What Is ManyChat And How Is It Generating 400% ROI For Businesses?

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Did you know that ManyChat can prevent you from wasting your time investing thousands of dollars with little ROI? Imagine that you spent 30 hours perfecting an email newsletter, but it feels like throwing a stack of blank paper into the wind. In other words, you know the results won't reflect the amount of effort you put in.

To be exact, only an average of 22.87% of your emails get opened. And of that 22.87%, there’s only an average 3.26% click-through rate.

No wonder why your Chief Marketing Officer isn’t satisfied.

But imagine if you could increase your open rate by 3.69 times and click-through rate by 8.68 times.

This is the power of ManyChat, otherwise known as messenger marketing. That’s right, messenger marketing has on average, 84.3% open rate and a 28.3% click-through rate.

ManyChat, Your Facebook Messenger Bot

Snail mail got phased out in favor of emails. Messenger bots are looking to be the next evolution in communication.

Think of how communication has grown over the last couple of decades.

Starting with snail mail it grew to email and now messaging. Are you seeing the common theme here?

That’s right, people are expecting to find information faster and get replies as fast as possible.

The best part is that ManyChat is automated.No one has to be on the other end searching for an answer.And the prospect doesn’t have to wait a few minutes for a reply.

Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing course states that, “a chatbot might be the best tool to consider becauseit can speed up how quickly someone can find the information they’re looking for.”

ManyChat is the perfect tool it is the perfect tool for businesses looking to grow.

But Where Did ManyChat Come From Anyway?

It started with Mikael Yang in 2015 when he built and launched his bot on Telegram.Telegram is a safe and secure platform that sends messages faster than any other application.

When Mikael decided to build his bot, he thought “it should be easy to build something simple.”He confessed in a Forbes article that he was wrong.In fact, he said it was, “very hard and time-consuming.”

He realized the difficult challenges of creating a bot.He also recognized the rapidly growing needs of messenger marketing.So he set a mission to make a messenger application. 

Help Simplify and Streamline the Process of Creating a Chatbot Called ManyChat

A chatbot a just a bot that is programmed to allow a form of communication between machines and humans.

It is usually done using messaging or voice commands.

The best part is that once a chatbot is set up it doesn’t require a human to operate it in order to work.After taking a year creating ManyChat, Mikael made it available for businesses seeking to grow. 

Businesses can now connect and market their services to prospects through Facebook Messenger.

Because of Mikael’s chatbot, it is easy to use it as a form of marketing to grow.

What Is ManyChat Exactly?

ManyChat is a simple visual platform that simplifies bot building.

It allows the business to create chatbots quickly and easily.It removes all the confusing aspects of coding.Mikael designed it to be user-friendly. 

It is geared towards businesses seeking new marketing strategies.It’s straight forward and easy to utilize.

In action, ManyChat grabs the attention of the recipient using typical messenger notifications.This gives prospects the feeling like they’re being reached out by a family or friend.You can add the human touch into conversation with your prospect without having to actually be there.

What Can ManyChat Do?

Sounds easy right?You can just start a simple automated SMS marketing strategy that texts straight to phones.You’ll be able to connect with prospects on a device that is basically on them 24-7.

It’s going to be easy building relationships with them using SMS messaging right? Wrong!

There are several differences between SMS messenger and ManyChat.Although SMS messenger is a form of chatbot, it is not made to interact with people on the level they prefer.

SMS messenger is made just to get the simple job done.

Like a simple text that asks you to confirm your order and when it’s ready for pickup.It takes more than the minimum to entice and engage with prospects.ManyChat adds a special ingredient to messaging too.


Lead generator Martin Smith gives a good example of this in his article on Entrepreneur.com.He says, “Send a personalized text message with the recipient's first name and you’re almost certain to get aresponse. Once you make contact, reply with something like, ‘I’ve been thinking about a few ways you can improve (insert client's biggest need.) Are you available at 9 a.m. or 2 p.m. on Tuesday for a call where I can share?’”

ManyChat can build rapport with prospects and turn them into loyal customers and provide support.

ManyChat is Like an Interactive Story Game

ManyChat allows you to interact with prospects like a real person.You’ll create a sequence that divides into different options.

The outcomes depending on their answers.

Perhaps you’ve had the chance to play an interactive story gamewhere your decision mapped your final destination.

Imagine that you are the creator of that game and have the power tobring your prospects to your desired outcome.

You have the power to win every time.

Using ManyChat can quickly build relationships with your prospects.

ManyChat gives you the ability to interact with your audience on a more personal level.

Take Advantage of This Evolutionary Change Using ManyChat

The change of communication shift to messenger makes it necessary for businesses to shift to that mode as well.

For a business to grow faster, it needs to communicate faster.And Facebook users have the experience that they desire.

Ready to take your business to the next level? “Yes,” I want to see a 400% ROI increase.

Reach out to professionals on Copywriters.com. You will get impeccable advice on marketing strategies.And increase your revenue by taking full advantage of ManyChat.

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