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Did you know that Instagram copywriting can increase your website traffic and even help your salespeople double their conversions? As a matter of fact - 85% of brands report generating a new client or customer from social media. Also, over 50% of all revenue is influenced by social selling. But what exactly increases Instagram follower engagement and conversions?

You see, a strong visual on Instagram will make a person take those few precious seconds to look at your post. But what actually makes them engage is the caption. Social media marketers might not realize it, but what skyrockets your engagement is the copywriting.

Following are 7 Instagram copywriting secrets for a high engagement and conversion post: 

1. Lead with the Good Stuff

Instagram is a visual platform where most people quickly scroll through their feed. That's why the first three lines visible under your photo are crucial! You want this text to pull people in to click on “see more".

Social Report recommends shorter captions – less than 125 characters. "Most people click on 'see more' for longer posts only if they are hooked with the first three lines of visible text."

There are different approaches to writing a captivating opening. Here are a few options:

  • Opening with a controversial (but not too controversial) statement to incite curiosity

  • Opening with your big announcement or a call-for-action

  • Opening with an intriguing question

2. Tell a Story with Instagram Copywriting

Instagram is a relaxed, informal communication platform. Don’t be afraid to show off your brand personality!

Tell a story that aligns well with the image you post. Make sure your audience can recognize themselves as a character in your story. This will make your post more engaging and personal. (Focus on feelings and important life moments.)

With Instagram copywriting, use words that are sensory and anecdotes that paint the picture. For example, WeWork's caption under a picture of their new office says, “When your office feels like home. Loving our new location in Korea: WeWork at Samseong Station II.” This caption serves as a reminder that WeWork spaces are comfortable and professional.

When it comes to longer stories, there are few accounts with more compelling stories than Humans of New York.

3. 👉 Use Emojis 👆 💥 🔗 🎯 📌 📍

Don’t be afraid to be playful and creative and use emojis in your Instagram captions! In fact, 56% of Instagram profiles use emojis. They can help you draw your reader’s eye and add personality to your captions.

Use emojis to highlight important parts of your story or offer. They can help you show off the personality of your business and your brand. According to social analytics data, "the higher the number of emojis used, the higher the amount of interactions."

Emojis can also help you break up long strings of text in storytelling captions!

4. Show Your Value Sooner Rather than Later

Ask yourself: How can you help your followers or audience with what you know? How can they use your thoughts, ideas, and predictions on a particular topic? Offer advice, educational content, how-to, and tips and tricks. For example, NASA uses infographics to increase engagement.

Information that's helpful or useful to your audience will create better engagement and bring you more followers. Your post is more likely to get bookmarked and re-shared this way as well.

Educating your followers on your specialty will give them new, useful information. It can make your account, brand, and product appear more reliable. Some of the great ways to do this are by including questions, statistics, fun facts, and even DIY ideas!

5. Stimulate Interaction with a Clear CTA

There are many ways you can engage your reader. The more engagement you get, the more you will benefit in the long run.

If nothing else, engagement serves as social proof, so make sure to get those likes, tags, emoji comments, and answers to questions. Make sure your call-to-action (CTA) is clear and that it stands out from the rest of your text. For this, you can use emotions, all caps, or a custom font.

A good CTA can push followers to engage with your business, follow the link in your bio to engage with your site, sign up for a newsletter, buy your product, or even comment on your photos. Good Instagram copywriting includes CTAs that are lighthearted and easy for users to follow.

Do not forget to add a CTA button to your Instagram profile as well!

6. Use Hashtags

Unsurprisingly, Quintly found that smaller businesses are using more hashtags than bigger businesses.

That fact actually makes perfect sense. Quintly found that smaller profiles that use more hashtags do see better engagement rates per post. But the bigger your audience, the less you'll need hashtags.

To play the hashtag game well, you could use the following strategy: include popular hashtags related to your niche or topic, mix them with more niche-specific hashtags, and create and use unique hashtags for your specific brand.

Another advantage of creating and using your own brand’s hashtag is that you can use hashtag analytics to get a better sense of what captions perform better with your audience.

7. Feature the Audience

Last but not least, is user-generated content. While you grow your audience and inspire them to spread the word about your brand and products, you can start to share pictures from your fans on your profile.

Everyone likes to feel appreciated and noticed, and if you share your follower’s content and pictures, you will encourage your audience to share more branded content.


Instagram copywriting can make or break your sale, so your caption must be compelling! You must captivate your audience with the first few lines of your post in order for them to engage. Make sure to use emojis and hashtags to make your post more engaging and visible. Share value and create a clear CTA to improve engagement. Remember - the copywriting in your caption is all about your band personality! Good copywriting will skyrocket your engagement and make people fall in love with your brand.

If you would like to leave the Instagram copywriting to the experts, you can hire a social media copywriter here.

Marina Lazetic

Marina is a certified copywriter and experienced researcher, passionate about understanding customer behavior and writing to move businesses forward. She is certified in content strategy and inbound marketing, and specializes in Instagram ads, Facebook, and email marketing. She edited two books and is published in academic journals and on Medium. If not writing, you can find her painting or acting!

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