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Before your business can rule the world with stellar advertising content, look at other brand examples to see what’s working for other companies. Model your search engine optimization (SEO) copywriting after the advertising content the following brands have successfully used to persuade customers to buy their products.

Innocent Drinks

Innocent Drinks is a company based in the UK that makes fruit and veggie smoothies with botanicals and vitamins. All of its packaging and advertising copy meshes well with a natural and “innocent” feel.

Innocent Drinks has a natural living philosophy that’s reflective in all its SEO copywriting. It features the simplicity of its products in natural backgrounds, like a meadow with flowers and trees on the horizon. The advertising copy mimics this basic back-to-nature approach so that people immediately connect its product with nature.


Women’s clothing has been reimagined to feature original designs and styles with personality in the Modcloth clothing line. It tailors its SEO copywriting with puns to cater to its unique target audience—the modern women who enjoys unique prints. 

It uses the right SEO keywords to ensure its content is found in online searches, but it describes the clothing with words that fit its unique brand. For example, one of its festive maxi dresses is listed with the title, “Lawn Night Ahead Dress.”

As this example shows, when choosing brand examples to model your writing after, look beyond the product and look closely at the language they use.


In the 1960s, Doyle Dane Bernbach (DDB) created the legendary VW ad campaign to “think small” and it worked. Most Americans had been used to buying larger vehicles and would not even consider buying a German-made vehicle even 15 years after the end of WWII.

This ad campaign was successful because VW was honest about the company and cars it was selling. The company didn’t try to sell to customers but rather focused on honesty.

This ad campaign is more than 60 years old, but the idea still rings true today. You can model your SEO copywriting after brand examples like these, which show that honesty gets results. 


Adobe is promoting its next generation Creative Cloud that features cool apps and helps users “go from dreaming to doing.” The content for its advertising has always been brilliant with stunning photos featuring tag lines like “Take it/Make it” and “Totally Transformed” with the Adobe Cloud.

The copywriting perfectly blends the feeling of the creative photos with integrated words that sell the service—without even feeling like it’s being sold. Its logo is clearly identifiable and located across the top corner of each advertisement.

You can model your SEO copywriting after brand examples like this one by making sure your words never detract from the overall message depicted by the images or live shots (if it’s a video advertisement). The words should provide a sense of urgency to the consumer, such as “You’re missing out if you don’t have this product!”


To improve the results of your SEO copywriting, match the ad content to the brand philosophy and product packaging. Target the copywriting to the unique customer market by using creative content like puns. And don’t be afraid to stick with real honesty that can cultivate long-lasting customer loyalty.

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