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Have you ever wondered what the best LinkedIn copywriting secrets are for 2020? LinkedIn is the number one platform in the world for professional networking. You have access to people’s achievements and skills, along with instant messaging at the click of a button. It’s one of the most proven ways to hire employees, engage with professional audiences, and pinpoint individuals who resonate with your company’s mission.

LinkedIn is one of the fastest-growing platforms on the planet. As of 2020, LinkedIn was recorded to have over 660 million active users across 200 countries and territories in the world. More than two new members sign up for LinkedIn every second, which equates to over 170 thousand new users every day. The LinkedIn community is filled with people eager to develop their skills and network, which makes it a perfect platform to share content about your company. But you might be wondering, “How do I engage with an audience on LinkedIn?”

There are three ways to effectively engage with an audience on LinkedIn:

  1. Your profile

  2. Blog posts

  3. Status updates

Your profile is the backbone for engaging with people on LinkedIn. It’s the best place to share your company’s attributes while educating others about your goals and recent projects. But you might be wondering, why does your profile matter for LinkedIn copywriting? As quoted by Will Rogers, American stage and film actor, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” How you introduce your company is the determining factor for a healthy or weak relationship with your audience. A bad first impression might turn people away from your company.

Status updates and blog posts are primarily used for educating your audience and providing company updates. It’s the best place for creating intriguing content that resonates with your company’s mission. Just remember to keep your content professional, but don’t be afraid to get creative and spark people's curiosity. LinkedIn copywriting is meant to be engaging, so have some fun! Let’s dive deep into the sections of a profile, and identify key elements that are important for a successful LinkedIn experience.

Setting Yourself Up for LinkedIn Copywriting Success

Similar to any social media platform, the first thing you always start with is your account creation. LinkedIn has hundreds of options for customizing a business page, but there are key elements that differentiate a successful page from a mediocre one. To learn from a proven example, let’s take a look at Microsoft's LinkedIn page.

From the moment someone opens your page, the first thing they see is your company’s description. In Microsoft’s case, they say, “We’re on a mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.”

This is the place where you address your company’s mission. It's NOT where you give an overview of your company. When constructing a mission statement, it is important to create a one-line message that resonates with what you believe in. And most importantly, creating a line that demonstrates your company values. A strong mission statement will instantly trigger curiosity in readers and intrigue them to explore how you plan on achieving it.

Below Microsoft’s mission statement, you will find a “Follow” and a “Learn more” button. The “Follow” button is pre-set on every LinkedIn page, but the “Learn more” button is a customized addition. For example, you can change it to “Visit website”. Just make sure the button links to your company’s website with a clearly stated intent.

Creating a Winning LinkedIn Page

Along the left side of Microsoft’s LinkedIn profile, you can find 6 tabs to help with navigation: Home, About, Life, Jobs, People, and Ads. Home is where you can see all of Microsoft's blog posts and status updates, and the best place to shine your LinkedIn copywriting skills. But for now, let’s focus on Microsoft’s About page.

Here, you can find an overview of the company along with miscellaneous information. The overview is like an expanded version of your company’s mission. Share your attributes, your beliefs, and your current successes or progress. This could be anything from employee count to the impact you’ve already made on the world.

Remember, the point of the About section is to build trustability. Your reputation increases with specific goals and statistics from your company. This also applies to sections such as industry and specialties, so make sure to be extremely specific. You can also build trustability by providing your company’s main location, but I would avoid this if you’re a sole proprietor working out of home.

The Life section is where LinkedIn copywriting comes into full effect. Here, you can get creative and talk about the community and philosophy your company has built. To give an example, “Microsoft Life'' is completely tailored with the company’s work life. You can see pictures of employees, company events, and videos talking about Microsoft's beliefs. You can add as many tabs as you wish, so get creative with what you share! The more you say, the more trustworthy your brand becomes. Think about it like a resumé for your company. Showcase your work and share the environment that you worked so hard to build. Just make sure you keep it professional and appealing to your LinkedIn audience.

Adding Finishing Touches to Your Profile

Below the Life tab on Microsoft’s profile, you can find a section for jobs. This section allows you to create job postings for positions in your company. It’s the best way to find industry professionals who resonate with your company’s mission. LinkedIn already has a predetermined algorithm that finds individuals who fit your company’s description, so most of the work is already done for you.

The People tab is used to showcase employees who work for your company. Just note that it only applies to LinkedIn users. So if your employees are not on LinkedIn, you will not be able to add them.

Lastly, the Ads tab is used to see all the advertisements you’ve listed on LinkedIn. This is automatically added once you post an ad on your page.

Now that your profile is set up for a great first impression, let’s dive deep into proven LinkedIn copywriting strategies to create predictable brand awareness for your company.

Writing Winning Blogs for LinkedIn

Users on LinkedIn regularly look at blog posts for reputable information in their respected fields. Take someone who’s big into aeronautics. Chances are they look at pages like NASA and Bombardier on the daily feed for breakthroughs and interesting research topics. But what does that mean for you?

