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Are you wondering about the best CTAs (calls-to-action) that you can apply to your business?

Maybe it’s for your landing page, your ads, or your social media posts. Whatever it is, you’ll want to make CTAs that generate leads and conversions.

Being relevant and being able to understand what your customers truly want is crucial in creating a good CTA. It’s all about knowing your ideal buyer persona. You need to be able to answer questions such as: What do they need? What problems are they facing?

It can range from giving special offers, pricing plans, and sales email subscriptions, to providing more valuable content.

If you've noticed, the best CTAs have similar traits. They capture the attention of the audience with specific and straightforward words on buttons with contrasting colors. And they evoke an emotion that taps into a particular desire of the audience.

That’s why sometimes you can’t help feeling that you’re missing out if you don’t take specific action. Actions such as clicking that “Don’t Click Here!” or “Claim Your FREE eBook" button when you’re looking for solutions are too hard to ignore.

And when it comes to making the best CTAs, the key is to use elements that persuade people to take action. You want elements that back the CTA by telling the audience what to expect. They can be in the form of texts, images, or videos. Whatever they are, they should support the CTA so that people click the button. That’s why merely placing a “Buy Now” or “Sign Up” button is not enough!

Also, creating a good CTA depends on how warm or how cold your audience is. It depends on whether you’re trying to turn visitors into leads, or to convert prospects. And it also depends on how your market – your niche – responds to the action buttons.

Most of all, it’s vital to have CTAs that are very easy to find. They need to be bold and accessible enough that your customers don’t have to work hard to select the how-to-order instructions.

There are certainly many more aspects to consider when creating the best CTAs. Applying your copywriting skills is one of them. Copywriting has a tremendous impact on optimizing and creating a good CTA that sells.

So, exactly how does an enticing action button look like? Next, you’ll see 15 real examples of the best CTAs.

The Best CTAs From Famous Companies in Various Industries

1. Netflix: Give Value First!


(Source: Netflix)

Who doesn’t know Netflix?

The media entertainment company provides value upfront to eliminate the biggest customer objection: the fear of getting into a subscription plan.

They do this by giving customers “All of Netflix” for 30 days free of charge after the customer provides an email address (and credit card information, just in case).

If the customer wants to continue the service, the website makes the decision making easy. The red CTA button within the empty white column is easy to spot. With the dark background on the screen, the CTA gives off a high contrast that catches the prospect's attention very well!

But, precisely what makes it one of the best CTAs? It's the risk-free trial with a 3-day reminder before the first bill.

The image of the green bar and the dates make it extremely easy for the audience to understand. Without even reading the text information below the bar, you can quickly grasp what the text conveys.

You understand that information backing the CTA is an indirect way of offering a guarantee. It gives customers the chance to refuse the payment if they’re not satisfied with the service.

Having a CTA backed with a guarantee makes the red button extremely inviting! Considering how simple it looks, there’s so much more behind the CTA. It's no wonder when they say "a picture is worth a thousand words," it’s undeniably true.

2. Hotjar: Laser-Focusing on Benefits


(Source: Hotjar)

What’s very irresistible about Hotjar’s CTA is that it focuses mainly on the benefits.

Like most CTAs, it uses a compelling red color for the action button. But what stands out most is the bright aquamarine highlights that show how their business helps the consumer's business. It answers the question on the consumer’s mind, "What’s in it for me?"

Hotjar makes their point very clear and straightforward as they show how they deliver superior service. Who doesn’t love a fast and visual solution?

Plus, below the “Try it free” CTA button, the “No credit card required” makes the CTA even more enticing! It indicates there’s no risk and no obligation whatsoever to use their service.

At the same time, they’re calling out to their target market with an image placed on the right. It’s a great way to tell precisely whom they want to serve by pointing out their ideal customer.

Even more tempting, at the bottom of their CTA, they demonstrate the bandwagon effect by using social proof to show how famous companies like Adobe and Shopify, and over 350,000 organizations worldwide, use their service.

Using social proof is effective in fighting against unwanted skepticism to push prospects to click that CTA button. It instills a belief in their customer's mind. They want you to think, “If it’s good enough for them, then it’s good enough for me.” Brilliant!

3. Design Cuts: Have Any Discounts?


(Source: graze)

If you’re in the food industry, you might want to look at this mouth-watering CTA.

The ‘graze’ website uses two matching “get started” CTAs in green, with the same design. If you’ve noticed, all of the previous examples have more than one action button too. But have you wondered why is there a need for more than one CTA?

Of course, having similar CTAs makes it much easier and accessible for people to make a decision. But there’s more than just that! The power lies in training customers to click the green button on the top right-hand corner. So that when they’re on another page, they remember how to “get started” on making an order.

