Have You Mastered the Art Form of Writing Compelling Social Media Posts?

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Writing social media posts can be an invaluable tool for companies who want to reach a bigger audience to connect with customers and get new leads. As of January 2019, Facebook currently has 2.27 billion active users each month and Instagram has 1 billion active users per month.

If you want to reach those active monthly users on social media, you need to master the art of writing compelling content that gets results. Consider the following tips on writing content for social media posts that gets the right attention and converts leads into new customers.  

Writing Social Media Posts for the Top Networks

If you want to write compelling content, you need to understand top social media networks like the following five. It is important to note that Google+ is closing in April 2019, so you don’t need to concern yourself with learning how to write content for this platform.

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • Pinterest

  • LinkedIn

Facebook is the most popular social network and is responsible for sending more traffic to websites than other platforms. Gear your writing toward news and entertainment value type content to get the best results.

When writing compelling posts for Instagram, focus on posts that feature shorter text along with interesting images or short videos. This site is not well-suited for driving web traffic to your blog or website but is better for writing great marketing content to drive brand recognition.

Twitter is a great social networking platform if you want to write content that will drive traffic to your blog or website. To get content retweeted and ensure that people click on any links in the post, you need to quickly grab the reader’s attention by sharing news-worthy content about your company or brand.

Pinterest is a social networking platform that is geared toward sharing photos that speak to people so they will pin them to their boards. Often people pin photos for inspiration so you may want to post strong visual imagery with memorable tag lines.

LinkedIn is a professional network so any content you write for this platform should reflect that. Many users utilize this network to share links to articles they’ve written, which get link clicks—if they write content in the post to interest people scrolling through the newsfeed.

Creative Ideas for Post Content

Your content for social media posts should be 80 percent engaging with people and only promoting 20 percent of the time. That may seem counterintuitive when you’re trying to sell online.

However, people want to get to know your company or product without feeling like all you want is their money. They want to engage with you online.

You can get creative with your posts by considering some of the following types of content:

  • Share your company blog posts with interesting text or ask a question so people stop to read your post and click through to the blog link.

  • Get creative on a platform like Instagram and show people your company culture with a visually engaging behind-the-scenes image of employees.

  • Share interesting curated content from others in your field and give them credit in the social media post. This is a great way to engage with your followers when you don’t want to promote but need to connect with them.

  • News sells. People love to read it so make sure to share news articles that are relevant to your industry and comment on the post. Share your company blog posts with interesting text or ask a question so people stop to read your post and click through to the blog link.


Mastering the art form of writing compelling social media posts is vital to marketing your brand. Simply get to know each of the major social media networks, follow the 80/20 rule, and get creative.

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