The REAL Reasons Why Your Sales Pages Are Not Converting

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Crafting compelling sales pages is a necessity for any business in today’s digital world where customers primarily come to you online. Although the objective of a sales page is self-evident, creating an effective one is tough. Often, business owners automatically assume that having a sales page up will lead to sales. And that mentality ends up costing them time and money lost from the lack of conversions.

So, what should you do if your online sales pages aren’t converting? Does this mean that you don’t have a marketable product or service? Well, that depends.

It’s possible that nothing is wrong with your product. Perhaps your product isn’t the cause of your low sales. Something is something amiss with the way you are going about selling it.

Today, there are millions of businesses and that means that competition is fiercer than ever. Because the internet provides consumers with infinite options, standing out — provided it is in a good way — is the only way to acquire customers.

Here are a few reasons why your sales pages aren’t converting and how you can approach fixing those issues.

Your Sales Pages Don’t Look Professional

It could be an overused template. It could be choosing to have your cousin who “does computers” make your website for you. Either way, the most common reason sales pages don’t convert is because they simply don’t look good. In other words, it might be time to hire a professional.

If you walked into an obviously unclean restaurant, you might choose to leave before trying the food. As you can imagine, the very same goes for your website.

If customers come across a mediocre landing page, the only reasonable assumption is that the product or service will be mediocre too. 

A bad webpage can be a result of poor formatting — it could be the obscure choices in color or layout or unintuitive navigation and high friction. So what can you do?

Invest in your website as if it was a storefront. Putting a great deal of thought into how you want to represent yourself, your business, and your products online will always be worthwhile.

Your Copy Isn’t Actionable

Sales pages are supposed to be convincing. Once the aesthetics are sorted out, if your words don’t function to compel the prospect, then you haven’t succeeded. A good looking website will keep the prospect from immediately bouncing, but what you say is what will make them inclined to buy.

Consider the words on your sales page. Why did you choose those words? Why did you put them in that order? If you don’t know, then it may be time to start rewriting.

Although the founder of a business usually knows what they are trying to say, choosing how to go about writing this message can be a beast of its own. The most effective way to make sure the content side of your sales pages is up to par is hiring a copywriter.

Copywriters can have incredible utility in helping business owners express even the most complex sentiments and ideas in simple ways that are digestible by consumers.

Your Credibility Doesn’t Shine Through On Your Sales Pages

If what you are selling will cost your customers a lot of money, they need to know that you are credible. The words of other people who have done business with you can help you achieve just that.

For this reason, including testimonials in your sales pages can be one of the most powerful ways to increase your conversions. A prospect who is made aware of other people’s satisfaction with your product will be more likely to believe that they will be satisfied as well.

Similarly, if your business involves providing some kind of solution, including metrics that indicate the solution’s effectiveness is another way of encouraging conversions. Regardless of who the client is, giving them a reason to believe whatever claims your company makes — especially if those claims are statistically verifiable — will always be the most compelling method of converting prospects.


Though not being able to make a sale could come from your product or service not being useful enough, it can also come from your sales pages not being compelling. Whether it is because your website is unprofessional or your credibility is questionable, these mistakes can cost you a lot of sales that you could otherwise make.

Fortunately, you can solve these problems by hiring a professional copywriter. So what are you waiting for? Hire a professional copywriter today.

Stephen Zhao

Stephen Zhao is a copywriter, an editor, and is part of the team. He has a background in sales and marketing.

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