Video Creation and Copywriting: The Perfect Content Marriage

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Remember when everyone was worried about video marketing taking opportunities away from writers? While it sadly did occur for hundreds of journalists, especially due to Facebook’s push to video, businesses are beginning to realize their mistake. Why? Because video creation and copywriting are the perfect pair.

The two go hand-in-hand. A match made in heaven. Quite frankly, you can’t have one without the other.

Writers need stunning visuals to bring their stories to life. Video editors need a captivating script to help transmit their message to an audience.

Why Does Video Creation Need Copywriting?

Have you ever seen those fascinating Buzzfeed videos? The ones with no voiceover, but rather animated copy telling the story right on your screen? Who do you think writes that copy? A copywriter.

While videographers and video editors may have an overall vision for a story, they rely on copywriters to communicate that message through a video script that entices and retains a viewer’s attention.

Video can communicate a message without a script or onscreen copy. However, that message resonates tenfold when you add the extra layer of copy or voiceover.

Copywriters work to succinctly distribute a message while video editors work to convey the feeling and emotion behind the message onscreen. If you're curious how a copywriter can help you with video creation, click here.

Why Do Copywriters Need Video?

Although all copywriters would like to think their written stories are enough to satisfy an audience, they aren’t. Everyone has different learning styles and entertainment preferences. Haven’t you heard of the people who would rather watch a movie than read the book?

For instance, I’m not an auditory learner. If you gave me spoken directions on how to bake a cake, I would forget them almost instantly. However, if you showed me a video of how to bake a cake or gave me the recipe to read (preferably accompanied by a picture), I could complete the task, no problem!

Video production brings our stories and copy to a whole new level. The captivating visuals draw in users while our words retain their attention. As a result, video creation and copywriting are yet again the perfect content marriage.

Still not convinced? Perhaps you will be after hearing Cisco projects that more than 80 percent of all internet traffic will be video by 2021. Get a head start and combine your copywriting efforts with video creation for the ultimate content marketing strategy.

Video + Copy = Accessible Content

With the abundance of online marketing technology on the market, businesses have no excuse for not engaging in accessible content practices. Combining video creation and copywriting efforts also assists in delivering content to audiences everywhere, including those with visual and hearing impairments.

For instance, closed captioning on videos allows those who have difficulty hearing to consume video content without missing the main message. In fact, did you know that more than 28 million Americans are either deaf or hard of hearing? Eliminating captions from your video content means you could be missing a large chunk of your audience.

And, Facebook has reported that 85 percent of videos are watched without sound, anyway!

Plus, does your entire target market speak the same language? Probably not. Translating your videos into different languages will require the assistance of a professional translator and copywriter. By doing so, you are opening up your video content to reach more and more people around the world.


Thinking of adding video creation to your copywriting efforts or vice versa? Do it! Combine video creation and copywriting for an unbeatable marketing strategy.

Online marketing advancements continue to embrace video content and new technology will still rely on copywriters to create scripts, stories, and written content. There’s ample room for both mediums in this ever-evolving content marketing world!

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