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Are you tired of getting sub-par results from freelance writers you hire online? Countless businesses need remote copywriters to write their ad copy, or need freelance writers to write for their website's blog, but good writers are incredibly hard to come by. For years, SEO agencies have been using freelancer websites such as Fiverr and Upwork, or from content mills, to hire writers for their business. Quite frankly, these writers rarely produce the results that companies deserve.  According to Acelloria, “Copywriting is one of the most important aspects of advertising. The design draws peoples’ attention but the message is what persuades the user to act.”

The problem with most freelancer websites or content mills is simple. Upwork or typical content farms typically render low-quality work, which results in a low return on investment for the client. Don’t believe me? Take a look at current copywriters for hire at a freelance website of your choice, and the listed rates.

You Get What You Pay For

Look at the rates on content mills or oversaturated freelancer platforms. Ask yourself how you can expect a good piece of copy to be written for only $50? It requires countless hours of research and planning to create perfect copy that will generate high ROI for a client. You get what you pay for, and if someone is charging $50, they likely aren't putting that time and effort in. A low price combined with “2-hour delivery” is a strong indication that you won't get something well-written or well-crafted. Yet, business owners fall for this all the time. As quoted by Dan Lok, founder of Closers.com, “good copy is 80% research and 20% writing”.

So how do you find industry-leading freelance writers for your company? How do you find remote, freelance writers who are actually great at what they do? Let's go over the distinguishing factors to pinpoint the difference between professional and mediocre writers. On top of that, I’ll share with you a little known secret to find the best copywriters that will generate high ROI for your agency. I will also show you the filtering process of how freelance writers are selected on websites and what to avoid when selecting a copywriter or when selecting freelance writers.

Mediocre vs Powerhouse Freelance Writers

Distinguishing mediocre and professional freelance writers is a make-or-break factor for your agency to get the desired results. Remember, the message that your agency shares is what persuades the user to act. So what are the factors that separate a good and bad copywriter?

  1. Research Practices

  2. Emotional Intelligence

  3. Word Choices

Professional copywriters spend 80% of their time researching the marketplace and collecting data about customers concerns. Think about it: What better way to sell a product than to write about issues that customers face everyday? Mediocre copywriters have a different method of tackling copy. 

As mentioned in a 2017 article entitled 4 Reasons Why Research is Important in Sales Copywriting, “The problem, however, is many entrepreneurs, as mentioned earlier, get so eager to slap up a sales letter (or another communications piece), that they actually fail to create the right message. You know, the right message that’ll get you the results you’ve been dreaming of.” See, mediocre freelance writers are so eager to jump in and write that they completely flop at sending out the right message. They target completely different concerns which results in low ROI for their client.

So where do emotional connections come from? You’ve guessed it: From research! Professional copywriters know how to connect with a desired audience by writing emotion-triggering copy. The copy they produce has the ability to connect with their deep desires and trigger pain points that convince customers to buy. 

Mediocre freelance writers struggle to connect with customers on a deeper level, as they’re almost guessing what their pain points actually are. Eugene Schwartz, legendary copywriter and author says, “No sentence can be effective if it contains facts alone. It must also contain emotion, image, logic and promise.”

Word Choice and Conversational Language

Yep, word choices. Remember those days back in college where you had to read textbooks? And you didn’t understand a single thing in the entire book? Wonder why? The word choices that textbook authors use are directed to highly educated professionals who have been working in the field for years. So how do they expect you to learn if the book isn’t even in a language you understand? It all comes down to a casual, conversational tone. Inexperienced writers make the mistake of writing in a formal tone. However, if you really want to build a relationship with customers, the language must be more conversational. Instead of trying to impress the reader with big words, experienced writers understand that they should be trying to connect with the reader, using conversational language.

Professional copywriters understand the market and write sales copy in a way that everyone can understand. They make it simple and straight to the point using a conversational tone. According to a 2018 article entitled 7 Tips for Writing Effective Short Copy, “It’s not that your readers are dumb (or 8th graders); they just have a lot of distractions. Making your copy as smooth as possible—and easy to read—is key for copy to convert effectively.”

