5 Ways to Measure User Engagement on Facebook

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If you regularly measure user engagement on Facebook, you can see which types of posts, strategies, and campaigns drive engagement, as well as which strategies are a waste of money to invest in.

Despite how often marketing experts proclaim the wonders of Facebook as an advertising platform to small business owners, many people never have the success they hope for when using Facebook as a marketing tool. Part of this has to do with measuring performance metrics.

Here are some simple ways to measure user engagement on Facebook.

1. Engaged Users

The concept of engaged users refers to how many people engaged with your page or post. This can include reading it, clicking on a link, or watching a video. If you’re posting content that has zero engagement, nobody is seeing or interacting with it. This type of content isn’t working for your Facebook page and should be corrected or discontinued.

2. Click-Through Rate

The click-through rate is how many people followed through and clicked on the link, watched a video, or opened the larger size of a photo. On Facebook, when you go to Page Insights, you can see how many people took this action with regards to a post. This is important because a high click-through rate means that users did what you wanted them to do and that your campaign was effective.

3. Negative Feedback

Measuring engagement on Facebook includes all types of negative feedback. There are the negative reviews customers write that, as follow-up, should always be handled professionally and positively with excellent customer service standards.

Then there’s another type of negative feedback that Facebook tracks when it comes to company Facebook posts. This includes when users hide posts, report it as spam, or unlike your page.

There will always be some posts that receive negative feedback and it’s nothing to worry about. Maybe a user wants to simply get rid of no longer relevant pages. If you notice that certain types of posts receive more negative feedback than engagement, this may signal opportunities for improvement or a change in strategy. Perhaps the tone of certain posts isn’t as engaging as others.


Seeing how many comments a social media post received is an extremely basic way of measuring engagement. You want to see which posts people felt compelled to engage in discussion. Questions, contests, and giveaways can often garner more comments than other types of posts.

5. Reach

In an ideal world, you want each post to reach the maximum number of people possible. This is called reach. Each user may not engage with a post, but if they didn’t have a chance to see the post, this might be why your user engagement is low. If you discover that your posts don’t have a lot of reach, it’s probably time to find strategies to increase it.


Measuring user engagement on Facebook is important. It’s a strategy for knowing which posts work and which ones you can improve. Fortunately, all of these metrics are easily accessible directly through Facebook.

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