How to Launch Innovative Ideas with Your Marketing Budget and Still Achieve Massive Business Wins

Carrie Huang
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Are you trying to make it BIG but don’t have enough resources? Perhaps you’re a small or medium-sized business with great innovative ideas… but you don’t have much of a marketing budget. And you know your ideas would have a significant impact on people. So what do you do?

The right step to take is to avoid making any costly mistakes down the road. Some plans might sound strategic, but you don’t want to take any risks to find out later that it was a wrong turn for your business. You have to see what could work for you and your niche. Some things that work well for others may not work the same way for you.

Any smart digital marketing manager or media buyer will do their research and see what they need to prepare before launching innovative ideas. You can ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you need more information?

  2. Do you need more experience?

  3. Do you need support?

If you can answer "no" to these questions with confidence, you’ll achieve massive business wins. But again, what if you don’t have a big marketing budget to execute your ideas? This might be a challenge, but I can tell you some of the best solutions you can implement in your business.

There are a few powerful ways you can launch innovative ideas with your marketing budget. Read on to find out what you can do to achieve massive business wins.

Leverage These Platforms with Your Marketing Budget

Some businesses might not think social media would be helpful to them. Maybe they assume their audience is either too old or too young to be using social media. Whatever the reason might be, know this: 65% of adults now use social networking sites—a nearly tenfold jump in the past decade.

The internet is a place to get an abundance of information, and it’s only been growing. Everyone, even people you don’t expect, are depending on online tools, including social media platforms.

You have to find out which platform is right for your business:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • Pinterest

  • Reddit

  • LinkedIn

  • Google Plus

  • Snapchat

So if you’re not socializing with your audience on social media, you can try any of these platforms to see what’s the right fit for your niche. Plus, they’re FREE! It won’t cost you a single penny to create an account.

But making an online profile is the easy part. You have to stay consistent with engaging readers and posting too. You have to let your audience know that your business exists! You can start by replying to people’s comments and posting information they’ll find helpful and shareable. The more compelling your posts are, the faster you’ll gain likes and followers.

If you’d like to get noticed faster by your audience, you can invest in leveraging scalable advertising channels. Online advertising may be more affordable than other mediums such as being on TV, the radio, or in newspapers. Google and Facebook ads seem to be popular if you want to target the right people looking for your products or services. Remember to review your marketing budget and decide what would work best for you.

Value Can Make You Famous

Don’t you love it when you can get free, helpful tips online whenever you want? You might want to learn a new hobby, and you can do that by searching for tutorial videos. Or, if you enjoy reading, there are tons of eBooks you can download instead of buying physical books every time.

Once you find the information you need, do you think you’re likely to go back to the same place where you found it? Of course! People love it when they can get value out of something. They might even think about buying from you next time. And that’s exactly what you need to do for your business too. You have to create valuable content.

Not only do people love seeing value from you, but Google does too. The more content you create, the more Google favors you. And when Google sees value in your business, you’ll gain free traffic to your website. This will give you a competitive advantage because you seem to have the information people are looking for.

Here are examples of how you can publish content for your business:

  • Blogging

  • Creating videos

  • Hosting podcasts

  • Designing infographics

  • Submitting articles to online authority sites

Whenever you have the opportunity to be a guest blogger for a complementary website or get interviewed on someone’s podcast, go for it! Go get featured in front of the media as much as you can too. Your goal should be to gain authority as an expert in your industry. If people like you for you, selling your products or services will become easier.

Creating content might be a lot of work, especially if you’re too busy running your business. It’s always strategic to hire professionals such as designers or copywriting services to help you produce quality content. They’ll always have ideas for you, and it will do great wonders for your brand.

Win-Win with Your Partners

With the marketing budget you have, you can consider partnering up with other complementary businesses. If they succeed, you will succeed and vice versa. You will also gain more credibility if both businesses recommend each other. Word of mouth is crucial when it comes to marketing. 

“Word-of-mouth marketing is the best form of free promotion.”—author Bernard Kelvin Clive

For example, you can partner up with manufacturers, suppliers, and vendors. Let’s say you’re a digital marketing agency looking for new local businesses to offer your SEO services. You can partner up with print shops nearby and have mutual referrals.

New businesses rely on print shops to produce their company clothing or business cards. You can offer your services to them and their business could benefit from some SEO too. Or you could pay them a commission every time you make a sale. It’s a win-win.

Another way you can get more partnerships is by asking other businesses if you can share postage costs with them if they include your flyer in their direct mail marketing. Or if businesses have a retail space with a waiting room, you can ask to leave your ads or brochures there for customers to see.

It’s better to reach established businesses with a good customer base. You need to think of ways to attract them with something they can benefit from. What will motivate them to recommend you to others? Maybe you can create a referral rewards program to reward your partners for referring businesses to you.


It’s absolutely possible to launch your innovative ideas with your marketing budget and still achieve massive business wins. All you have to do is help yourself by helping others first. I’ve listed out several solutions for you in this article. It may take time to build credibility, but once you have it, you won’t need to spend as much on marketing. Or, you could be making enough sales to start considering a bigger marketing plan.

If you haven’t noticed, most of what I mentioned for launching your innovative ideas with your marketing budget requires you to be creative and compelling to your audience. You have to be consistent with creating valuable content. If you need help in these areas, a copywriter will do the job, and you can hire one here.

Carrie Huang

Carrie Huang began her career at a full-service agency doing all things marketing. She then discovered that copywriting is the only skill that suits her the most. Her focus now is converting sales and producing results for clients. Carrie's dedicated to helping you achieve a vision in which she believes in too.

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