8 Social Proof Examples and How It Benefits Your Business

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Social proof is like rocket fuel for your brand image, conversions, and credibility. There are several social proof examples we can discuss, but first, I'll explain what social proof is.

What exactly is social proof? When you notice a brand or company has a large social media following, plenty of customer reviews, or important public figures endorsing the product or service - that is social proof. Humans like to 'like' what other people are liking, and buy what other people are buying.

This means we as humans tend to ‘jump on the bandwagon’ or ‘follow the herd.’

You might do this yourself without even realizing it.

Have you ever been searching for a good place to eat dinner, and you suddenly see a restaurant filled with people?

Chances are, you chose to dine at the busy restaurant over the empty one.

This ‘herd mentality’ behavior is extremely common, which is why businesses are utilizing social proof to increase sales.

Why is Social Proof Examples Rocket Fuel For Your Business?

Long story short, today's consumers are more skeptical than ever.

Consumers are drowning in a sea of noise from businesses screaming for their attention.

With so many options available, consumers are more confused than ever on who to trust, or who to buy from.

But if you have social proof, your brand can stand out as trustworthy, resulting in more warm leads and more sales.

According to research by Mintel, 81% of 18-34 year-olds seek out opinions from others before purchasing.

Let’s get into some of the social proof examples that have stood out as being extremely effective for businesses:

1. A Multitude of Testimonials

What Other People Say About You is Infinitely More Powerful Than if You Say it Yourself.

As Dan Lok explains above, what other people say about your brand or business holds tremendous power. You should always be actively asking your customers for testimonials and reviews. Post these testimonials and reviews publicly, and you've got yourself some social proof.

This is what Dan Lok did, where one of his social proof examples is that he has over 700 testimonials on YouTube.

Dan Lok, the self-made millionaire entrepreneur, is actively collecting an overwhelming amount of social proof.

This helps his brand stand out when prospects compare him to other companies that have fewer testimonials.

Many business owners and marketers think 10 or 20 testimonials is enough, but it's not.

Neil Patel gave his readers a great tip, which led to a 34% increase in conversion rate for a website called “Wikijob’. Neil did this by making the testimonials more visible. He placed testimonials above the fold, instead of at the bottom of the page.

Some other conversion tips include using the customer’s real face in the testimonial. (with permission of course).

Also, aim to have each testimonial cover one specific feature or benefit of your company. This will make your testimonials act like individual salespeople, each telling their own unique story. And the more testimonials you have, the more likely your prospects will resonate with one of them.

To stimulate great testimonials, try asking your customers some questions provided by Hubspot.

2. Get Some Influencers or Public Figures in Your Corner

Another one of the great social proof examples involves having testimonials from celebrities, influencers, public figures or industry experts. In other words, people with clout.

This is an incredibly powerful way to increase your conversions. Even just one Instagram shoutout from an Instagram influencer can help you out tremendously.

And if you can get a testimonial from someone your audience resonates with, that’s even better.

Here’s a great social proof example from Brian Tracey, a living legend in sales training.

Brian Tracey gave Dan Lok a testimonial that said, “If the old sales techniques aren’t doing it for you, learn from Dan Lok. He is perhaps the best in the world today.”

Now, if you don’t know who Dan Lok is, but you know who Brian Tracey is, chances are, you’ll feel a greater sense of trust for Dan.

Another good example is what ‘SJC Custom Drums’ did. On their website, they show many bands with drummers using their drumkits. Chances are, some of the fans of these bands are drummers. And if the fans favorite band has a drummer that uses an SJC drumkit in the photos, have a guess what brand of drumkit they’ll want for Christmas. It will be an SJC drumkit!

3. Social Media Following and Social Shares

One of the most important social proof examples is your social media following. If you have a large number of followers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, for example, this is the type of social proof that will increase sales. Even better is if your social media followers are sharing your posts because social shares are another great example of social proof.

