4 Techniques for Writing a Blog Post (That Don’t Make You Sound Like a Robot)

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Everyone knows bad content when they read it. Sometimes it can be hilarious and go viral for all the wrong reasons. Yet most blog posts just get thrown into the endless abyss of some archives page for their robotic tone and lack of useful information.

While the above page is a bit of a worst-case scenario, it’s easy to let your skills slip while writing a blog post on a deadline. So today we’re going to share some techniques to make sure your content doesn’t get too… clanky.

1. Keep It Friendly

Content that doesn’t have personality is the first indicator of robotic content. You know writing feels like it came out of an instruction manual when the post is titled “5 Best Bluetooth Headphones for Your Commute.” It doesn’t help anyone connect with the content you’re trying to produce.

They’ve made the conscious choice to visit your site. Treat them nicely and tell them why those headphones are good. Chances are they’ll come back to check out your other articles.

2. Using the Right Grammar while Writing a Blog Post

The main reason the Bruno Mars article is hilarious is because the command of the English language is so poor. Nothing kills the credibility of an article and the joy of reading it more than misspelled words and poor grammar.

It’s actually pretty admirable how blatantly keyword-driven the article is, and that’s another good lesson to take from it—yes, keywords are important, but they need to be well-woven into the flow of the blog post, not standing out like sore thumbs. Always make sure your prose flows, no matter how dry the subject might be at first glance.

3. Tell Your Story, But Keep It Relevant

If you have personal experience with the article you’re writing, one of the ways to immediately qualify your credentials with your audience is by telling a story about that experience. If there was a challenge you overcame, there’s value in explaining to your audience how you overcame it.

But there is a flipside – overtelling can drive people away pretty quickly. For instance, we’ve all found articles for recipes online forcing us to scroll through a two-thousand word story written across five pages when all we want is to know how much flour to use.

4. Be Friendly, But When Necessary, Be Frank

Everyone likes to be positive. It’s always more pleasant to read things that have an upbeat message to them, but sometimes honesty doesn’t always sound positive. For example, articles that are critical or trying to persuade benefit from a no-nonsense approach of its subject matter at hand.

This doesn’t mean slandering or making personal attacks, of course, but if the Bluetooth headphones you’re reviewing broke after you accidentally dropped them on a carpeted floor, then a critique of their build quality is definitely in order. It shows concern for your readers by being honest with them so they don’t make the same mistake.


A lot of us can fall prey to just getting comfortable in our skillsets and not doing much to expand them. Figuring out what you can improve is always important to writing a blog post. And when you’re discovering new tips and tricks, you’re always going to have top-notch content.

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