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Facebook ads can be profitable for small and middle-sized businesses. It allows you to reach certain people, turn prospects into customers, and create more awareness for your brand.

But what makes Facebook so interesting and powerful is its unique insights. The platform not only knows general demographics like gender and age, it also has specific information, like location and personal interests.

That makes Facebook very attractive to companies and advertisers in the B2C market.

Unfortunately, more and more ads get rejected or disapproved by Facebook. The platform faced several lawsuits from civil rights groups recently, which led to more restrictions for advertisers.

For example, just recently, Outten & Golden LLP, a Washington D.C. law firm, filed a lawsuit against Facebook. The law firm claimed that Facebook's advertising practices discriminated against women and older people.

Consequently, the social network had to tighten its advertising policies, to the frustration of many advertisers. On top of that, Facebook is not very specific about why promotions get disapproved. Most advertisers only receive a generic message like this: "Your ad isn't approved because it doesn't follow our policies." But what exactly does that mean?

Even worse, Facebook ad policy violations can get your advertising account banned. This can cause a plunge in revenues and damage the growth of your company. Keep on reading and learn how to stay away from this nightmare.

In this article, you'll discover how to stay on top of policy changes for Facebook ads, so your account stays safe.

Why Advertising on Facebook Can Be Difficult

A reason why an ad was rejected: "Your post doesn't follow Facebook's advertising policies."

Has Facebook ever sent you a message like this? If so, you're in good company. Almost anyone who is advertising on the platform has received such a message at least once.

Advertising on Facebook changed over the years, to the distress of many advertisers. To illustrate this, let's take a brief look at today's Facebook's advertising policies. Here is a sample of what's not allowed:

  • Violates Facebook's community standards

  • Promotes multilevel-marketing schemes

  • Scams people or makes misleading claims

  • Promotes online gambling or lottery games

  • Advertises alcohol, illegal drugs, or adult material

  • More than 20% text in your ad image

There are other, not so obvious reasons why Facebook might reject your ad. But what could those reasons be? For instance, you can't include a person’s age, gender, or other personal attributes in the ad. Let's take a closer look at what Facebook ads are not allowed compared to what's allowed. Here are a few examples:

Not allowed: "The perfect shaver for men like you."

Allowed: "The perfect shaver for men."

Not allowed: "Meet other parents."

Allowed: "Meet parents."

Not allowed: "Problem with binge eating? We'll help you."

Allowed: "Binge eating counseling."

There might be other reasons why Facebook rejects your ad. If you depend on advertising on Facebook, this can put your business at risk. So make sure you follow all of Facebook's policies. Otherwise, you might get your promotion rejected or, even worse, your account banned.

The Review Process for Facebook Ads

So how does Facebook review your ad? Unfortunately, only the social network itself knows the exact process.

But let me quote Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook:

"Now the playbook is we build AI tools to go find these fake accounts… and we take them down; we make it much harder for anyone to advertise in ways that they shouldn't be."

We can learn two lessons from this quote. First, stick with the rules and don't try to fool the system. Second, when it comes to the review process, Facebook relies heavily on AI and machine learning.

But there are certain cases where Facebook's algorithm can't ensure if your ad is 100% compliant or not. In this case, your ad gets reviewed by one of the Facebook ads review team members. That's why it can take 48 hours, in some cases, even longer, to evaluate your ad.

Additionally, Facebook inspects other factors of your promotion too. According to its policies, the platform not only looks at the advertisement itself but also where you send people from your ad. If your landing page or website is not compliant with Facebook's policies, it will reject your ad.

Finally, if your campaign gets approved, you'll receive a message, and the ad will show up in Facebook's ads manager.

What You Can Do If Facebook Rejects Your Ad

So what can you do if Facebook rejects your ad? It's best to follow all rules and regulations so you avoid getting rejected in the first place.

But that's easier said than done. Advertising on Facebook has changed over the years. And it can be difficult to stay on top of all new policies.

So if Facebook rejects your ad, you could appeal a disapproved ad. After you fill out the form, a member of Facebook's ad review team will go over your ad again. But there is no guarantee that your ad will get approved the second time.

Just one note. When you reach out to Facebook's team members, make sure you're polite and supportive. It can be frustrating to get your ad rejected, but Facebook's employees are just doing their jobs. They have to make sure every published ad is in alignment with Facebook's policies. So be specific and use logical reasoning to explain why you think your ad is compliant.

If you don't know whether your promotion is compliant or not, go through Facebook's latest policies. Change your ad, and resubmit it again.

Keep in mind, this can take another 24 - 48 hours for Facebook to approve your promotion. So, this is not the best strategy, especially if you are running a time-sensitive campaign like Christmas sales.

Instead, apply Facebook's advertising policy from the beginning and get your ad approved the first time you submit it.

By now, you might think Facebook is very strict with its policies. And yes, it's true. You'll see even more restrictions in the future. But this can also give you a competitive advantage. Keep on reading and learn why more regulations can be good for your business.

Why More Regulations for Facebook Ads Can Be Good for You

So why can it be helpful for your business to have a more restrictive Facebook advertising policy? And how can you and your business benefit from it?

Companies that are not up-to-date with Facebook's latest policies will fail. And only companies who stay on top of all the upcoming regulations will succeed. So more restrictions equal less competition in the long run.

Now, you have two options if you want to succeed with advertising on Facebook. First, you can stay on top of all its policies and regulations yourself. Or second, if you're too busy, you can rely on a professional copywriter who specializes in Facebook ads.

An expert who writes Facebook ads every day can help you to stay compliant. This strategy also allows you to free up your time for more important aspects of your business. You can find more information on how to hire a professional copywriter here.


Advertising on Facebook is a great way for small and middle-sized businesses to reach more prospects and scale their business. It can allow you to get new customers or create more brand awareness for your business. But what makes it even more powerful is its unique insights about its audience.

Unfortunately, the social network faced some serious lawsuits and had to change its policies. Stricter rules led to a higher number of disapproved Facebook ads. Even worse, more and more advertisers get their accounts banned.

This is the reason why it is more important than ever to know Facebook's latest policy changes and to stay on top of them. Otherwise, you'll be at risk of getting your Facebook ad account banned.

You can stay on top of all the new regulations yourself. But it might be time-intensive and challenging if you don’t advertise on Facebook daily. One alternative is to free up your time by hiring a skilled copywriter who knows Facebook's latest advertising policies and can increase your profits.

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