While you shouldn't buy fake followers, there are other ways to grow your following organically. This includes hiring a community manager to regularly engage with the community on social media, to increase your following. You can also do giveaways on social media where to enter, the person must follow you and tag three friends. Social media copywriters can help you increase your social media following by writing compelling social media copy for your posts.

4. Transformation Stories

Next on our list of social proof examples is before and after pictures. Surely you’ve seen before and after teeth whitening photos? How do they make you feel? Do transformational stories give you a feeling of comfort and a sense of certainty as a prospect, knowing the results you can expect?

If you do this for your prospects, it’ll be much easier for your customers to pull out their wallets.

Some great examples are shown here by Cherie Barber.

Cherie uses before and after photos of house renovations to show prospects what results are possible. If you can show your prospects the transformation as a result of your product or service, you’ll gain more trust and more sales.

5. Success Stories

This one applies to you if your company helped customers achieve success, for example because your product or service helped them earn more money.

Your customers want to know results are possible, which is why success stories are important.

Dan Lok uses this social proof example, where he shows screenshots of his customer’s successes and the high profits they made.

These screenshots help remove skepticism and adds credibility, leading a prospect to be more inclined to buy.

6. Awards and Accolades

Have you ever wondered why Doctors have a wall full of degrees, awards, and credentials behind them?

How did seeing those credentials and accolades make you feel? Chances are, it made you feel like you were in good hands.

It likely made you subconsciously think to yourself, “surely, I’m safe here.”

To see the power of this, read this quote from Neil Patel, the founder of Quicksprout. Neil said, “Whether it is companies I have worked for, mentions within press pieces or awards I’ve received, I try to showcase them all. It helps increase my conversion rates. When I removed the logos from NeilPatel.com, my conversion rate went down by 9.9%.”

Koala, a ‘mattress-in-a-box’ company, won the 2019 Canstar Blue award. Koala cleverly slapped this award logo front and center on their home page.

Now, imagine if you’re looking for a new mattress, but you’re confused about which mattress to choose. Would you feel more confident in buying a Koala mattress seeing it won an award from a well-respected reviews organization? Most people would.

A large percentage of your customers would make a buying decision based on awards won.

7. Provide Statistics on How Many Have Sold

Have you noticed I’m using facts and statistics to strengthen the credibility of points I’m making in this article?

You can also do the same for your business. You can tell your prospects how many you've already sold, and this is another one of the social proof examples that really works.

Statistics help people say to themselves, “hmm... a lot of other people are using this product, so I'm going to buy it."

Below are some of social proof examples that incorporate data or statistics:

Freezeframe’s homepage features a product called ‘RevitalEyes,’ an anti-aging eye balm.

Below the product, it simply says, “1 sold every 20 seconds”.

This simple fact helps prospects think, “This is selling like crazy, maybe this works! I’ll buy it!”

Another example is where 23andMe show stats front and center on their home page on how customers have benefited from their service.

8. Get Some Publicity

Publicity is when you or your company get featured, for example in a popular magazine, blog, or podcast.

Publicity is one of the social proof examples that can't go wrong because for the most part, all press is good press. The right publicity from the right source will give you a surge in conversions.

Cherie Barber, a renovation and real estate coach has a full page of her publicity throughout her career.

Basic Bananas also have a full page of publicity, which increases their credibility to potential customers.


Now, implementing these social proof examples requires some work. For example, it can take a long time to build up your social media following to a large number. However, if you engage with people on social media every day, even for one hour a day, your following will organically grow.

If you successfully implement a few of the above social proof examples, your sales could skyrocket to levels you never thought were possible.

One final takeaway is to think of collecting social proof like a long-distance runner, not a sprinter.

Steadily chip away at building up so much social proof that it becomes a no-brainer for your prospects to decide to buy your product or service.

You’ll pretty soon be so ahead of your competition, you'll have left your competitors in the dust.

At the end of the day, social proof is about building a positive reputation, improving your credibility, and increasing conversions.

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And, if you want help crafting social media copy that increases your social media following, contact us today to discuss our social media copywriting services.

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