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Many people multitask, and some of those people are readers of your email content. This can make your job of creating interesting and engaging text that much harder. Consequently, you must ensure you hold the reader’s attention long enough for them to read through the entire email and complete the call-to-action (CTA).

People may think they’re being more productive by multitasking, but the opposite is true. According to research, people who multitask are 40 percent less productive than those who complete one task at a time.

Make your email content so captivating that it forces multitaskers to take a breather and pay attention to what you have to say. The following are some basic steps to consider.

Precision Content

Elisa Silverman is a communications consultant with the right idea. She said, “You don’t need convoluted grammar and SAT words to show you know your business.” Maximizing the readability of email content requires simplicity, but you also want to deliver precision content.

Creating precision email content involves copywriting that is high-quality, structured, methodical, and extremely precise.

Write an email draft that focuses on the message you want your readers to agree with and understand. Read over the draft and ask yourself whether or not the message is clear and precise.                     

If you can’t accurately identify the message, your readers won’t be able to either. Trim unnecessary content that detracts from the precise message.

Concise Message

Readers no longer have the time, attention span, or patience to read long-winded content—especially in an email. We live in a digital age that has molded us to expect content that’s concise.

Make your email content more readable by crafting content that quickly gets your message across in easy-to-understand language. Get rid of SAT words as Ms. Silverman noted and keep paragraphs short with just two to three brief sentences.

Keep the content at an eighth grade reading level. This type of easy-to-read content increases the chances that people will comprehend your message and remember it.

Clear Focus

Your readers need to know why you wrote this email and what you expect them to do with it. Do you want them to share it on social media or click a purchase link for your product or service? The focus should be clear from start to finish.

It’s too easy to write unfocused emails that go down rabbit trails, easily confusing the recipient. Including a lightbox will help draw the reader’s attention to your CTA.

The CTA should also be clear, so the readers will know exactly what they’ll get when they act on it. For example, you can focus an email on special deals like 10 percent off the customer’s first purchase if they sign up for your email list.

Run a Readability Test

After following these simple steps, you can use an online readability calculator to evaluate your email content. There are eight free online calculators listed in the linked article, including STORYtoolz, Juicy Studios, and Edit Central.

Maximizing the readability of email content is possible if you use these basic content writing strategies. Write content that accurately details your message, so the recipient has no doubt what it’s about.

Concise content that gets straight to the point keeps the reader’s attention. Never lose sight of your message’s focus and run a readability test before sending the email.


So many people are multitasking these days that your email content absolutely must be captivating if you want your readers to stop what they're doing and pay attention. Your email message must be precise with a clear focus and message.

Write at an eighth grade reading level and make your CTA easy to find. If you aren't sure about the readability of your emails, there are online readability calculators you can use. Our copywriters at can also help you to craft clear and easy-to-read content.

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