Another aspect that makes it one of the best CTAs is its “Have a special code?” anchor text. These simple words turn anyone with the code into buying mode! Believe it or not, people with the special code will be very bothered if they don’t use it. They don’t want to feel like they’re missing out on an opportunity.

And the “Have a special code?” secondary CTA gives customers two options. They can either make an order or use their code. Regardless, eventually, the CTA leads customers to one conclusion: to buy.

4. LegalZoom: Taking Social Proof to the Next Level


(Source: LegalZoom)

Another effective “get started” CTA you see is from LegalZoom, an online legal technology company.

The clean and simple white and blue design makes the CTA very distinguishable. It shows an excellent way of providing customers with a crystal clear guide in taking the desired action.

And here, like the previous example on Hotjar, LegalZoom's CTA relies heavily on the bandwagon effect. It focuses on using social proof to drive conversion, by highlighting the number of LLCs launched: over a million!

It also mentions familiar names like Forbes and The Wall Street Journal to develop trust within the prospect's mind.

Also, the way LegalZoom daringly shows its customer reviews creates not only credibility but also transparency. It erases any doubts about clicking the CTA. This is especially vital if you’re selling a service, especially in the legal sector.

That's what makes their action button one of the best CTAs: the reviews. Displaying reviews can raise conversions by 270%.

LegalZoom displays the power of using a single idea - social proof - to make a powerful CTA.

For that reason, consider combining different factors to support your CTA, but keep it to one idea whenever possible. If you do, that’s when you can reinforce the idea to hook your ideal buyers until they say, “Yes!”

5. Rev: Focus on The Benefits and Results


(Source: Rev)

Now, you might be wondering why the “get started” CTA button is so popular. Well, it just means that it’s working wonders. The next best CTA is by Rev, which is highly benefit-and-result driven.

First of all, placing the CTA and aligning everything else in the middle of the web page is perfect. It captures anyone’s attention immediately as they visit the page right where they should take action and without effort.

Achieving an effective CTA design goes beyond just using contrasting colors. It’s crucial to consider the surrounding texts and visuals, and where to position them to make a killer CTA!

So what makes Rev’s CTA very benefit-and-result oriented? It’s the way they emphasize how the process is “simple” because they have “millions of minutes” transcribing experience.

Since audio transcription is a very competitive business, Rev knows that they should quickly reveal what they’re selling. They have to point out what customers will get out of their service, so they keep information on the price, turnaround time, and accuracy of the service highly visible.

When price and results are highly competitive in your industry, declaring your results and benefits earlier on can be beneficial. It makes sure that you’re not wasting anyone’s time, including you. They know that prospects can either react to the CTA or walk away.

But when Rev places their customer reviews just below the CTA, it changes everything. The 4.6-star rating from over 5,000 customers can easily convince prospects to “get started”.

6. Gravity Transformation: “Your Dare Challenge Me?”


(Source: Gravity Transformation)

People love challenges. For most, it’s a way to prove to everyone that they can do a dare.

With over 2 million YouTube subscribers, you can’t miss Gravity Transformation’s CTA. The best CTAs always speak in their ideal customers’ language. Gravity Transformation has a great example of this by involving it as part of their fitness marketing strategy.

By using “challenge accepted” as the CTA, prospects will feel bad about themselves when they’re not up to the challenge. They might feel intimidated (in a good way) or inferior if they don’t click the CTA. Why? It’s because they think they’re not meeting their goal of gaining more muscle.

The bolded instruction to “click here” to gain muscle in 12 weeks is a helpful way to guide customers to do what you want them to do!

Aside from the unique CTA, they create a sense of urgency by using the “fast action” limited offer. Slashing the original price and adding a countdown timer are effective ways of urging customers to take immediate action.

7. Zoom: Yes or Yes Please!


(Source: Zoom)

Usually, you have a yes or no answer to every question. But with Zoom, there’s either a yes or yes please!

That variation is why Zoom has one of the best CTAs. But what’s so special about it?

Well, Zoom’s intention has never been to let customers buy their subscription right away. If you look at their CTAs, the one that they purposely made to stand out is the trial button that says “30-day free trial”.

When you give prospects such choices, you’re eliminating almost all of their potential objections. It’s very useful, especially when you’re dealing with new leads and cold audiences.

Not only that, the background video is perfect in pushing the audience to hit the CTA button. Videos help customers to visualize what it’s like to use their service. It’s a way of demonstrating what you’re selling in an eye-catching way without being boring.

8. Lemonade: Driving Action With Curiosity


(Source: Lemonade)

You can imagine what an insurance company is like - both formal and dull. But that’s not the case with Lemonade.

Their landing pages have the best CTAs, especially their home page. On this page, the glowing pink button is what stands out! It shows the best example of a laser-focused, attention-grabbing CTA with a simple yet distinct design.

But that’s not everything.

