How To Tweak Your Company Slogans And Start Intriguing More Customers

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I want you to think of some successful businesses, and the company slogans of those businesses. Are they catchy? Emotional? Clever? Funny? Memorable? Oftentimes, adults can recollect company slogans they heard on TV commercials as a child, because they were that memorable. 

It goes without saying that company slogans are powerful tools when it comes to intriguing potential customers. A great company slogan can draw a customer in, even if they weren’t originally thinking they needed or wanted your product.

Company slogans can also leave a long-lasting impact on your prospects. Since the slogan is often the first thing the prospect sees, it can make or break their impression of your company. When company slogans are weak or confusing, potential customers won’t waste a beat before quickly take their business to your competitors.

With only one shot to leave an impression on a target audience, it is vital that companies optimize their company slogans. However, writing an effective tagline is not as simple as it appears. The following tips will help you tweak your slogan and intrigue your customers.

Company Slogans Should Be Tweaked So That the Message is Clear

When looking at some of the highest-grossing businesses, you see some very simple company slogans that may not have the most clear message, but that shouldn’t make you think it’s okay if your slogan is vague. Think of Nike’s slogan, “Just do it” or Apple's, "Think different" or McDonald's "I'm lovin' it". These slogans are easy to remember, but are meaningless without their association with these billion-dollar brands. To differentiate themselves, smaller businesses must avoid using vague slogans where the message is unclear.

When a company isn’t world-famous or super well-known, a slogan such as Nike's "Just do it" tells consumers nothing about what you're selling. Instead, you will need a slogan that describes your business. To generate ideas, write down a general description of your business and shorten that statement to one sentence. This may not seem as eloquent as a three-word tagline, but it will help viewers understand the services you're offering in concise, slogan-format.

Illustrate that Your Product is Better Than Competitors

Company slogans are a chance to engage viewers - to show them why they should choose your product or service over one of your competitors. A slogan might not always answer prospect’s questions before they're asked, but it should, at the very least, draw your customers in. If viewers see nothing that stands out, they will quickly move on to more attractive options.

Geico's company slogan is highly successful in drawing viewers to their products. The statement "15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance" may seem long, but it’s short enough to be considered a slogan. It also shows viewers that the company will help save them money quickly and easily. Although competitors such as Allstate and State Farm have shorter, catchier company slogans, the information relayed by Geico's makes it more appealing to potential consumers.

Don't be afraid of starting with a lengthier slogan. As long as it’s uncomplicated, easy to read and relays attractive information about your company, it will intrigue your target audience.

Shorten Your Company Slogan, Then Shorten it Again

As your brand develops a larger following, the purpose of your business will become more well-known. This is when you can refine your slogan, throwing out statements that may be redundant to long-term consumers. Since everyone already knows that Nike sells athletic shoes and athletic wear, they’re allowed to have a tagline like “Just do it”. 

As your success grows, the content of your company slogan can become less descriptive and more aspirational, mimicking the famous company slogans of companies on the S&P 500 such as Nike and Apple.

A great strategy when trying to shorten your company slogan to make it more clear and more memorable, is to shorten it, and then shorten it again. Keep refining the message, and test it out using A/B testing.

Hire a Copywriter to Write Your Company Slogan

Although company slogans themselves are short and simple, the process to create one can be very time-consuming. 

Ironically, the shorter the slogan, the more difficult it is to come up with. Considering all the hats you need to wear in order to run your business, the slogan-writer is someone you should consider outsourcing. Looking for a copywriter to optimize your slogan will not only save you time, but will likely yield a better result.

Composing company slogans that are both professional and intriguing can be difficult for someone without sales writing experience. Copywriters, however, know how to draw in consumers with their persuasive writing skills. Hiring an experienced copywriter may be an investment, but their work often yields higher visibility for your brand in a short amount of time, or with just a few tweaks of a company slogan.

Find a Quality Copywriter

With so many copywriters available online, finding a quality writer can seem challenging. Reviewing the thousands of writers available is nearly impossible, and turning to online platforms is often the best way to find a copywriter quickly. However, many of the more popular freelance work websites don't screen their writers, making hiring an inexperienced writer a risk.

Instead, using specified copywriter networks such as is your best option in finding a copywriter to design your company slogan. performs an intensive vetting process when hiring its writers, assuring the work you receive will be high-quality. In using sites like this, you are getting rid of the uncertainty that comes with hiring freelance writers.


Although mimicking the simple, vague slogans of high-grossing companies may be tempting, it is not the best route for a growing business. Instead, hiring a copywriter to create a clear and compelling company slogan will best attract prospects. Hire a high-quality copywriter to serve your needs today.

Steven Li

Steven Li is the founder of The Rising, a publication that covers how changes in the environment impact business, politics, and technology. He is also a contributing writer at Entrepreneur Magazine and Forbes.

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