How to Write the Most Effective Ad to Jumpstart Your Client's New Store

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You are sitting in front of the laptop, staring at the blank screen and thinking how you should write the most effective ad. The information provided to you is not enough and you are clueless if the ad that you are going to write is going to work.

It can be confusing when you have to write an ad for your client's new store. Especially when there is no social proof to show the market that this product will provide value to them.

However, it is still a task that is required by your client. And you want to prove to your client that you can handle any ad project they throw at you.

So I'm going to give you a few ways that you write the most effective ad to jump start your client's new store.

Research the Market

Dan Zerrella, an award-winning social, research, and viral marketing scientist said on Twitter, “Marketing without data is like driving with your eye closed.”

When you do not know anything about your market, you do not know who is going to visit the store. You would not know how they behave, what their daily struggle is and what compels them to buy.

When you do your research on the market, you will know your direction. You will have a clearer idea on how to create the most effective ad for your client’s new store.

You can create a persona when you do your market research. This persona will help you to find out who your target market is, what the target market likes and dislikes and what makes them want to visit the store. There are many angles to do your market research and one of the ways is to find out how to understand your audience’s language.

You also need to find out who is the direct and indirect competition. You need to know the reason why people visit their store, and what the competitor does to bring them from being a passerby to satisfied customer.

Once you know more about them, you will know how to position your ads strategically. When you position your ad correctly, you will be able to attract even more people into your stores.

For example, you do not show peanut ads for people who are allergic to peanuts. You want to put peanut ads in front of the peanut lovers. All the research will help you understand how to position your ads for the best effect.

The Most Effective Ads Have to Focus On the Benefit

Imagine a salesperson is trying to sell a laptop to a customer in a computer store. The salesperson keeps explaining to the customer all the features of the laptop. But he doesn't explain how this laptop benefits the customer.

Do you think that the chance of the customer buying the laptop is high? Most likely they will be thinking, "What do all these features have to do with me?"

To write the most effective ad, you have to know how the products are able to benefit the customer. Are there going to be some free samples or a free trial?

Sometimes you need to explain the features of the product in a way to show how the features would benefit the customer. For example, a fully charged phone can last for more than 48 hours. You can say that this phone can last another day even if you forget to charge it the previous night.

From the research that you have done earlier, you are able to identify what problems the market has. When you know the problems, you will have the clarity to provide customers with the benefits of your stores.

Use Emotional Triggers

You have to use emotional triggers to be able to create the most effective ad. Zig Ziglar, an American author, salesman, and motivational speaker said, “Selling is a transfer of emotion."

Emotions are a very powerful tool to use in your ads. It’s what makes people move. Without it, we are not able to sell our product well. You will not be able to give customers a very compelling reason to visit your store.

According to Harvard professor Gerald Zaltman, 95% of people make decisions using their subconscious. When customers want to compare similar products from different competitors, they think of the product that gives them the strongest emotional impact.

There is very little comparison for which one is better on paper. Most of the time they will look at one or two features that are better and make the purchase.

There are more than 99 words that can help you to write the most effective ad using emotions.

Story Telling

Stories can help bring the customer to the place that you want them to imagine. You can bring them to the dream that they want to have or you can sell fear by sharing stories that will bring them to a situation where they don’t want to be in.

One example of using stories to sell them fear is insurance. For example, if you want to sell life insurance to them, you can bring them to the worst situation. Here is one way to present it.

Jason is a friend of mine who works as a software engineer in a very small company. He is an average software engineer. He works from 9am to 6pm every Monday to Friday. One day he went for a regular check up and he found out he had lung cancer and needed chemotherapy immediately. But due to his salary, he was not able to afford all the chemotherapy sessions. On top of that, he’s not going to able to work as he will be very weak after every session. Imagine you are Jason. What are you going to do?

The most effective ad has to be able to have compelling stories. You also can use storytelling in relationship marketing to build an ideal lifestyle as well.


It might seem hard and overwhelming when your client just throws you a huge task and you have to figure out things on your own.

This article shows you a few ways to help you to create the most effective ad that jumpstarts your client's store.

However, if you don't wish to get your hands dirty, you can get a professional copywriter to help. They will bring your ads to the next level.

Jerrold Seet

Jerrold is a copywriter in Singapore. He is a very self-motivated person and always wants to give his best for his clients. During his free time, he keeps himself updated on the technology world.

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