The 4 Best Online Tools to Improve Your Copywriting Skills

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Can online tools improve your copywriting skills? Many successful copywriters come to the trade after taking coursework in communications, public relations, journalism, or business, and quickly become accomplished in the field due to their practiced copywriting skills.

Others come from the large and passionate pool of English or creative writing majors that graduate from college every year, meaning that they’re usually excellent literary writers, but might need to fill in some gaps when it comes to best practices for writing copy.

And then there are those budding copywriters who come from a totally tangential background and need to do a bit of self-educating on the how-tos of writing bang-up copy that resonates with as many of the right readers as possible.

No matter which of these groups you might belong to, every writer can use a touch of extra help to keep their copy fresh and functional. Here are some of our favorite (usually free) online tools to help you sharpen your copywriting skills, wherever you’re coming from.

1. Grammarly

Your grasp of the English language’s grammar and punctuation rules is likely to be good if you’re embroiled in (or just embarking on) a career in copywriting. But good isn’t perfect.’s writing assistant offers both a free and a paid version that offer invaluable help detecting potential errors or awkward sections of your writing. Think about Microsoft Word’s spelling and grammar tool, and then imagine that it was smarter, more nuanced at understanding context and usage, and was able to make tone suggestions.

The free version catches tons of basic critical mistakes, and the paid version (I pay about $140 per year) is able to offer advanced tools and critique. Make good writing a no-brainer.

2. Live Keyword Analysis

Copywriting and content marketing, more than any other kind of professional writing, require a certain command of SEO keywords. Make sure your keyword density is on-point by using the instant data and analysis tool by Live Keyword Analysis. It helps writers nail SEO writing without going overboard into that totally played-out zone of keyword stuffing.

3. Copyscape

If you’re a pro, you already know not to meddle with that dumb schoolyard dalliance known as plagiarism.

Not only is it illegal, but getting caught copying someone else’s work without proper attribution will wreak havoc on your professional reputation. Plus, why would you want to be a copy when you can be an original?

Whether it’s for yourself or for managing other writers on your team, allows you to do an easy copy-and-paste check to make sure your copy isn’t too close to someone else’s.

4. The Copywriters Blog has a respected blog offering a wealth of how-to tips and tricks for the aspiring and practicing professional writer. Head to the blog categories page and peruse the topics. Select from Direct Response Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Language/Style, or Website Copywriting to access what amounts to a free education on what works and what doesn’t for successful copywriters in the biz.


No matter where you are in your copywriting career—whether you're just starting out, or you've been around for a while and you're looking for online tools that will enhance your writing, these are 4 of the best.

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