specific target audience and create the start of a potential loyal customer— which, as I said, is 7 times more valuable than just acquiring customers!


Now you have a full understanding of:

  • How innovative social media marketing ideas can impact your business

  • Why being innovative affects your marketing campaigns, competition, and sales conversions

  • How delivering a unique customer service retains customers

  • How a blue ocean sets you up for less competition

  • How proving your expertise and skills creates curiosity with trust

  • A copywriters' mindset and foundation for innovative selling

  • How trends are a marketing campaign's secret sauce

If you can imagine what it'll take to create content that's excellent to get and keep customers… you'd assume it's not that easy!

So why don't you hire a highly trained copywriter that knows how to innovatively approach customers to dramatically improve sales for your marketing campaigns?

To see how we can help you succeed with your next campaign, click here.

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