5 Traits of Good Website Copy

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Compelling website copy is a must in today's digital era. Your online business will secure higher quality leads and more sales with the right written content on your website. Great website copy can convince a potential customer to buy your product or service. Why? Because if they like what they read, it persuades them to take action. However, if your website copy is full of grammar or spelling mistakes, or wasn’t written by a professional copywriter, it could negatively affect sales and revenue.

Not all website copy is created equal. In this article, we’ll cover the ins and outs of copywriting, what quality is website copy is and looks like, and why hiring a quality web copywriter can increase the bottom line.

Copywriting Defined

First off, let’s talk about what copywriting actually is, and more importantly, isn’t. Copywriting is persuasion in writing. It’s sales in print. Wikipedia defines it as “the act of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing.” The text is “copy,” and the words make the reader feel a certain emotion, and then take action.

In action, effective website copy can create thought leadership, brand awareness, and convert customers. It is not uncommon for a company to hire a copywriter to write website copy and generate hundreds of thousands in revenue. For big advertisers, a sentence or two can make or break a campaign.

On that note, typically a copywriter is working with a few lines of copy to really pack a punch. Their words are concise, actionable, evoking, and purposeful. Website copy is not navigational, functional, boring, wordy, or terribly long.

So what makes for awesome copywriting? Keep reading to learn more about what separates good website copy from great.

What to Look For: The 5 Traits of Good Website Copy

In your hunt for great website copy, here are five traits to look for when you are crafting words or judging work in front of you:

1. It is well-written. First and foremost, great website copy needs to hold an excellent command of the English language. Correct grammar, good sentence structure, great transition words, correct usage of a company’s voice, and correct spelling. It’s easier to spot a professional from a newbie or just a bad writer.

2. It follows order. While there are many ways to organize stories, great web copy considers the audience. Order is important. Failure to organize properly leaves readers confused and disengaged.

3. It leads like a boss. The lead is everything. If your website copy does not draw readers in from the get-go with a great hook, then why would they continue reading?

4. It’s fresh. We’re talking about original here. Nothing is worse than reading an article and your eyes start to glaze over. Copy should be original and have personality to stand out.

5. It drives action. Ultimately, copywriting is “selling in print.” If the website copy isn’t driving users to click, download, or buy something, then the copy is defective and misses its intended purpose.

When it comes to copy, getting personal and thinking of the reader really makes a difference. Don’t forget to look for great visuals, short paragraphs for easy reading, and SEO optimization. Just these three principles make a huge difference in website copy.

What Quality Web Copy Actually Looks Like:

The camping brand Affirm says “Say yes to hitting the trail." It's catchy and creates a visual of going on an exciting hike.

Patagonia’s web copy has a tagline that says, “Shell, Yeah!” Not only is this witty, but it describes the product clearly right after that tagline. The product copy that follows that tagline states, “100% performance, Fair Trade Certified, sewn and built with recycled materials." These are both great examples of great copy.

Hiring a Quality Website Copywriter

Since website copy has the potential to make a huge impact, copywriting services are an investment. The amount of cost depends largely on your budget and needs. When making a decision on web copywriting services, consider your marketing strategy and growth goals. Don't skimp on quality just to save money. The results can be disastrous or just a waste of time and resources.

There are sites like Fiverr, UpWork, and local job bulletins that advertise cheap writing. Beware of these. While enticing, put money aside to pay for a quality web copywriter, on a site dedicated to delivering top copywriters only. We guarantee you won't regret it.

Are you ready to hone up your copywriting skills? Here are seven copywriting exercises you can do to become a web copywriting whiz. Or, would you rather just hire a professional? Hire one of our top copywriters today.

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