When writing blogs on LinkedIn, it is important to position yourself as the leader of an industry. Whether you’re based around cybersecurity, real estate, or fighting aliens on the moon, you have to present yourself as someone who’s highly knowledgeable. Think about it like getting directions on Google Maps. Do you ever question the route it takes you? No! Google already has instilled themselves as industry experts. You never doubt their information because it's Google!

People struggle with LinkedIn copywriting because they run out of ideas to write about. How? I have no idea…but what I do know is that there are hundreds of topics and trends every day you can talk about.

You’re already knowledgeable in your industry, right? So why don’t you write about things you know best? You can write about personal experiences, breakthroughs, or current problems happening in your industry that you plan on tackling. And you can engage your audience by asking them questions or ending with a CTA.

Another idea is to write about trending topics that relate to your industry. As mentioned in a 2016 INC article, “'ll notice some of the most popular pieces that are promoted by the LinkedIn editors, and the ones that take off and quickly go viral, are the ones that address a trending topic in the news.” People are intrigued by topics that go viral, so what better way to create content than by riding the trending wave?

A Secret But Powerful Blog Writing Strategy

LinkedIn copywriting might seem difficult due to its professionalism, but remember… we’re still human. And we all still have emotions. So why don’t you share an interesting story about yourself? You can write about a challenge you’ve encountered and how you dealt with it. Or a lifelong lesson learned from failing and getting back up. It’s a proven way to motivate your audience while talking about the origin of your company. As quoted by Bill Dauphinais, member of PWC, “Brands are built around stories. And stories of identity - Who we are. Where we’ve come from - Are the most effective stories of all. This storytelling is a powerful way to bring brands to life.”

Writing a compelling story is important for LinkedIn copywriting success. But you might be wondering, “How do I write a compelling story?” The best stories come from your greatest pain points and struggles. Speak from your heart, and bring out the deepest moments that define who you are today. Get specific and make sure to include every detail. According to legal platform Justia, remember, “sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference.”

Status Updates that Grab People’s Attention

Think of a status update like a tweet on Twitter. Whenever you share an update or share someone’s post, it pops up for your followers to see. Even a comment you share on someone’s post will show up on your follower's feed. It’s important to consider which pieces of content you share with the marketplace.

Regularly posting status updates on LinkedIn is key for keeping your company current and relevant in your industry. Remember, you’ve been identified as an expert. People are looking at you for news and important breakthroughs.

Status updates can be approached in a similar way to blog posts. You can use LinkedIn copywriting strategies to share breakthroughs or current progression in your company. Compared to blog posts, your status updates should be short and straight to the point. If you want to share multiple paragraphs, create a blog post and inform your audience through a status update. People have short attention spans when browsing through social media. So it’s important to get straight to the point when sharing an update.

The best way to encourage readers is by using attention-grabbing headlines. And here’s a fun experiment you can do to get ideas. The next time you wait in line at a grocery store, look at the headlines of magazines for sale. See which headlines trigger your curiosity and which ones are plain boring. The purpose of attention-grabbing headlines is to force you to read the corresponding article. And believe me… these companies pay writers top dollar to create compelling headlines. So chances are they’re good!

Copywriting Designed For You

Now that you’ve learned the best LinkedIn copywriting secrets for your company, it’s time to put your learning into action and start producing content. But you might be wondering, “How long will it take to set up my page and start seeing results?”

Well, similar to any social media platform, it takes time to create winning blog posts and construct a reputable page. As quoted by General Norman Schwarzkopf, Commander of United States Central Command, “Success is sweet, but the secret is sweat.” But what if I told you there’s a group of individuals who can put in the sweat for you?

Here at, you can find the best industry-specific copywriters who specialize in Linked copywriting. Our copywriters are certified and trained in producing revenue-generating copy.

There is one factor that separates our copywriters from every writer on the market, and that’s connectedness. Our copywriters take the time to understand your company’s mission. They take the initiative to research your company and write in the same tonality in which you speak. Most copywriters in today's market forget that everyone has their own style of writing. And frankly, they may forget they’re writing for someone else.

Our copywriters uphold your ethics and take time to research your customer demographics. They always produce content that resonates with your company and has industry-winning skills to create compelling stories.


LinkedIn copywriting might seem daunting, but with the right techniques, you can have a winning experience. Start off by setting up your profile with information about your company. Share your mission, share your projects, and build trustability by showcasing your company’s work life. Then, create blog posts that resonate with your company’s beliefs. Share interesting news, breakthroughs, and create compelling stories that teach valuable lessons. Lastly, create status updates and share posts from industry-related companies. Remember to create attention-grabbing headlines to spark curiosity.

If you are interested in hiring a copywriter for your company, and you're ready to increase your brand's awareness, hire a certified copywriter today. Let copywriters create LinkedIn content designed for you.

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