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How do you hire a freelance copywriter who has what it takes to produce results for your business? Having a good copywriter in your corner affects whether you’ll meet your business goals or not. If you hire a freelance copywriter, you could end up with higher conversion rates, more leads, more sales, and even a higher volume of traffic visiting you website.

However, every wise businessperson conducts careful research before making a well-informed decision. That's why you're reading this article for advice on how to hire a freelance copywriter who won't let you down.

Copywriting experts specialize in producing revenue-generating content for businesses they first do research on. To hire a freelance copywriter is equal to investing. Selecting the wrong candidate can hurt your business. It can be costly and time-consuming. So, you’ll want to make sure that you select a winning investment that helps achieve excellent results.

The benefit of hiring a freelance copywriter is that they’re willing to work fast and on-demand. You can negotiate when the work starts, ends, and continues. It’s also more efficient than having an on-site copywriter. You can assign freelancers handpicked projects, so you only pay them for what you get. It’s less expensive, it’s less risky, and there are no strings attached.

But, still, it’s important to work with someone who you can connect with personally and professionally. Even if you’re working with a freelancer, you wouldn’t want to hire a hard-to-deal-with or know-it-all copywriter. If they seem overconfident and don’t listen to you, that could be a red flag.

You want to be confident that you’re working with professionals that care about you and your business.

Below are 7 tips on how you can hire a freelance copywriter to boost your conversions and improve your marketing campaign's results:

1. Hire a Freelance Copywriter Who Acts as Your Money-Generating Machine

Great copywriters don't just write copy. The masters are those who write copy designed to generate sales and revenue. Every great copywriter today is also a dedicated marketer who is motivated by achieving results.

When you’re choosing a freelance copywriter, make sure that they're equipped with the functional skills required to meet your expectations. It’s not about writing; it’s about understanding how to craft revenue-generating copy and it's about their ability to research and understand your niche market.

In the current digital marketing environment, their knowledge of writing SEO-friendly pages to compliant ads is crucial. You want to hire a freelance copywriter that produces scalable and profitable copy.

To secured a quality copywriter, use a reputable online platform or network to find them. The skills they possess set them apart from other freelancers who only know how to write basic copy.

That’s why you need to look for copywriters that know how to read different metrics and KPIs used in digital marketing.

Every copywriting expert enhances their persuasive writing ability with many other relevant skills. If they can optimize your copy for more profits, you’ve hired yourself a revenue-generating machine.

2. Select a Writer Based on Your Niche.

When it comes to having a freelance copywriter writing copy for your business, find someone that knows your niche. Look for someone with in-depth about your niche market and what you’re trying to convey to your audience. Or, find someone willing to research your industry, niche, and your target audience. The best copywriters will do this without being asked.

If a freelance copywriter already understands your niche, it means they’re passionate about what you’re doing. They’ll be more motivated and less overwhelmed studying about your business before coming up with copy.

At the very least, consider looking for one that’s familiar with your industry. That way, it would need fewer resources to get to know your target market. They’ll also become much better at their job within a short period.

To hire a freelance copywriter in your niche, be sniper-focus in spotting them. Be selective, like how you’ve defined your target audience. You’d want to work with someone who can genuinely relate with your buyers to create killing copy.

When they understand your niche, copywriting for your audience is as easy as pie.

3. Pay Attention to What People Say

While you browse through the different freelance copywriters available, find out what people say about them.

Stumbling across a good copywriter may be challenging, especially if it’s your first time. But, realizing what copywriting can do for a business or a company indicates an insightful business owner.

So, before you hire a freelance copywriter, look at their testimonials.

Testimonials give you more certainty and credibility. With enough social proof, it helps you in making an accurate decision. Plus, if they’re willing to be transparent about the reviews they receive, they’re likely to be trustworthy. It also implies that they’re responsible people that you can depend on.

Testimonials can range from written texts with the client’s photo, audios, or videos. But, whenever possible, look for the video testimonials. They give you more clarity on how people feel rather than think about a service.

So, whenever possible, find out what their clients say about their previous works. See what it’s like working with them as a team member. This way, you could see if they meet the criteria – personal and professional - you’re looking for.

