Times It’s Worth Investing in Professional Development as a Copywriter

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Outside of formal education, it can sometimes be easy to forget how important it is to invest in your skills and professional development over the long term. Despite this, going to industry conferences, reading copywriting books, and attending workshops and classes are critical to your marketability as an updated and relevant copywriter. Below are some examples of times when it’s worth investing in your own professional development as a copywriter.

When You First Get Started

It might seem obvious to seek training at the start of your copywriting career, but many writers do not try to find relevant copywriting-specific training when they make the jump from a content writer or a student to be a copywriter. However, this is a big mistake. You can avoid a lot of common problems and create the best content possible by simply finding appropriate training.

When You Want to Tackle a New Project Type

If you normally write blog posts and a client asks you to write a whitepaper, invest some time in learning about how to write a successful whitepaper. This might include attending a free webinar or looking at blogs written by other writers who happen to specialize in white papers. This can help ensure that your whitepaper is formatted correctly and meets client expectations.

When You Get Consistent Feedback or Revision Requests

If you get consistent feedback from different clients about your writing or revision requests that require similar changes, plan on undergoing some professional development training on the subject to ensure that you understand what you’re doing. For instance, if several editors comment that your work isn’t in the correct AP style, it’s worth revisiting the AP style guide. Perhaps you didn’t correctly understand an aspect of the style, forgot something, or the guide changed.

It is possible that one editor has a different understanding than you of something or is wrong. However, if multiple editors make the same comment about your writing across different projects, it is important that you figure out what needs to be changed so that you don’t keep receiving the same negative feedback.

After Long Breaks

If you needed to take a hiatus from work, be it for illness, family emergency, or maternity leave, it makes sense to invest in your own professional development to help get back into the right mindset. It’s understandable to feel out of practice with writing after an extended break. A class or a workshop might be just what you need to get back into the swing of things.


Participating in professional development training is important for all professions, including freelance copywriting. It can help you hone key writing skills and improve how well your writing projects perform. You can sign up for professional development training or buy a writing book any time you want to refine your craft.

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