Lemonade drives curiosity as it tries to be different – from the brand to the information supporting the CTA. They want you to “forget everything” about the mainstream beliefs about insurance. And since they’re different, it makes you more interested in clicking that bright pink CTA button!

To make the CTA even more compelling, they cleverly boast about who mentioned their brand. They decorate their landing page with famous names such as The Economist, Forbes, and the Financial Times.

Now, if those companies trust them, it’s definitely worth taking action to peek at their prices!

9. Selling With Fear and Scarcity!



Some people may find the pages of to be rather cluttered as there’s quite a bit of information. But this company probably has the best CTAs ever seen.

To begin with, always uses a blue button to mark their CTAs. It gives customers an easy and user-friendly experience. Whenever they want to see more information, they simply look for the blue buttons.

Now, the “See availability” CTA looks very simple. So how does it prompt anyone to take action? You see, just like the previous examples, the answer lies within the aspects that support the CTA.

Yes, the star rating, the review score, and the number of people who review all matter. But that’s not everything. The thing that does most of the selling is the red text that raises the idea of scarcity. When you see “Only 4 rooms like this left on our site”, you’ll immediately want to take action. It’s especially the case when you’re looking at availability at your favorite hotel.

Not only that, if you’ve noticed, always tries to show you places you’ve missed in your search. This instills the fear of missing out. uses a great example of mixing scarcity and fear to develop a sense of urgency. By combining the three emotions, customers will compete to get their hands on their desired choice of accommodation!

If you’re in the travel industry, consider using these emotions to make the best CTAs for your business.

10. Pearl Abyss: The 3-Choice Sales Technique


(Source: Pearl Abyss)

If you’ve never heard of Pearl Abyss, it’s a video game development company that’s well-known for it’s Black Desert franchise.

Although you can see “BUY NOW” buttons almost everywhere, they're very useful as they're easy to understand and encourage spontaneous action.

Like the previous examples, the “limited time offer” is excellent in creating fear that motivates urgency. For people who play games, they fear that they’ll miss out if they don’t buy. They’ll feel very tempted to hit one of those CTA buttons!

But other than that, how is it considered one of the best CTAs on the list?

For this particular example, it may seem like they’re trying to sell the option on the right, but it’s not true.

It’s certainly clear that the blue CTA button on the right stands out above the rest. To some extent, they expect you to click that action button. But that’s actually not the case if you look properly at the offers that support the CTA.

Here’s why: They use a powerful sales technique that gives customers options to choose from. It’s a technique that involves three choices - weak, compelling, and outrageous. Their main goal is to sell the compelling option- the middle choice - through contrast pricing. They do this by contrasting the benefits.

In this case, by presenting the three choices, they intentionally make the worst option unappealing. In comparison, the best option is almost too similar to the middle one with a few little extras.

By doing that, they’re indirectly guiding their customers to pick the middle option - the best, compelling deal. Customers will feel good about clicking the CTA when they think they’ve gotten the best deal ever.

So, if you’re providing a service in your business, consider using this technique in your membership or subscription plans.

11. Shane Barker: “Yes, I'm Responsible for My Decision!”


(Source: Shane Barker)

Shane Barker shows a great example of the best CTAs that uses a first-person perspective to stimulate action. It’s about creating the impression that allows prospects to make a responsible decision.

With a CTA that says “Yes! I’m ready to change my life”, they involve the prospects in the decision making. It’s an effective psychological tactic that makes it seem like the customer is saying it out loud for themselves. Since most people do not believe in themselves, this kind of CTA helps in eliminating self-doubt.

This tactic can also make your prospects feel incredibly guilty and bothered for saying no! Just below the CTA, there’s an option to refuse Shane Barker’s free report. It says “No, I’d rather be basic," which implies that the prospect doesn’t want to meet their goals.

For most people, saying no brings guilt and shame. Why? Because with first-person CTAs, they give customers the perception that they’re responsible for their own actions. They’ll think at least twice before choosing no as an answer.

Plus, it’s fascinating when Shane Barker decides to use an emoji on their CTA button. It may seem funny or even childish to the audience. But it’s perfect in grabbing their full attention in a friendly and human way.

Even so, if you’re considering using emojis, make sure that it fits your niche and your target customer. In this case, emojis suit the CTA because they’re selling to people who want to be an Instagram influencer. Also, on social media, emojis are everywhere!

The supportive aspects of the CTA and the bullet points are excellent in telling people what to expect. It's also a great way to answer any questions the prospects may have before they take action.

Lastly, using positive images helps the audience to picture what it’s like to meet their goals. It helps them to see themselves as a successful influencer and encourages them to hit that CTA!

12. Spotify: Creating a Profound Impact


(Source: Spotify)

The next one on the best CTAs list is Spotify. The unique and super-high contrasting colors they choose for their design create a lasting impression.

The bright pink with black text go exceptionally well with each other. Despite the image that stands out, the black “view plans” CTA button grabs your attention.

