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Looking for the best teaser content examples to use in your posts, and in your distribution strategy? Teaser content is one of the best ways to drive new traffic to your website by providing valuable information to the marketplace, without giving everything away up front.

Teaser content allows the reader to get a sneak peak at the content, without spoiling all the details. But you might be wondering, How effective can teaser content really be?

Think about the last time you went to a movie theater. Have you ever wondered why cinemas play movie trailers during the previews? And after watching the trailer, have you noticed an instant urge to watch it? That sudden grab by a small preview gave you an instant desire to watch it. Similar to a movie trailer, your teaser content possesses the ability to attract readers to your website without spoiling its entirety. You can craft a message to trigger the reader's curiosity by creating attention grabbing-content, or an attention-grabbing introduction. They’ll be so intrigued by your content that they’ll feel compelled to click on that 'read more' button. That's why teaser content is such a simple yet effective strategy.

Not only does your teaser have to be a sneak preview, but it could also be in the form of an attention-grabbing headline. Think about it: Wouldn’t you be intrigued to read an article if the headline instantly sparked your curiosity? According to an article entitled How to Write Magnetic Headlines, “On average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest. This is the secret to the power of your title, and why it so highly determines the effectiveness of the entire piece.” Take a look at various magazines the next time you’re waiting in line at the grocery store. See which headlines spark your curiosity and gives you a sudden urge to flip it open.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the best teaser content examples as well as writing strategies that you can implement immediately into your company. These examples are guaranteed to skyrocket your website traffic, and can be implemented in every aspect of your advertising. Ready to win? Let’s get started.

Teaser Content Examples You See Everyday Without Realizing

Life is filled with teaser content examples from the moment you step out the door. Don’t believe me? Let’s walk outside right now and find out. Let’s assume we’re living in a busy downtown area for a better picture. From the moment you step out the door, you see a bus with a banner reading, “Watch The Most Anticipated Movie of 2020, Head Over To Cineplex To Find Out More.” You continue down the street and see an advertisement on a streetlamp, “9/10 Canadians Will Face A Plumbing Issue If They Ignore This Forgotten Issue: Call Us NOW”.

Now, imagine that you enter a busy eatery and are greeted by a free sample that soothes your stomach. You walk through the eatery and read the local Thai Food’s menu, “Try the Chefs Special Only For A Limited Time”. After a few minutes, you head down to a video game store where they have consoles set up in place for people to play. On you way back home, you see a live musician on the street with a flyer for his upcoming live gig at the nearby pub. And by the time you get home, you’re already sold on everything you’ve encountered.

See, teaser content examples are everywhere. And I mean everywhere! All of these advertisements we’ve encountered are put in place to trigger our curiosity. Or in the case of free samples, a way to spark our taste buds. So you might be wondering, Where can I use teaser content to drive more traffic to my website?

The Target Platform For Teaser Content

Have you noticed a recent decline in TV subscription services? Is that a coincidence? According to a 2019 article entitled Five Years of Network Ratings Declines in Context. “In the Nielsen ratings for 2018-19, the broadcast networks averaged 28.5 million viewers in prime time, a decline of 7.3 million viewers (20 percent) since 2014-15. The drop-off among adults 18-49 was steeper, falling 35 percent to a 6.2 rating.” So where are all these people going?

The world of social media has taken over the world. As of 2019, 3.5 billion people in the world are on some kind of social media platform. That’s 45% of the world's population! And with a continuous decline in TV services, it only makes sense that social media will continue to grow. Think about it… Do you know anyone who is not on social media? Heck, you might even find grandma and grandpa posting selfies on Facebook.

Not only is social media growing at a rapid pace, but the use of mobile phones are taking over everyone's pocket. Think about the last time you’ve checked your emails or purchased tickets for a movie. Did you use your phone? Or even better, how would your life change if you didn’t have a phone? Would things start becoming inconvenient? And funny enough, you might even find a child in kindergarten holding a new iPhone.

Social media combined with mobile advertising is the key market to direct your teaser content towards. So now that we know the target platform and teaser content examples, where on social media can you implement teaser content, and how?

A Teaser Content Cheat Sheet For Constant Traffic

Headlines and subject lines have been proven for years to tease people into reading the body of the article. As quoted by Dan Lok, CEO of Closers.com. “A good killer headline creates curiosity, tempts people to want to know more, injects scarcity and value, and gives the reader an offer they can’t refuse – all in just a few sentences.”

There are many places that a headline can be implemented to drive more traffic. Think about Twitter, Facebook, Emails, LinkedIn Articles or Video Teasers on the internet… How can you create a headline that tempts the reader to click on your link? A prime example is, “Don’t buy your Halloween candy before reading this.” Without spoiling what the secret is, you are teasing the reader which forces them to find out more. The same strategy can be applied in email subject lines.

As mentioned earlier, teaser content examples can be in the form of a small trailer. One of the most proven ways to drive traffic to your website is by writing out a small paragraph with a “read more” button that directs to your website. There is a mistake that people make all the time, so listen closely. The content you write has to end on a cliffhanger, else the read more option would seem useless to more readers. Majority of posts online end without suspense, which doesn’t urge the reader to find out more.

Need an Expert Teaser Content Writer?

With so many teaser content examples, it may sometimes feel overwhelming trying to fit writing into your busy schedule. Luckily, there is a custom tailored solution for your business. Here at Copywriters.com, you can find the best industry-specific copywriters who are professionally trained in writing teaser content. While you focus on other aspects of your business, you can have a copywriter write teaser content to flood your website with continuous new traffic.

Our copywriters are certified and have strategies to trigger the emotional aspects of all readers. They are experts in researching market demographics and are highly skilled with their writing capabilities. Our copywriters are capable of writing extremely compelling teaser content that will capture leads and send more traffic to your website.


Teaser content examples are everywhere you look. They are used to spark curiosity and trigger emotions within people. The best place to use teaser content is on social media and mobile devices, which makes up for over 45% of the world's population. And with curiosity sparking headlines and sneak peek previews, your website traffic numbers are going to skyrocket in no time.

For those who are interested in hiring a certified copywriter, and are ready to take their business to the next level. Hire a Copywriter today, and let professional copywriters generate the results that your company strives for.

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