Mediocre freelance writers on the other hand are academic oriented. Meaning that the word choices they use are sometimes not tailored for the desired market. Academic writers write way too formally to sell anything. Professional writers understand the importance of ensuring the reader can fully understand what the offer is, so they know what they’re buying. According to a 2019 article entitled 7 Tips for Writing Dynamic Sales Letters, “Many sales letters are thrown away without being read simply because they appear too complicated. Don't let this happen to you.”

What Freelance Websites Don’t Tell You

To get my point across, let’s do a small experiment. Pick any freelancing website, whether it’s Fiverr, Upwork or Freelancer. To make things easy to follow along, let’s choose Fiverr. On Fiverr, select “Become a Seller”. Create a profile and “declare” yourself as a Copywriter. Do you see how easy it is to become a Copywriter on a freelancer website? Did they ask about past experience? No. Did they ask about your track record? No. Did they ask about past projects? No. How about references? No.

The problem with most freelancer websites is the fact that there is no barrier to entry. Anyone with a computer and internet access can go online and declare themselves as a freelance writer. Heck, you could even declare yourself as the President if you wanted. There is no filtering process set up in place to ensure that the work people are putting out is high quality and produces high ROI for their clients. So how can you determine the professional copywriters from mediocre ones on freelance websites?

Well, you can't. You could look at customer reviews and the freelance writer's description, but it’s not a clear indication of whether or not the writer has revenue-generating capabilities. Many of them don't have any reviews yet. And if they do, how do you know who’s writing the reviews? Maybe it’s a small one man business who was satisfied with the work produced because he had nothing to compare it to. You truly have no indication whether the copy produced works or not. So you might be asking, where on earth do you find professional freelance writers for your agency?

The Solution

There is a boutique website online with extremely high standards, that has the best freelance writers who are vigorously trained in producing revenue for your agency. Here at Copywriters.com we have the best industry specific, expertly trained, revenue-generating copywriters for your business. The writers are experts in researching market demographics, and have proven strategies to write emotion-triggering content that is easy to understand. But you might be asking, how can I trust these freelance writers?

This is the key difference between copywriters.com and content mills. For writers to submit work on our website, they have to go through a strict 7-week training program to become certified copywriters, followed by a hand-selected interview. The writers are put through continuous weekly training and daily practices to ensure their skills are on par for high performance. They constantly work with websites to ensure their copy is scalable and profitable, so you never have to worry about your ads getting shut down.

Compared to most freelancing websites, copywriters.com has all the restrictions set up in place to provide the results your company deserves. The copywriters trained always meet their deadlines and work with their clients until 100% satisfaction is achieved.

Copywriters.com has some of the best copywriters on this planet. In addition to their certification training, each individual has gone through numerous HubSpot training lessons as well as custom tailored classes for constant learning and growth. They have the ability to help you rank #1 on Google SEO and write copy that stands out from the competition. They are also able to keep up with Google's constant changing algorithms while working with industry-leading SEO platforms. Professional website copywriters will first use keyword research and analysis tools to understand the SEO goals your website should focus on.


The majority of freelance writers out there are not capable of generating revenue and fail to give you a high ROI. They lack the ability to research, implement emotion, and write easy to understand pieces that everyone can connect with. These websites do not have a filtering process, which makes it difficult for your agency to find the diamond copywriter in a pile of coal.

Copywriters.com has the best industry-leading copywriters, who are trained and mentored daily to ensure that your agency has the best ROI. They are pushed through an intensive 7-week training program and practices their skills every day for high performance.

If you are interested in hiring a certified copywriter with actual credentials, and are ready to take your business to the next level, Hire A Copywriter Today. Let professional freelance writers provide you with the results you deserve to see.

Noah Nanan

Noah Nanan is an on-demand copywriter who is trained and mentored by industry-leading professionals in producing revenue-generating copy. He is strictly focused on producing results and practices his skills everyday to perform at peak conditions. He has a 10-year history in Martial Arts and a huge passion for working on cars.

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