For Spotify, they’re not expecting customers to go premium right away because customers can use the free features. That’s why they create a unique CTA to leave a memorable and deep impression on the prospects’ minds. This way, people will remember Spotify whenever they think about going premium for their music.

Like Netflix, it’s a very value-driven CTA, especially with the free 3-month trial. With so much value, the ideal customers can’t ignore the “view plans” CTA. And, certainly, it doesn’t hurt for them to check the plans before converting to monthly subscribers.

According to Statista, Spotify had generated 113 million subscribers by the end of 2019.

This example shows how you can utilize simple text and visuals to create the best CTAs that convert.

13. charity: water: Freedom Equals Willingness to Take Action


(Source: charity: water)

charity: water” has the best CTAs that eliminate all troubles and hesitations to donate. They give donors the freedom to decide how much they want to give.

Firstly, the blue buttons guide the audience to how they can do a charitable act. They do this by creating CTAs that represent useful options. These options lead to the “DONATE” button. They've also lowered the opacity of their background image. It makes the CTA and other relevant information that encourage action much more visible!

Not only that, the “Other amount” column is there for a reason. They strategically placed the empty column beside the highlighted $200 CTA button to make sure that it’s easily noticeable. And it asks contributors to donate other amounts when they’re not comfortable with selecting the blue $200 action button.

Also, when contributors see the “Other amount” option, it gives them the freedom to donate how much they choose. Since they can give however much they want, it encourages people to click the “DONATE” button.

Finally, the image and statement accompanying the CTA help inspire people to take action. They motivate people to create a positive change by helping other people with a lack of clean water access.

Consequently, it gives generous people an effortless, no-hard-feelings way to give!

14. HUEMOR: Prophesying Prospect’s Desires


(Source: HUEMOR)

Again, it’s always important to create CTAs with similar traits to guide your customers to take action. What makes HUEMOR's CTAs one of the best is the way they use “view our work” buttons. Since they’re a website design and development company, they showcase their results first before selling or asking for information.

They prompt the audience to click the CTA by answering the question, "What’s in it for me?” When they say they make “memorable websites that sell,” they’re addressing the prospect’s end-goal to drive more sales! It’s a potent yet straightforward way of speaking directly to the consumer.

And wouldn't you want to click the CTA to see how they build “websites that sell”? Even if you’re not a potential customer, the statement tempts most people to click the CTA. Huemor only needs to wait until you’re ready to make a profitable website.

They also stress the benefits when they mention improving key metrics. They also tap into their client’s inner desires to show off their “brand with pride”.

Now, you might wonder if they can also make an aesthetically pleasing website. But there’s no need for HUEMOR to answer the question when they’ve shown their creative skills on their site.

This example shows how crucial it is to know your ideal customers before making an irresistible CTA.

15. McLaren Automotive: Video as a Sidekick


(Source: Mclaren Automotive)

If you’re not a fan of cars, you might think that this doesn’t apply to your business. But it does.

McLaren has one of the best CTAs that arouses action through an excellent presentation of what they’re selling.

Firstly, like the previous example with Lemonade, McLaren uses a super-high contrasting color on their CTA. The dark background makes the bright orange “register interest” CTA button too impossible to ignore.

And just beside the CTA button, they purposefully place a “configure” CTA button that automatically makes it easily noticeable! It’s a way of directing people’s attention to check out Plan B when Plan A doesn’t work.

And what motivates most people to take action is how they use a video to support the CTA. If you’ve noticed, McLaren doesn’t use words or images to explain what to expect from clicking the CTA. They only introduce the name of the product and present it in a flashy way.

Demonstrating what you’re selling through a video is effective in pushing your target customer to take action. It’s entertaining, and it allows you to communicate the value of your product or service effectively. But that’s not all.

Do you notice how they mask the video to resemble the dark background? The video doesn't get much attention while the CTA is highly visible.

So consider using videos to complement the best CTAs you use. And if you’re using popup CTAs on your videos, lower the opacity or mask the video when they appear. This way, you're making sure that the action buttons always stand out.


You see, the best CTAs are usually very simple and easy to understand.

But the CTA itself cannot motivate action without the support of other information. The action button alone isn’t enticing enough for the audience. For that reason, there are many things to consider when creating the best CTAs that drive leads and conversions.

Using the right colors and strategically positioning your action buttons for your target audience is a must. But what’s crucial in crafting the best CTAs are the written texts and the visuals that you use.

It’s always the other information. To make a high-performing CTA, consider working with a direct-response copywriter. These experts specialize in crafting written information that compels an audience to take action. They can save your resources by optimizing and creating irresistible CTAs. This way, you’re making sure that no one leaves your page without clicking the action button first!

So, are you ready to make the best out of this year with a killer CTA? Book a call with one of our top professional copywriters today.

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