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Website copywriters can work wonders on your website copy, and improve your website bounce rate. Your website bounce rate is a significant number that indicates how quickly a visitor leaves your site. A high bounce rate is bad for business, as it implies that your website visitors are immediately leaving your site, after only viewing one web page.

Your bounce rate is an important indicator of your first impression. A website with a high bounce rate clearly isn't making a good first impression, and probably isn't making sales. Lowering your website bounce rate is the goal, and the first step towards improving it.

Take a look at these industry average bounce rate statistics published by digishuffle to find out more about what it means to have a high bounce rate.

How a High Bounce Rate Hurts Your Website's SEO

If your website bounce rate is high, it means that your visitors are not being captivated or compelled by your website copy. This indicates to Google that they should rank your site lower, and your SEO is therefore being effected by your bounce rate.

Nowadays, almost everyone is buying products or services online. That being said, failing to improve your website bounce rate leads to two big problems for your business :

  1. You Are Dropping Long-Term, Free Organic Traffic. Your website has already given search engines a negative impression. A high bounce rate indicates to search engines that the content on your website is not good enough to keep the visitor browsing. So, search engines like Google start ranking your website lower. This of course reduces your visibility on search engines, and reduces your traffic.

    If you don't fix your website's content quality as soon as possible, search engines will continue to lower your search ranking. In other words, you are passing your traffic to your competitors.

  2. You Haven't Generated Leads No matter how much money you spend on ads to drive traffic to your website, it cannot convert to leads if you still have that poor-quality content up on your website.

    If you continue to drive traffic to your website without ensuring the copy will entice the visitors, you are wasting your marketing budget.

Professional website copywriters can make your website so enticing, that even paid traffic will stay there and convert to real customers. Website copywriters can do the following things for you:

A) Save your website from a high bounce rate

B) Bring in high-quality leads for your sales team

C) Safeguard your long-term, free organic traffic

Let's discuss some more details on how hiring website copywriters can improve your website and your sales.

Website Copywriters Conduct Keyword Research

Professional website copywriters will first use keyword research and analysis tools to understand the SEO competition your website is facing.

They will select the keywords your website should be dominating to improve traffic and sales. Website copywriters select these keywords based on:

  • Search Volume: To ensure there are already users searching for this information. It prevents you from wasting time on creating content that no one is searching for.

  • SEO Difficulty: To understand current competition on different targeted keywords and the difficulty of ranking on page one of the search results. You don't always want to try to rank for a super competitive keyword that may potentially take years to rank for.

In some cases, If the targeted keyword is too competitive, website copywriters will pick the long-tail keywords for you.

It is because ranking long-tail keywords can lower the difficulties to rank on search results, and you can still get some free organic traffic.

After they conduct strategic keyword research, website copywriters will optimize your existing content based on the research data. They'll start using the keywords you want to rank for.

By re-writing the website copy or optimizing it with strategic keywords, website copywriters ensure those web pages are SEO-optimized and have a high chance to rank well on Google.

Website Copywriters Conduct Company Research

By knowing your company, website copywriters can create more engaging content to impress your incoming potential customers and keep them reading on your website. After conducting company research and doing competitor analysis, they create engaging content that grabs your prospects' attention. This engaging content will improve your website bounce rate. There are three other things that company research helps website copywriters achieve:

A) Knowing Your Company: Top website copywriters not only do keyword research and know your product and offer - they also want to learn about the mission and story behind your business.

Online marketing pioneer Bryan Eisenberg famously said, “Effective content marketing is about mastering the art of storytelling. Facts tell, but stories sell.” "Facts tell, but stories sell" is something I always remember as a top copywriter.

Are there lots of other companies offering similar products or services to yours? If so, it's your story that will make you stand out. By uniquely telling your company story, and tying it back to your product or service, you're making people remember your brand. Especially if the story evokes emotion. They'll remember a certain emotion, and then remember your brand.

B) Knowing Your Competitors: Sometimes you have to admit that your competitors are doing better than you are. Website copywriters will research that to find out what they are doing better than you, especially when it comes to SEO and social media.

C) Knowing Your Customer: By understanding your customer's behavior and pain points in your niche, website copywriters can know their language usage preference.

Whether you are planning to sell new products or write another ad or article, your marketing message can resonate more easily with the reader.

Through this comprehensive research, it increases the chance of your website conversion, like opting-in an email subscriber or getting a purchase on landing pages.

Your sales team will also get more quality inbound leads from your website visitors.

Focus On Optimizing The Page You Want To Rank For

Website structure is an essential aspect for SEO, and it also gives clarity to the visitors on where to find the information they need on your website.

The pillar page will likely be a significant page that contains the most comprehensive overview of what you are well-known for in your niche.

Website copywriters will make sure the pillar page gets the most SEO juice (ranking score) by creating a supplementary article and link back to the pillar page. Sometimes this is referred to as a pillar post, if it's a pillar blog post.

Website Copywriters Provide SEO Insight

There are hundreds of technical aspects that you can do with website technicians.

Top website copywriters not only write content for you, but often also acquire crucial technical website knowledge as well, to help you succeed in the online business world.

In recent years, Google takes the following types of SEO aspects very seriously, and they directly affect your website SEO score:

  • User Experience: Is your website user-friendly? Can the user view your website clearly from their mobile phone or tablet? Is "Breadcrumb" available for the ease of user navigation? Are there any broken links on your website?

  • Web Site Speed: Is your web site theme using too many external CSS source that prevents a user from viewing your web site fast? How slow is your website? Did you know that you can check your web site speed and user experience score from Google's perspective?


Professional website copywriters not only can save your high website bounce rate, but also make your sales team's job easier.

They optimize your website content so that it becomes a 24/7 lead generator for your business. Hiring a website copywriter can dramatically improve sales from your website, making the cost of the copywriter worth every dollar.

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