Using How-To’s and Product Updates to Enhance Email Copywriting

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A report by Radicati projected there will be three billion people globally using email by 2020. Its research found that 205 billion emails are sent each day and it was estimated this number would increase to 246 billion by the end of 2019.

EMarketer stated that 80 percent of marketers agree that acquiring and retaining customers is driven by email marketing.

You can take advantage of email marketing to increase sales. Use how-to’s and product updates to enhance the way you write email content.

Entice Customers with a How-To Email

Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with the right content ideas for the next email to your subscribers. Consider enticing your customers with high-quality how-to emails.

People love to get tips about the products they use. Craft a how-to email sharing exclusive tips that are not typically shared, or write about interesting best practices.

Maybe you’re promoting your new mobile app to your customers. You can craft how-to content that includes images of the app in action. Share reviews of how well your app worked for other customers who have been using it.

Get creative with how-to videos. For example, tell people about little known uses for your product or services, and lead them to the video to show them how they’re used. These types of tidbits will surely entice customers to click on your links.  

Cultivate Engagement with Product Updates

It’s important to update your customers when new products are released, but many times these emails bore the reader before they ever get to the end. Find ways to keep them engaged and insert links throughout if possible.

We live in a world where everything is so fast-paced. People get real-time updates from their home security systems and instant updates about news simply by scrolling through social media news feeds.

It's to your advantage to enhance your email copywriting with product updates. You can use product updates to enhance your customer retention rate and cultivate new customer relationships.

  1. Show the benefits—Write email content that effectively shows your customers how the product will benefit them and make their life easier.

  2. Get more visual—Many people are drawn to visuals. Blend your copywriting content with engaging images. Consider using an animated GIF to show your customers how using your product will enhance their life.

  3. Balanced details—Include features in the content. Less is more, however, so give them just enough information to interest them in clicking through.

You can’t go wrong when you write email content that shows how beneficial your products and services are. Your customers want positive reinforcement from your company to validate they’ve made the right choice.

How-to emails and product updates can create content that makes your brand unique and cultivates brand loyalty. When you give your customers a reason to read your emails, your engagement and click-through rate will increase more than you thought possible.


The role of email marketing in business can't be overlooked. Show your customers the value of your products and services with how-to's and product updates. Share customer reviews or engaging videos about your business. Give your customer a reason to read your emails.

Email copywriting has an important role in increasing sales for your business. Our copywriters can help you craft copy for email campaigns, how-to's, and product updates. Learn more about how we can work together.

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