What Is Google My Business and How Do You Maximize It?

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When you hear about Google My Business (GMB), what comes to mind? I think about movie trailers for businesses. I’ll explain why in a minute.

If you’re not using this platform for your business or your clients, you should consider implementing it into your SEO strategies. Especially as a digital marketing agency owner, you’ll optimize your local ranking on Google.

GMB is a listing shown on Google when people search for businesses. You’ve probably seen this before. When you search for a specific restaurant near you on Google, you’ll see local results appear. You’ll be able to see the business’s information, such as their location on Maps and how many locations there are. If there aren’t any nearby locations, Google will suggest similar businesses that are local to you.

So how does Google My Business relate to movie trailers?

The other day I was trying to find a sushi restaurant near me for lunch. When I searched on Google, relevant listings showed up. Each listing included information I needed to know before I decided where to go. Some factors I had in mind were:

  • What time are they open until?

  • What does the interior look like?

  • Is there going to be free WiFi?

  • What’s on their menu?

  • What are other customers saying about this place?

GMB answered my curiosity and gave me a preview of what to expect. Business listings included their contact information, business hours, pictures and videos, and customer reviews.

Just like with movie trailers, I get to read about the business and see the ratings before I make a decision. I also get to see what their peak hours are so I can plan accordingly and avoid being in a packed environment. I can even reserve a seat online if I want to do that ahead of time.

You can see why Google My Business is helpful to people who are searching for your business. And if you’re on the fence about setting up or if you want to improve your listing, read on to find out more about the benefits of it:

The More They Know, the More Will Go

If you’re looking for the best results from your Google My Business listing, you’ve got to make sure you give out as much information as possible. People want to know what their experience will be like and what to expect. Wouldn’t you?

If you leave out essential details about your business, it won’t make a person’s life any easier. Imagine they make the drive out to you, only to find that you’re not open or you moved?

It’s necessary to keep updating your listing when there are changes because new customers are checking that. Don’t risk frustrating a customer because they can complain through your Google reviews. Statistics show that 82% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses, so you should do your best not to disappoint.

Maximize your efforts and improve your listing by providing the following information:

  • Accurate contact details (make sure you verify your location too)

  • Compelling description about your company

  • Categories your industry applies to

  • Opening and closing times, including holidays and events

  • Relevant links such as your website and social media platforms

  • Responses to customer reviews to show you value their feedback

  • Appealing photos and videos to show your products or services

  • Posts you’d like to share with your customers like news, highlights, and offers

When you tell people more about your business, it will eliminate a lot of skepticism, don’t you think? People will have an idea about how you do business so they’ll feel more confident in choosing you.

Let’s say, for example, a listing is missing a phone number, pictures, and a website link. Would you trust doing business with them? Probably not. You might look into their local competitors instead.

How Google My Business Will Generate More Leads

Again, like movie trailers, people choose to watch a movie if it appeals to them. They find the trailer interesting and want to see how the rest of the movie will turn out. Your business should appeal to your audience. Give people the best preview to convince them to want more.

If you do your best to keep up with your listing, you’ll move up on Google and surpass your local competitors. Woohoo! This is because Google favors information. So the more accurate and relevant you are, the more leads will find you.

Google My Business is another platform where customers can connect with you. Not only will they know your contact information, but you can turn on messaging through your account. It’ll be more convenient for people when they have more options for reaching you.

For example, your customer’s phone could be out of battery, but they’ll have the option to message you online instead. Making people’s lives easier will help them make decisions faster when their questions are answered quickly.

If you keep up with reviews too, you will generate more leads. Having good reviews can make or break a sale. When people see that you’re responding to reviews, they’ll trust you’re an active business that likes to interact with customers. When you engage and acknowledge them, they're more likely to become your returning customers.

What’s even better is that Google My Business does some of the sales work for you already. If most of your information is online, people won’t be calling about what hours you’re open. People who are calling will likely be warm leads looking to talk to your team. Statistics show that 80% of local searches convert, so if you have a strong online presence, you’ll save time from explaining to leads who you are and what you do.

People Will Call and Say, “I Found You on Google.”

Do you know the best part of Google My Business? It’s FREE to make a listing. Yes, free to grow your business. It’s hard to turn down this opportunity. So why not maximize your SEO best practices?

When you’re looking up a business from your mobile phone, the best listing will often be the top result before the other organic searches. Can you imagine what being #1 on Google search would do for your business?

No matter how big or small your business is, it’s possible to surpass your competitors on Google if you know how to optimize your Google My Business listing. Your visibility will improve, and that will help drive more traffic to you.

“Although most of this information can likely be found on your website, Google My Business indexes the content you provide for consistency across Google Search, Maps, and Google+.” - Neil Patel, digital marketing entrepreneur

If you’re curious to know how many people are viewing your business, there are tools for you to check. You can measure the impact of your listing and see what actions people are taking. Are they finding you through Search or Maps? Are they clicking your links or checking your photos?

Once you find out these details, you have a clear idea of what customers like to see and what needs improvement. You can even promote your events and promotions on your listing. The more actively you’re posting on this platform, the more opportunities you’re giving people to reach you. And don’t worry if you think you won’t be consistent with posts. Google My Business does a great job of reminding you to make a new post.


If you’re looking to improve your online presence and local search, it’s a no-brainer to set up a free Google My Business listing for your business. I’ve mentioned a few strategies behind this platform and how you can optimize it for more leads. Whether it’s your listing or your client's, it’s crucial to manage it and make sure the information stays up to date. What people find about your business on Google can be a reflection of your business.

So if you’re looking to make your listing as appealing as popular movie trailers, you’ll need to make sure your content is compelling. This includes your business descriptions and even captions for your photos. You can hire a copywriter here to ensure your listing will deliver what your audience likes to see.

Carrie Huang

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