Strategic Structure of Facebook Ads: How to Get Over 20X Return in Your Advertising

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Are you looking for ROI improvements on your Facebook ads? If so, you had better look at your ad quality ranking. And more specifically, check your compliance.

You see, dealing with compliance on Facebook is a major issue for most digital marketers and media buyers.

No matter what, ads have to run. Leads and sales are never too much. There's no time to get into compliance training. Budgets and targeting are more important—which is not untrue.

However, to get the most out of your campaigns, the strategy you should be focused on is compliance. It takes time and effort to go digging into Facebook’s policies. Not to mention they’re kind of tricky and some are not so easy to catch.

The thing is, if your business is not following the rules, Facebook gets tired and shuts down your account. What would that mean for your goals?

You miss huge opportunities that Facebook has to offer and leave a ton of money on the table. Frustration sets in and keeps you awake at night. One question haunts you.

Why do your Facebook ads get disapproved? And how do you know if they’re compliant in the first place?

In this article, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about compliance, how to write for Facebook and how to scale your business fast.

Content Is King, Compliance Is Queen

According to Facebook, “ads with a lower quality ranking tend to cost more, which may reduce the distribution of the ads and lead to fewer results.”

Facebook compliance is the keystone of your campaign success. In fact, it’s the fastest way to scale. Why? Because it prevents you from getting rejected. What does that mean for you? You'll have predictable and consistent revenue over time.

Most digital marketers are struggling to maintain consistency just because of a lack of Facebook ads knowledge.

In fact, according to a 2019 study from Social Media Marketing entitled Social Media Marketing Industry Report, the top social media platform for which marketers want to learn more about is Facebook (74%).

No doubt you need to understand some key areas in Facebook's ecosystem to get the most out of compliance.

Facebook's #1 Priority

Facebook's top priority is the user experience. No surprise, it has to be positive and focused on connecting with family and friends. In fact, according to Statista, that’s how your audience uses it.

It means that only the highest quality content has a place. Facebook has strict advertising policies and stops running ads and bans accounts if they don’t comply.

Facebook's Algorithm

Facebook is known for its powerful algorithm. You've already heard that Facebook knows you better than you know yourself, right?

That's why it attracts so many advertisers to the platform. There are over 7 million advertisers promoting their products and services with Facebook ads.

Compliance is tied to the way the algorithm works to catch the best-quality content. But what does that mean exactly?

Best quality content equals the best engagement—likes, reactions, comments, shares and even more.

Facebook seeks to create meaningful interactions. The more your content generates interactions, the more Facebook likes you.

2-Step Approval Process

The approval process is a mix of AI and human. When you submit ads, they go through the AI pipeline. If your ads are compliant, they go live. If they’re not, they’re sent to a human who makes the final call.

When it comes to creating a Facebook campaign, always assume that your ads go to the human decision. Doing so forces you to maximize your compliance efforts.

Keep in mind that just like a human being, the machine makes mistakes. Just because your Facebook ads are approved today doesn’t mean they can't be shut down tomorrow.

Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO)

In September 2019, Facebook launched Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO). It’s only since February 2020 that CBO has become the only option available in Facebook ads manager. And that's good news for you. Why?

Because Facebook manages the allocation of campaign budgets and consistently seeks out the best audiences for you.

Here’s how Facebook explains CBO: “We optimize your campaign budget in real-time on an opportunity-by-opportunity basis. Our goal is to get you the most results possible, and for the cost of those results to align with your bid strategy.”

Imagine yourself running compliant ads—without your ads getting shut down. You just have to reap the benefits, before reinvesting them.

How does it sound to you? There’s more. CBO avoids rebooting the learning phase as well.

Facebook ads algorithm needs time to study your target audience’s behavior. Changing your campaign setups would be the same as if you "reset your iPhone’s settings like a new one." You have to start from scratch.

Now, knowing all that stuff is great, but that’s not enough. To make your ads compliant, you need to have a deep understanding of how to play the game.

And whatever the game is—it always starts with rules.

Facebook Ads Policies Hacking

The purpose of this article is not to copy and paste Facebook ads policies. It's not a secret; they're public (for those who have the bravery to crack the code by themselves).

