How to Manage Expectations When Writing Content for Advertising

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Are most business owners happy with their conversion rate optimization (CRO) success with content for advertising?

According to a 2017 Conversion Rate Optimization Report completed by Econsultancy, only 22 percent of businesses are satisfied with conversion rates in their advertising efforts.

As a copywriter, you work diligently to create content that will get conversions for clients and help their business become more successful. However, that low percentage of satisfaction can seem daunting.

It may leave you wondering whether you’re writing relevant content integrated with the right SEO optimization strategy that ensures a high CRO. If you’re thinking dismal thoughts like this, you need to know how to manage expectations when writing content for advertising.

You can analyze all the digital marketing trends and write dynamic content that converts. But let’s get down to some basics on managing your expectations so you don’t go crazy and can focus on doing your best work.

The Advertising End Game

Sure, the main goal of your content is to appeal to readers and improve conversion rates. However, you need to realize that you won’t please everyone.

A stellar piece of writing will captivate one reader while alienating another. Managing your expectations begins with understanding the advertising end game—and then accepting the results, whatever they may be.

Yes, you want to win every time. But the reality is that some articles you write will have a lower conversion rate than others.

Aim high for the best result, but don’t allow failure to reach your goals to derail you from continuing with the next great article. Handling your expectations in this way will help you become a better copywriter who is continually learning about SEO and trends in marketing and improving their writing style.

Under Promise and Over Deliver

HubSpot reports that 61 percent of marketers have a priority action plan to improve their SEO capabilities and organically grow their online presence. Since this high number of marketers are focused on SEO and organic advertising, you need to focus on those things as well in your copywriting projects.

Manage your expectations and those of your client by under promising what you can do and then wowing them with over delivering. When you create content that exceeds expectations, this will build your confidence and secure more copywriting projects.

Transparency is Key

Writing content for advertising can be tricky since the copywriter may not mimic the exact vision that the client has in mind. Make every effort to fully comprehend what the client is looking for and share exactly how you plan to achieve optimal results for them.

The client will appreciate your candor, and this helps you to manage expectations. You’re not setting yourself up for failure because the client knows your abilities and you are doing your best to comply with their vision for the copywriting project.


Managing expectations when writing content for advertising will benefit both you and your clients. Accepting the fact now that not all content will go viral will help you survive and thrive in this business.

Under promise and over deliver while holding transparency as a key factor to your success. Practice these tips the next time you work on an advertising gig and wow your client with your intelligence, writing savvy, and professionalism.

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