Top 10 Tips for Creating an Effective Landing Page

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What are the best ways for creating an effective landing page that converts traffic into sales? The design of this page is important, but a lot more is involved than that. It’s like a well-decorated dish - the decoration alone is not enough for you to call it delicious. The taste matters too.

A landing page is different from your website pages. Most people get landing pages confused with the homepage. So you might be wondering, what’s the difference? Well, the purpose of a landing page is to convert traffic into leads or sales in a highly focused way. The best landing page drives traffic only one way: either to the contact submission page or order page. On the other hand, the website showcases the brand or company. It tends to be more informative.

Normally, we use Google ads, Facebook ads, emails, blog posts, and more to drive traffic to the landing page so we can convert visitors into leads or sales. This is a common marketing strategy. If you’re not a big fan of paid ads, you can learn SEO to rank your landing page on Google’s first page to get organic traffic.

Creating an Effective Landing Page

According to Liraz Margalit PhD, the more options we have, the less likely we are to make a decision at all. Therefore, a landing page works to limit the visitors’ option to either click the call-to-action button or close the page.

Now, how are we going to create an effective landing page so there are more visitors who choose to click the call-to-action button? Here are 10 tips to making a landing page that will get you high conversion rates.

1. A Killer Headline

Even if you got a compelling headline to draw traffic to your landing page, it doesn’t mean your landing page doesn’t need one.

Top marketer Karen Smith said, "In the ads, the most important element is the headline. The purpose of the headline is to persuade readers to continue reading the remaining ad copy - ideally, buy the product.”

You can have the best copy in the world, but without a powerful headline, no one is going to read it. You need a killer headline when creating an effective landing page. So how do you write a killer headline?

First, the headline should grab the reader’s attention. It can be done by creating curiosity. After that, you have to tell the readers what’s in it for them. What benefits do they get by reading your landing page?

If writing a killer headline sounds hard for you, just remember this rule: You’ll never go wrong by asking a question plus providing a benefit. For example: How to get more customers without working harder.

2. A Compelling Subheadline

While the long headline might turn visitors away, the subheadline works to provide more information that the headline can't. A subheadline gives readers more reasons to continue reading. Its main focus is to get them to read the first sentence of your landing page copy.

Let’s look at an example here which is from a sales letter written by the great copywriter Gary Halbert in 1974:

Headline: How YOU Can Turn Box-Tops Into Gold!

Subheadline: My husband laughed when I told him we could rake in over $500 a year with my “crazy” idea. “Too simple,” he said. But today we both laughed all the way to the bank.

The subheadline provides more information that the headline doesn't. It tells us that the idea is unbelievable but it works. So it makes the readers wonder, “What’s the idea?” With this kind of curiosity, they can’t help but go on to read the first sentence.

3. Make It Smooth Like Butter

This is one of the most important tips for creating an effective landing page. According to Nielsen Norman Group’s research, users will read about 20% of the text on the average page. So you can expect readers will do a lot of scanning. Readers might lose their patience if your landing page copy is chunky.

The easiest way to make your copy smooth is by using transitions. The most common transitions you can use are:

  • You see

  • And

  • So here’s the thing

  • Why? The answer is simple.

  • So why am I telling you this?

  • Here’s why this is important.

  • Now you may be thinking

  • Stay with me.

  • So

  • Anyway

4. Be Conversational and Engaging

Your landing page copy should sound like you’re talking to the audience instead of reporting something. When they feel like you are talking to them, this helps to close the distance between you and them. When creating an effective landing page copy, use more "you" and "yours" and ask questions to engage with readers.

Let’s look at this example:

This training method focuses on helping people to lose weight by burning stubborn fats.


This training method focuses on helping you to lose weight. How? It burns your stubborn fats.

Which one sounds more personal to you?

5. Use Pictures

Pictures speak a thousand words. It’s always a good idea to include some visual content when creating an effective landing page. It can create an emotion that you want the readers to feel, such as joy or frustration.

