Should You Be Doing Product Demonstrations on YouTube?

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Would you rather read a book or watch a movie about the book? Some people might prefer watching movies to save time from reading. Or maybe because they prefer to see visuals. Whatever it may be, your customers feel the same way when they come across your online products in search of product demonstrations.

And let me know if you’ve experienced this before. When you didn’t know how to do something, you turned to YouTube for answers.

Well, I’m guilty of not reading instructional manuals. I would rather watch YouTube videos to educate myself on things I didn’t know how to do. I want a faster way to figure things out. And product demonstrations always deliver what I need to know.

With more than a billion users online, there’s also a lot of noise on the internet. It’s hard to catch people’s attention, so it’s always better to show them solutions right away. Wouldn’t most consumers rather watch a 3-minute video than read a 10-minute article to get the answer?

If you’re a marketing manager for an eCommerce store, you could benefit from demonstrating your products with videos. Sometimes your consumers want to cut to the chase and see how things work. They’ll probably be more convinced to buy after viewing someone else using your products in action.

Read on to find out if you should be doing product demonstrations on YouTube:

Why Are Product Demonstrations Effective?

If you have unlimited access to a free platform that’ll help your eCommerce brand grow, would you take advantage of it? And what if I told you this platform is the 2nd largest search engine in the world? I know it sounds too good to be true. But this is exactly what YouTube can do for your online business.

Your business could have these types of content on YouTube:

  • Product demos

  • Instructional/tutorial videos

  • Troubleshooting videos

  • Crisis communication

  • Customer stories

Are you starting to get the picture of how product videos can influence a customer's buying decisions? And you don’t necessarily have to invest in making fancy videos either (unless you want to). The most important thing is to be informative, educational, and helpful. As long as your videos provide value to consumers to help ease their experience.

These videos could also improve your customer service. If more information were available to your customers, they’d have the right resources instead of reaching out to you for their problems.

As soon as a consumer lands on your page, it takes them only a few seconds to decide if they’ll stay or leave. So if anyone is looking for your products, they’re also looking to get a sense of the product before they buy. That’s where product demonstrations will show how your products solve your customer’s pain points.

How to Sell Products on YouTube

Before you hit the record button, you should remember to talk to the camera as if you’re talking to a customer. Have human to human conversations and avoid robotic, scripted video.

You need to know who your audience is and communicate with them as if you understand their pain points. You need them to trust you in helping them solve their problems. When you reach the right people and talk to them in their language, you’ll likely make more sales.

“If you want your video to resonate, it should be about more than just the product. It should be about the problem, the solution, the experience, and the larger vision of what you're trying to build." —Meghan Keaney Anderson, VP of Marketing at HubSpot

Be sure to plan out your product demonstrations strategically. This includes:

  • Describing your product

  • Providing a solution

  • Showing how it works

  • Giving your audience a CTA (call-to-action)

When you achieve these steps, your video could gain lots of positive feedback. If you recall ever coming across a product video that made you want to buy the product, it would be a perfect example of how you can sell on YouTube. It's a fact that 57% of consumers rely on product videos, and after watching videos, they feel more confident about buying your products.

Another crucial part of the video-making process is knowing what visuals you’re going to use. Do you want to have a model demonstrate live in front of the camera? Or do you prefer creating animations? Pick whichever choice that fits with your brand, budget, and deadlines.

Why Social Media Copywriters Help with this Strategy

The best way to leverage YouTube and increase your eCommerce sales is to be skillful at copywriting. Anyone can say anything in a video. But what makes it compelling?

A copywriter, especially a social media copywriter, knows how to convey consumers to take action fast. They know the right keywords to use. They know how to get in your consumer’s mind and communicate your product’s value to them. If consumers have to work too hard to learn about your product, they might skip watching your video.

Product demonstrations should be brief. Remember, people are watching videos because they want answers now. So it’s best to focus on critical points only. A social media copywriter would think about how to communicate in a way that even a kid would understand. It eliminates complications, and anyone in your audience could understand your videos. That means more buyers for you!

Your videos could compete with other eCommerce businesses in your industry. That’s why it’s essential to think about building a following and being likable. If you implement copywriting into your YouTube video script and product descriptions, you’ll have an advantage over some of your competitors. Your brand will have a chance to stand out by sounding authentic and different from others.

Copywriting in product videos could help with eliminating any objections consumers might have. The video copy will not only explain the benefits but will answer common questions. And copywriters will know how to put these questions into words that’ll engage with your viewers throughout the whole video. Their goal is to make viewers watch until the end.


YouTube is a powerful platform to use, and you’d be leaving money on the table if you’re not using this resource for your eCommerce business. If you're doing product demonstrations, you're engaging with your audience and providing them with valuable information about your products. When you learn how to make a compelling video that your audience enjoys watching, you’ll start to see more conversions.

After creating the perfect video, be sure to promote it across all your social media platforms. If you need help with the copywriting part of your content, you can hire a social media copywriter here.

Carrie Huang

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