4. Communication Is Key

In teamwork, silence isn’t golden, it’s deadly”, Mark Sanborn.

The idea above applies to this situation as well.

When you hire a freelance copywriter, describe the goal you’re trying to achieve. Having a professional that listens to your business needs and demands has a tremendous impact on creating profitable copy.

Are you trying to get more conversions through emails? What if your goal is to raise your clickthrough rate through Facebook ads?

If both sides are on the same page, discussing possible solutions to meet your business goals becomes easier. Good copywriters are ones that can serve as your consultant and always have your best interest at hand.

Also, give them feedback and learn from each other. Try to involve your copywriter in what matters in the business. When you’re able to develop a sense of ownership within them, they’ll likely want you to succeed.

Effective communication supports as a foundation for a meaningful professional relationship.

Getting your point across can be the difference between a profitable copy and missing out on a potential opportunity.

5. Personality Matters

What kind of vibe do you get after seeing their works?

When you hire a freelance copywriter, study their writing personality. By personality, here, it refers to how they build their reputation - their brand. Simply put, it’s the kind of image and expertise they intend to portray.

Are there any commonalities between them and your brand?

A copywriter that knows how to write in the way you speak is essential. Review the way they communicate their ideas through writing.

You can determine their personality by seeing their works through their blog posts. From their blog, you’ll notice their writing styles and the topics they write. That way, you could decide whether they’d fit your business.

But, to match your brand’s personality through writing is every skilled copywriter’s duty. It’s particularly necessary when your brand involves a real person’s name as its unique selling point.

Analyze the language and the tone they use in writing. Make sure to prevent a “personality clash” between you and your copywriter.

A vast difference in personality could affect the time needed to match your brand’s personality. Finding a copywriter that corresponds with your brand’s personality eliminates extra effort in creating engaging and persuasive copy.

Look for someone who can convince your audience that it’s you who's reaching out.

6. Negotiate for Success

When you’ve found a copywriter that you want to work with, eventually, you’re met with the negotiation part.

A successful negotiation makes the difference between getting a dedicated copywriter, or one that’s half-hearted. Hiring a copywriter that wants your business to grow is essential for your success.

Negotiation can go from paying by transactions, results, royalties, per projects, time contributed, to a recurring monthly payment. There’s no right or wrong agreement between you and your copywriter.

However, consider compensating them by a retainer fee, especially if you’re hiring a reputable freelance copywriter. Every good business leader looks for results rather than a reasonable price to avoid potential risks.

Using a retainer method allows you to secure a good copywriter and their loyalty in working with you. Not only that, it’s more efficient to get things done, especially when you’re using their services frequently. You can easily pick up the phone and ask them to work on a task whenever needed.

By promising an advance payment, you’re securing their commitment to working with you.

Jumping from one freelancer to the next can be a pain in the neck. Consider the amount of time consumed for copywriters to study your business and industry. That’s why it’s best to secure a good copywriter that’s committed to having your back whenever you need help.

If it’s your first time to hire a freelance copywriter, ask them if they’re willing to do a trial. Do a paid one-time testing by letting them complete a specific task to see their skills and expertise.

When they can show you a proven positive result, you can logically downplay the hesitation in hiring them.

7. Hire Based On Results

To differentiate between good and bad copy, watch the results that your copywriter brings to your table. Measure the results of their copy by analyzing the different metrics and KPIs. Then, understand what the information means for your business.

Consider results as your primary qualification to hire a freelance copywriter for your business.

How’s the conversion rate of your landing page? Did you generate more leads from a particular marketing channel? Has it benefited your email clickthrough rate?

Make an attempt to hire based on the value delivered by your copywriter - the results. Undoubtedly, the amount of value correlates to the potential revenue they can bring to your business.

Successful businesses select copywriters that know both copywriting and digital marketing.

Today, online marketing has a very significant impact on your business, especially in terms of awareness, sales and revenue. That’s why good copywriters use different data gathered from multiple channels to create marketing strategies built towards profit.

As you work with a freelance copywriter, share them the changes their copy have made to your business. Let them find better solutions to tweak the copy for better results.

Ultimately, proven results beat years of experience or degree. So hire a freelance copywriter that has the potential to deliver you with long-term, consistent results.

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