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The best copywriting is the result of detailed customer research and lets you speak to your customer using their language.

When you do this, customers read what is essentially their own words and think, “Yes. You totally get it. You know how I feel.” Then the halo effect kicks in, and they’re much more receptive when you suggest a solution.

Using research to dig into the motivations and hesitations of actual customers removes the guesswork, allowing you to nail this voice every time.

Finding Research to Speak to Your Customer

In the companion article Research Your Customer, we looked at several sources where you can find customer research.

With recent purchasers, you can ask specific questions through automated surveys or email requests. You can also conduct in-depth phone interviews with customers. And, of course, you can review your files of testimonials.

If you don’t have many recent customers, you can turn to online forums, social media platforms, and reviews on eCommerce sites for comments from people who represent your typical customer.

All of these options will give you actual words that people use to describe their frustrations, limitations, obstacles, and fears.

They’ll also give you the actual words that people use to describe their ideal solution and what that might mean for their futures.

But you might need to dig a little.

Summarizing Your Customer Research

Once you’ve gathered your comments and organized them into categories of wants or needs, motivations, hesitations, and common words, you will start to see patterns and insights.

The most pressing needs that customers are trying to meet through the product will become clear. The best descriptors will jump out. The repeated phrases will beg to be used in your copy. And, quite possibly, your assumptions will be challenged.

Use this analysis to write a brief summary for each category.

Let’s use an online yoga instruction subscription as an example. We’ve conducted our research, including email surveys to people who bought the program within the past three months, and feedback from people who commented on the yoga instructor’s Facebook ad.

Your research may fill many pages and your summaries will be much more comprehensive, but here’s an abbreviated example of what these summaries might look like based on our customer research:

Online yoga instruction subscription example:

  • Wants or needs. People want a yoga class that they can do at home, that will make them feel young and flexible. Copy should focus on the privacy aspect and the positive physical effects.

  • People want to feel young and healthy. They fear aging. Copy should provide proof of improved flexibility and agility. Find medical literature to quote on yoga’s effect on aging. Testimonials about improved appearance and movement will be extremely helpful.

  • Commenters were afraid to buy because they thought the poses would be too difficult or dangerous. They also hesitated on the price. Copy needs to focus on the instructors’ gentle and clear instruction for beginners and the modifications for every pose. The 30-day money-back guarantee needs to be more prominent.

  • Common words: flexibility, aging, stretching, young, able to get around, healthy, no impact, easy, at home. Interestingly, emotional terms such as inner peace, tranquility, and calm were very low on the list compared to the physical terms. Copy should focus more on what the customer wants out of a yoga class—physical changes—and not so much the mental/emotional benefits.

From here, you can easily write landing pages, Facebook ads, email sequences, and other marketing materials, knowing that your copy will perfectly target exactly what your customers want.

Go through your customer research again and find those perfectly worded descriptions that capture your benefits so well and use them as testimonials in your copy. (And ask for permission first.)


When your customer reads your sales copy, you want them to think they they are reading their own words. Understanding your customer requires some deep research. You want to know their desires, obstacles, and fears.

A talented copywriter knows how to write copy to speak directly to your target audience. Our copywriters can help with customer research and sales copy. Contact us today.

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