What Every Business Owner Should Know About Chatbots

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Chatbots are causing significant pattern disruptions in the marketplace. When it comes to chatbots it's a blue ocean full of opportunity, and it’s exciting! Currently, many business owners are changing direction and adding 'improve automated chat with customers' to their priorities list.

When it comes to chatbots, I know there are many different kinds of bots your business can use, and various tools such as ManyChat. Today, I want to mainly discuss Facebook Messenger bots. Facebook Messenger has 1.3 billion active users on its platform. That means, there’s never a lack of people engaging on Facebook Messenger.

Now, while email has been around for decades, chatbots have only been on Facebook Since 2016! Chatbots are currently in the booming stages of development, kind of like how email was in the late ’90s.

Now, I have a question for you: Have you ever had a potential customer leave due to slow customer service? Well, unfortunately, it happens a lot and it’s preventable.

How is it preventable? Well, this stat might surprise you: Customers often wait around for approximately 7 minutes before talking to any customer service representative. This can be disastrous for any business wanting to bring in new customers.

Now, imagine your competition takes advantage of these customer service flaws. They have a chatbot that replies within seconds. This chatbot automation makes your competitors gain a strong advantage over you.

That instant feedback from chatbots can make all the difference. This can cause someone to do business with your competitor instead of you.

In this article, I’m going to reveal exactly why chatbots are so powerful. I’m also going to reveal how to use chatbots in your business to gain a better reputation in the marketplace, and increase your sales.

What Exactly Are Chatbots?

I want you to picture your brand’s personalized, helpful little robot. 

This robot is super engaging, knows your product inside and out, and your customers love talking to it. Your robot can engage through instant messaging with your customers, providing helpful responses.  You can also program it to have conversations through text, sound, images, and many other fun ways.

Sounds cool, right?

In other words, customers can engage with you by messaging your brand inside Facebook Messenger. And the customers who interact with your chatbots become loyal and engaged subscribers!

Also, according to SEO and marketing expert Neil Patel:

“Facebook Messenger bots are one of the most powerful new methods in digital marketing.”

Want to know the best part? Chatbots are almost all automated.

This means you can have many customer interactions without manually typing a response to every person! Not only that, they’re cost-effective, so you can access them anytime, and they handle thousands of requests.

The potential of chatbots, however, goes much deeper than that. You can learn your customer’s behavior with analytics. By “Tagging” every customer interaction with your chatbots, you can understand their buying behavior a lot better!

Chatbots are also one of the most critical “touchpoints” for your business! Now, what do I mean by “touchpoint”? Touchpoints are different ways your customers can get in touch with your brand.

Here are some touchpoint examples:

  • Chatbots

  • Email Marketing

  • Social Media

  • Text Messaging

  • Phone Calls

  • Your Website

  • And many more…

As you can see, if you’re missing a touchpoint, it means less money for you and your business.

Chatbot Open And Click-Through Stats

Let’s face it, tons of emails can be spam.

Your customers could be getting emails from lots of unknown businesses. Businesses they’ve never opted into! But with chatbots, your customers have chosen to opt-in. That means customers are much more likely to engage with what you have to say.

There’s more. Do you know why chatbots are exploding in popularity right now? It’s because chatbots have OPEN and CLICK rates that are absolutely insane.

Remember when I said chatbots were in the booming stages like email was in the late ’90s? Well, that’s because chatbots are averaging 80% Open rates, and 20% Click rates! Crazy right? Some businesses are averaging much higher open and click-through rates than that!

You’re probably wondering about the current email open and click rates right?

Well, according to Campaign Monitor’s Website, the average email open rates are 15-25%, and the average click rates are 2.5%. That means that chatbots have an open rate that is 4X LARGER, and a click rate that is 8X MORE than your typical email blast! How’s that for results?

Here’s a tip: For the best engagement always use conversational language when speaking to your customers. Adding conversational language will lead to better engagement and more sales!

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How Do My Customers Connect With Chatbots?

So let’s say you’re ready to expand heavily into chatbots. How do you do it?

There are several ways you can connect customers with chatbots in your business. You can connect by using:

  • Chatbot Landing Pages  - Perfect if you don’t have a website. 

  • Messenger Ref URLs  - Uses a clickable URL code that opens your chatbot.

  • Facebook Ads JSON  - Starts Messenger conversations with users who “click” on your FB ad.

  • Facebook Comments Triggers - Triggers a messenger conversation on a FB post when users comment on it.

  • QR Codes - Many applications, useful on fliers, and posters. Plus, you can add QR codes anywhere someone can “scan” your code in the real world.

  • Customer Chat Widgets - Embedded code on your website. Customers click on this chat button to interact with your bot directly.

  • Checkboxes - Used with custom events on your website, when the box is “checked” it subscribes visitors to your chatbot.

I want you to imagine expanding your business using chatbots. How would you do it?

Will you think of different locations to put your brand’s QR codes? Or maybe you have a strategy to engage with Facebook users, by making them comment on your posts.

Think of different ways you can get creative with chatbots. The options are endless, which is why this feature is so great for your business.


Chatbots are one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal. Not only do they have a high engagement rate, but they are cost-effective and pretty easy to set up.

Make sure you use chatbots to improve your customer service process. Keep in mind you can automate questions that pop up a lot, so try to think of ways to automate your FAQ. Get creative, and explore different ways you can use chatbots in your business.

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