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All business owners develop their businesses using lead generation. There are many ways to generate leads, and if you don't use the right strategies, your business won’t grow as rapidly as you want it to.

A lead is someone who is interested in your products or services. Lead generation is a process that turns website visitors - virtual strangers - into leads.

To generate leads, you can use a direct approach such as cold-calling, door-to-door selling, or cold emailing. Or, you can create strategic marketing campaigns that align with your business goals.

Some marketing campaigns will work to generate leads, and some won’t work. When your strategy doesn't, you may wonder: "Why didn't it work? Should I target all people? Or should I target a more specific audience?”

How can your lead generation strategies convert more of your traffic into leads?

You can increase your conversion rate if you choose the right lead magnet.

Ideally, you want to stand out compared to your competitors, and dominate your market.

Why Should You Carefully Select a Lead Generation Strategy?

I want you to imagine that you're eating lunch at your favorite restaurant, and then your phone rings with a random incoming call.

You don't know the number, but you think it could be important. You answer the phone only to realize it's a telemarketer, interrupting your nice lunch to try to sell you something.

The telemarketer continues talking fast to explain the features and benefits of his product to you. He talks for 10 minutes non-stop.

Isn't that bothering you? Wasting your valuable time? You probably wanted to hang up in his face, but you didn't want to be rude.

People hate feeling sold to. They want to feel understood, and have someone who understands their problems and needs.

If you're selling something, you need to understand your prospect's needs, and ensure your product is the solution before you sell to them.

Can you imagine how happy someone would be when your product or service actually helps them? Imagine them saying, “Thank you so much." Wouldn't that be a good feeling?

How Does Lead Generation Work?

Lead generation is the first stage of your sales process.

At this early stage, people still don't know anything about you, your company, your brand, or your product. And you don't want to come across like a business that is pushy, slimy, and annoys your prospects, do you?

You always have to make a good first impression on your prospects. Because if your first impression isn’t good, then you are losing sales to your competitors who formed a better first impression.

To make a good first impression, you must build a relationship with your prospects. A good way to build a relationship is to provide value to your prospects. As Dan Lok, CEO of Closers.com and Copywriters.com. said, “If you're not adding real value to people's lives, you're not going to achieve long-term success”.

Always remember that first impressions are important in any relationship. You don't want to build a business relationship with someone who had a bad first impression of you, right?

To provide value to your prospects, an effective way is to provide content that educates them. Tell them about how you can provide solutions to your prospects' problems or needs.

At this point, you might ask, "What is the most effective way for your lead generation strategy?"

These are effective lead generation strategy and current trends :

SEO-Based Content

This is one strategy where you create SEO-optimized content or advertisements. You must create content based on SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO helps your content to be at the top rank of the search engines. If your content is at the top rank, the higher the chance your prospects can see your content. And if your prospects see that your content is a solution for them, they will do business with you.

Examples of SEO-optimized content: Blog Posts, Social Media posts, Video, Infographics (organic attention). The other way in which you can use paid ads such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

One other interesting thing where we can pursue the "top of the top" position. What is that position?

Have you ever searched for something on Google, then a box appears with content? The content that answers your questions.

That is a feature of Google called Google Featured Snippets. Imagine if your content is in the zero position, how will it affect your business?

Keep in mind that you can achieve the top rank of Google with the help of SEO. If you think that this is a complicated job, you can recruit an SEO Copywriter or a content writer. They can help you to create content based on SEO. For a content writer, you need to find out whether they know about SEO or not.

Conversational Marketing

Have you ever felt frustrated when you are on a business website? Have you ever felt a site that is difficult to navigate? Or that customer service representatives take a long time to answer your simple question?

Is it often difficult to get details of a product or service?

This is why the role of conversational marketing is important. Conversational Marketing is one of the strategies that use a "conversation" system. And a tool that can help us is chatbots.

You might be wondering, "So, I use a bot to talk to people?" The answer is yes.

Remember my question about feelings of frustration before?

Yes, chatbots can help you build relationships with the system of conversations.

Based on a report, the three questions that I asked above are the most frustrating that people had. They feel lost on a website and this isn’t a good experience for prospects. You don’t want to create a bad experience for your prospects, do you?

Create a Compelling Landing Page

Usually, the first step for people to become aware of your brand is by creating content. You can create content as I mentioned when I discussed Content Marketing.

If they have an interest in your content, you can send them to your landing page. You can insert your landing page's link in some of your content.

Why are landing pages important in your lead generation process?

Because it's a page where you can turn prospects into leads. It helps you to know people who show their interest to know more about your business.

Usually, the prospects will give you their information in this page. And you give them free content as you promised from your blog or social media.

How do you make a compelling landing page? You need to explain the value your prospects will receive. Explain this in detail and be clear about your solution to their problem.

Include a great headline. For example: "Discover A Powerful Way To Create SEO-Optimized Content That Gets You More Clients".

Don't make any false promises such as, "How To Create A Landing Page That Will Give You 99.99% Conversion!". This not only sounds unlikely, but you also simply cannot make promises like that.

Sophisticated Email Marketing

Do you think email marketing is dead? No, it's not. Email marketing still works, and I'll tell you why :

  • Email marketing drives $ 32 for every $ 1 spent.

  • In 2017, 269 billion emails were sent and received each day. And this figure is expected to increase to 333 billion daily emails in 2022.

This data tells us that marketers will continue to use email marketing. And it will keep growing in the future.

Email marketing can work if you send personalized emails to leads. Emails with subject lines that use your lead's first name will work well. It's statistically showing 50% higher open rates than non-personalized emails.

Besides personalized email, you should use the segmented email strategy too. Why? Because you want to divide your email contact list into a smaller segment. The reason is that you can send an email with a more relevant topic based on your buyer’s journey.

With segmented emails, you could achieve 14.31% higher open rates than non-segmented. And also earn 100.95% higher clickthrough rates.


It’s undeniable that lead generation is one of the most important components of your business.

There are many ways to implement lead generation, but you have to find the right strategy. Always update your marketing strategy so that your business can grow as rapidly as you want it to.

You have to make a good first impression, and build a good relationship with prospects. Find their pain points, problems, and needs. Ensure your product or service is the solution to their problem.

Create content that can provide value in their lives. Establish an emotional relationship between you and your prospects using your content.

You can also recruit someone from outside your team, like a remote copywriter. They can help and provide you more fresh and interesting ideas that you can use in your strategy.

This is especially true if you hire a copywriter who knows your market. By knowing your market, they can create content that can solve your prospects' common problems. Hire a dedicated copywriter today to help you with your lead generation strategy.

Evan Setiawan

Evan Setiawan is a copywriter, trained and certified in the Copywriter Certification Program, HubSpot Content Marketing, and HubSpot Inbound Marketing training. He can help entrepreneurs or business owners to create email sales copy, landing pages, and Facebook ads compliance copy.

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