Organic Lead Generation Strategies To Generate 5X More Traffic In 30 Days

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Are you looking for ways to speed up your organic lead generation? Are you aware of the huge potential of organic leads, but you don’t know how to get more traffic?

If you don’t have a reliable strategy to generate organic leads, your business will suffer. Organic leads are not leads you've paid to get, so they can increase your profit margin.

The beauty of organic lead generation is that you can get leads even if you have a low marketing budget. It works, even if you aren’t known in your market yet.

Organic Traffic is the Foundation of Your Company's Success.

If your marketing budget is low, you can still generate income through organic leads. Usually, you can get paid leads faster, but the amount of leads always depends on your budget.

Ideally, you want to use both - organic lead generation and paid lead generation. Even if your marketing budget is high - why would you want to miss out on the potential of organic traffic and organic leads?

Most strategies for organic lead generation take time. Patience is a virtue.

Below, you can find proven strategies on how to generate 5X more traffic in 30 days by using organic lead generation.

Organic Lead Generation For Your Website

If you want to see rapid growth in your organic traffic, make sure all leads are getting directed towards one source. The best idea is to direct your leads towards your website where they can also buy your products or services.

On your website, you want to integrate a blog. You might be wondering, why do you need a blog? In a report done by HubSpot, they analyzed data of 1,400 websites. Their analysis showed that websites with blogs generated 68% more leads than those who didn't have a blog. And, engaging blog posts are a great way to generate organic leads.

Most marketers will advise you to write blogs and rank them for SEO. But there is one catch. SEO often takes longer to catch up. Neil Patel mentioned on his blog how some of his best blog posts finally got a good SEO ranking after 12 months. So while SEO optimization is a great strategy, don't expect fast results.

For your website traffic, you want to consider SEO and keyword optimization. Keep in mind that getting SEO to work and ranking your page on Google are long-term strategies. The results might not show after 30 days, but on the rare occasion, you will see results from SEO in 30 days.

But how can you get organic website and blog traffic fast? Guaranteed withing 30 days? To do that, you need to be very strategic in your content.

Content That Gets You Organic Leads Fast

Before I discuss organic content strategies, there is one thing you need to know. Almost everything you do in organic lead generation will depend on the quality of your research. You have to know your target market and your niche inside and out. You have to track blog metrics.

To earn organic leads, first you need to put forth some effort and do your research to understand your audience and target market. Great research is the foundation for great content.

What kind of content will get you organic traffic in only 30 days?

The best way to approach this is to research current trends.

What is your target audience currently interested in? What trends do they follow? What is trending right now? Besides your keyword research, also do topic research. Find out what topics your target audience is currently searching for online.

Another idea is to focus on “evergreen” content. Those are topics that are always in demand and get searched in search engines a lot, all the time. Once you research possible topics, stick to posting on your blog consistently.

Be aware that sudden higher organic traffic on your website can cause higher bounce rates. Some prospects might take a quick look at your website and leave again.

If you are looking into short-term lead generation, bounce rates are not that big of an issue. In the long run, however, high bounce rates will hurt your website's SEO. So keep that in mind when using strategies that generate organic leads fast. Ensure that your landing page or post is enticing enough to reduce the bounce rate and keep visitors on the page.

Your blog's content also has to deliver value upfront. Ensure it's informative, interesting, and relevant content. Aside from publishing great blog posts, what else can you do?

Leverage Social Media to Increase Organic Traffic

Social media is a powerful tool to for organic lead generation. You could take parts of your blog post's copy and turn it into Facebook posts. Repurposing your blog's content on different channels is a great idea that saves you time and money.

What can you do to get organic leads even faster? Use social listening. For example, leverage strong social media communities that already exist.

Find an active Facebook group in your niche and start being very active there. Listen and pay attention to what people are posting every day. Add valuable posts and engage in conversations. Nourish them with useful information and valuable posts, so the users recognize you and look forward to your posts.

If they like what you are saying in the group, they'll likley check out your profile and check out your website. Keep your input useful and don't do heavy self-promotion. Be the flower, not the bee. Let them decide they want to check out your website by themselves.

Leveraging social media is the best way to establish your authority and expertise.

On Twitter, you can find users who are mentioning your target keywords through a quick search. Find them and start engaging with them.

Companies with a twitter account generate twice as many leads according to an analysis by HubSpot.

To get 5X your organic lead generation in 30 days, use social media multiple times a day for 30 days, to deliver valuable content and have meaningful daily engagements.

Organic Lead Generation via Email

Another great source for rapid organic growth is your email list. Email is still one of the most used media in the modern age.

Use your email newsletters to deliver quality content and build a relationship with your leads. A well-planned email strategy will result in leads that re-visit your website. Why?

Prospects who sign up for email are usually the most engaged.

"My email visitors are nearly four times as likely to share my content. They are responsible for writing 41% of the comments on my blog. But they only make up 13.91% of my overall traffic." - Neil Patel

Leads that get nurtured via email are much more likely to convert into high-quality leads. By sending them valuable emails regularly, they’ll keep re-visiting your blog and website.

You don't have a big email list yet? A lead magnet might help.

Lead Magnets: Free Downloads in Exchange for an Email Address

Have you ever been in a store packed with people because they were handing out free things? Valuable free goodies attract customers like actual magnets. Your lead magnet does exactly that.

A lead magnet is a piece of content visitors can download for free. Popular content types are eBooks or downloadable PDF cheat sheets. To get the free content (the lead magnet) visitors have to opt-in their email and become a subscriber to your brand's newsletter.

Provide a valuable and useful lead magnet for your target audience. Again, you might need to do some research first, to see what will entice your audience.

A lead-magnet allows you to grow your email list and generate organic leads at the same time.


Fast organic lead generation follows three steps:

  1. Publish great content on your blog

  2. Use social media to get leads

  3. Nourish leads with email offers

To actually increase your organic leads in a short time, your content has to be useful, enticing and valuable.

If you have no idea how to craft engaging content, a dedicated copywriter can help. Get in contact with us today for help crating compelling emails, irresistible offers, and help writing great blog posts.

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