But, giving you the shortcut to mastering compliance and multiplying your returns is much more exciting!

Ready? Here are points you should know:

Prohibited content

  1. Unsafe supplements

  2. Tobacco and related products

  3. Drugs and drug-related products

  4. Sexually suggestive content and sexually explicit content

  5. Weapons, ammunition, or explosives

Depending on your industry, you may be concerned about restricted content for Facebook ads. I suggest you check this link out, especially in terms of targeting.

The 20% Rule

Images with less than 20% text perform better. Believe it or not, it’s the part of the policy that's most overlooked.

To make sure Facebook doesn’t decrease your reach, you should double-check how your image looks.

To ensure compliance, avoid text in photos.

Now, I need you to stay focused. The following rules show examples of what NOT to do.

Examples of personal attributes to avoid

“Sick and tired of being broke?”

"Meet other Hispanic people."

Examples of deceptive, exaggerated or false claims to avoid

“This Pill Makes You Lose 15 Pounds In 8 Days Or Less.”

“Look at This Serum That Made My Hair Grow 8 Inches In 10 Days! You'll be shocked!”

“Get Your Ferrari For $10,000! Guaranteed.”

Avoid violent, aggressive graphics

Think about the visual experience. You don’t want to use shocking pictures.

If you market health or beauty products, don’t use before-and-after photos in your Facebook ads because the results are not typical.

Landing Page

Being compliant on Facebook isn't just about ads. The content of your landing page must be significant, original, and relevant to your ad without any false, exaggerated, or deceptive claims.

How to Write Compliant Ads for Profit

Now, you know how to play. Let’s see how you can write.

Flagged Keywords

1. “You” and “Your”

Talking directly to your audience is like being a surgeon doing an open-heart surgery, so it's better to be careful.

That’s the easiest mistake to make. Make sure your copy’s not tied to personal attributes or negative keywords like disease, depressed, or fat.

2. Weight-loss, health, diet

“If You’re In Trouble With Being Overweight, Try This Program.”

If your copy looks like that, chances are it will never run. Let’s see how it can be approved:

“I’ve Always Struggled With My Weight Woes Until I Found A New Way To Workout.”

3. Money, earnings

“Sign Up For My Webinar Today To Find Out How You Can Earn $3,000 In 15 Days Or Less.”

Facebook doesn’t like “get-rich-quick” schemes. So, you need to be careful when it comes to income claims. Let’s see it in action.

“Sign Up To My Free Training And Find Out How I Scaled My Business Profitably.”

From now on, you have some insights on how to write powerful, compliant copy for Facebook ads.

Get Your Audience to Click On Your Ads

According to GoodFirms, 78.57% of users get annoyed due to unwanted ads and subsequent ranting. You don’t have to run spammy ads.

“The best Facebook ads look and feel as relevant and timely in your news feed as the posts you see from your friends.” – Mary Smith, Facebook marketing expert

Your goal is to engage your audience and gain their trust. The higher your engagement rate, the faster you scale.

Bonus: Know Your Target Audience

How well do you know your target audience?

How well do you know about their fears? Their struggles? And what influences their choices?

“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need before they realize it themselves.”—Steve Jobs

In today’s digital marketing world, keeping data on spreadsheets are not enough. Interview your best customers.

How do they feel about your brand? What do they like or dislike? How does your product help them improve or achieve something in their lives? You’d be surprised by their answers.

Design your Facebook ads in a way that your content fits what your audience wants.

Be original and authentic. Emotions and stories help to create meaningful connections and build lasting relationships.


You now know how to ensure compliance to get over 20X return in your advertising with your Facebook ads.

Remember that Facebook policies are evolving all the time. It requires you to keep yourself updated regularly and this might be challenging and time-consuming.

So, you can take away what you just learned, apply it, and see the results for yourself.

Or, another way is to hire a certified copywriter who is concerned about your results and writes compliant ad copy that converts.

Armelle Justine

Armelle Justine is a friendly and curious copywriter. She’s passionate about self-development and understanding emotions. Her background in the beauty industry allowed her to help women achieve their goals. When Armelle doesn’t write, she sells second-hand products playing with marketing strategies.

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