Does Your Team Need HubSpot Marketing Certifications?

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Are HubSpot marketing certifications all it’s cracked up to be or is it just hype?

Business seems to be going smoothly and your customers are happy.

So is there any point to these online certifications and training? Is it critical for your marketing team to get HubSpot marketing certifications?

Well, in today’s rapidly growing online space, digital marketing is constantly changing and growing. Nothing stays the same. You can probably agree that some techniques that may have worked just a few years ago have become less effective today. So by standing still long enough, you’re going to get left behind.

As a successful and effective marketer, it’s in your best interest to continue on a path of continued education and constant improvement.

This does two things: elevate your growth as a marketer and gain more delighted customers as a result.

Now, while there are tons of free online tools and resources, it can be confusing to weed through all the noise. Just because everyone has their hand up, doesn’t mean you have to choose them all.

Because let’s face it, even if you wanted to overdose on certifications, you just can’t. Your time is gold. You’re interested in something that’s tried and tested, proven to be worth your time. Am I right? You want to make sure you’re making a profitable ROTI - Return On Time Invested.

That’s why digital marketing influencer Neil Patel backs HubSpot as a tool that’s immeasurable to your company’s growth.

Businesses who use HubSpot report 94% of marketers saw growth and improvement and 33% have seen an increase in their customers’ satisfaction.

So which courses are a priority for your team and which ones should ride low on your to-do list?

I’m going to share with you some hands-down, non-negotiable HubSpot courses your marketing team should complete right away. But don’t take my word for it.

Let’s see why HubSpot is a top choice for some of the most successful marketers today.

Why HubSpot Marketing Certifications?

As a successful marketer, I’m sure HubSpot was probably one of the first companies you ever heard of. Am I right? There’s no coincidence there.

Since 2009—for over a decade—HubSpot has been the guiding light for marketing professionals. With their finger on the pulse of ever-changing marketing trends, HubSpot has done a great job of adapting to changes and providing customers with the most up-to-date material.

It’s delivered in the form of high-quality videos, interactive quizzes, comprehensive tools and guides, and so much more. Talk about massive value, eh?

Maybe that’s why companies like Subaru, Casio, Wistia, and DoorDash rely on HubSpot for their business growth. The company boasts a hefty resume, helping over 73,000 companies in over 120 countries scale their businesses.

Not only that, HubSpot marketing certifications are a big-time credibility booster for anyone with the badge. The certification badge, to be exact. Posted on your LinkedIn and social apps, it can catch the attention of B2B and B2C customers alike.

With today’s increasing credibility crisis, it’s never a bad idea to take steps to become recognized and have credentials to back up your expertise. In today’s world, it’s all about trust.

Now that you understand the value of HubSpot marketing certifications for your team, which ones are the best ones to complete right away?

Find the Holes and Seal Them Up

So, you're trying to be strategic here now. When you audit your marketing approach, what do you think needs immediate attention?

Knowing what kind of injury you’re dealing with will allow you to choose the most appropriate medicine.

Maybe your email marketing campaigns have had poor open rates and click-throughs, so you’ll want to check out HubSpot’s Email Marketing Certification.

If your blogs, ads, and YouTube videos are gasping for some fresh air, then maybe HubSpot’s Content Marketing Certification may be your first choice.

The best thing would be to complete all the courses. But everything happens in steps, I understand.

And while the courses are a bit lengthy, they’re well worth the time. With a combined total of almost 10 hours, your team will be thoroughly spent.

But that’s a good thing. After completing the lessons and successfully passing the multiple-choice exam, your team can add a badge to their repertoire of credentials.

This way, you know your team is all on the same page and with that, you can move smoothly forward towards improving your marketing strategies.

A little secret: every published writer on is certified in the certifications I mentioned earlier. In fact, you can’t get published without those certifications first!

Now, when your team is certified in HubSpot marketing training, it’s easier for them to know how to tie their inbound strategy with the sales team.

Aligning Marketing and Sales

Too often the marketing team and sales team compete against one another instead of with one another. What’s the deal with that?

A successful company makes sure all departments and teams work in tandem to produce the highest ROI. You’re happy and your customers are happy. Simple as that.

Most marketers forget that marketing and sales feed off one another.

If your marketing team doesn’t understand inbound strategies, attracting and engaging visitors and lead nurturing, then your sales team will have less to work with.

Lindsay Thibeault, Manager of Customer Training at HubSpot says, 

Once marketing starts focusing on empowering sales to sell efficiently at a higher velocity, marketing and sales become more aligned—and sales become more willing to adopt inbound practices.

HubSpot marketing certifications will give your team an understanding of how to align marketing and sales. You can’t have one without the other.


Continued education and training are important in any field, but it’s especially important in the world of digital marketing. Staying updated and on pace with market trends ensures you’re satisfying every stage of your customers’ ever-evolving journeys.

And equipping your team with HubSpot marketing certifications—as a mandatory prerequisite, I might add—will help you stay on top of the ball at all times.

The more multifaceted your team, the stronger they will be as a whole. So, which HubSpot marketing certifications will your team go after first?

Not sure where to start? Book a consultation with our HubSpot certified copywriters to see how we can help you grow your business today.

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