But keep in mind, your pictures should be of high quality. Imagine watching a movie with 240p resolution so you can’t even see the actor’s face clearly. Would you still watch it? Not likely. More than that, the pictures should be relevant to your products or services. It doesn’t make sense to put a cat picture when you’re selling a marketing service although it’s cute and attention-grabbing.

However, avoid putting too many pictures or it will distract the readers from reading your copy. The pictures only serve to create the mood and drive them to read the first sentence. Don’t overdo it.

Where can you find pictures if you don’t have photographers? You can look for them on sites like Shutterstock, Unsplash, and Pexels.

6. Dig into the Pain

Based on research at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, a human’s brain is wired to seek pleasure or avoid pain. So if your products or services can fulfill either one of them, people will buy.

Try to do more research on what problems your audience is facing and include them in your landing page copy. When the readers feel that you understand them, they assume you have the solution. More than that, you have reminded them of their pain and therefore they will subconsciously seek relief. As a result, they will be more likely to buy.

So for example, if you sell chiropractic treatment, instead of saying it keeps them healthy, say it relieves the back pain. And go on describing the pain the readers are going through. Maybe they cannot sleep well and it affects their work performance.

7. Create Hope

Another great tip for creating an effective landing page is to create hope. Paint a picture for what’s possible. Some people might be aware of their pain and problems, but they might not be aware of the solutions. For example, businesses that advertise in the newspaper might think high marketing expenses with little return is very normal. But they may not know that digital marketing can help them to boost the conversion rate significantly by spending a lot less.

So you want to describe what their lives would be like by having your products or services. Let’s say you are selling a weight loss program. You’re not just selling weight loss. You’re selling confidence, pride, and joy. The readers are buying a better version of themselves.

8. Risk-Free Guarantee

People are getting more skeptical nowadays. Even if your copy is very persuasive and your product or service is a breakthrough, there’s something holding them back. They are afraid of making the wrong decision. So what can you do about it?

Offer a risk-free guarantee. This is an important component in creating an effective landing page. Take the risk from the buyers. This way they will be more likely to buy because they have nothing to lose. More than that, they trust you because you stand behind your product and service.

Here are some examples of guarantees you can use:

  • 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

  • Use it for 30 days and lose 21 lbs or your money back

Now, here’s one thing you have to take note of. There are some bad apples who offer a guarantee but don't fulfill it. They lie. So people might still be skeptical although you have offered a risk-free guarantee. So how can you lessen the risk? You need to build up your credibility.

9. Build Up Your Credibility

Trust is the currency of business. Establishing credibility can be the key element for creating an effective landing page. How do you build credibility? You can use customer testimonials to support your product or service. It can be in text, audio, or video formats. Video testimonials are the most powerful because they're not easy to fake. Therefore, they're more trustworthy.

Readers might not believe what you say, but they believe what others say about you. Therefore, try to get testimonials, ideally in video format, whenever possible. Now, you might be thinking, how many testimonials should you collect and publish?

As many as possible. You want to have enough credible testimonials that people can’t say you’re faking them. If you publish one or two video testimonials, they can say you’re hiring some actors. But what if you publish ten or a hundred of them?

10. A Clear Call-To-Action (CTA)

The CTA is the most important element of all in creating an effective landing page. You have to tell the readers what to do next. This is what converts the readers into customers or becoming one of your subscribers.

You don’t want readers to look for where the CTA button is. Make it clear and big enough for them to notice.

Here are examples of CTAs:

  • If you want to get more customers without spending more, click the button below to book a call with our consultant.

  • Unlock Your True Power Now

  • Get a Free eBook Now


To conclude, the top 10 tips for creating an effective landing page are:

  1. Write a killer headline

  2. Write a compelling subheadline

  3. Make it smooth like butter

  4. Be conversational and engaging

  5. Use pictures

  6. Dig into the pain

  7. Create hope

  8. Have a risk-free guarantee

  9. Build credibility

  10. Have a clear call-to-action

Take these 10 tips and implement them on your landing page. You'll be well on your way to seeing a good conversion rate. Creating an effective landing page might take some work, but the result is definitely worth it. But if you don’t have time to create one, you can hire a professional copywriter to handle it for you.

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