What Makes The Most Expensive Copywriters Different From Other Copywriters?

Erica Gordon
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The most expensive copywriters don’t seem any different from other freelancers upon first glance, but the value they provide is uncontested. You get what you pay for, and the most expensive copywriters are usually worth every dollar since they can generate more revenue for your company. Sometimes, confirming that a writer is worth their price is as simple as looking at their portfolio. Other times, testimonials can give you an insight into what working with that writer will be like. Or, you can ask them to write a trial ad or trial page of sales copy for you, to see for yourself if they’re worth the investment.

As is the case with all professionals, copywriters are available on a spectrum from cheap and mediocre to expensive and phenomenal. If your budget allows for it, a top-notch copywriter can potentially garner revenue for you that ends up being multiples of what you paid them.

Chances are, you have a need for copywriting in your business, whether it's sales copy or otherwise. But when that writing is consumer-facing, getting it right is something you won't want to take a chance on.

That's where the most expensive copywriters shine. They bring methodologies that are proven and an abundance of work to show for it. So if you’re thinking about hiring a copywriter, here are a few reasons why you should look to hire a high-quality copywriter.

1. The Most Expensive Copywriters Have Training and  Experience

A copywriter's past work, or training certifications, legitimizes them. They might have even published articles in major business publications. Because the most expensive copywriters have that extensive experience and qualified training, they’ll often be able to have better turnaround times without compromising quality.

After all, their training and experience has allowed them to refine their writing techniques in a way that optimizes for both quality and speed. So how do you tell the difference between a good copywriter and a great copywriter?

Well, the real difference between the best and average copywriters is good a piece of writing is by the first draft. While inexperienced copywriters might take multiple drafts to get your copy right, the most expensive copywriters will make sure your project brief is comprehensive and gets you results.

You might think of more drafts as more refined, but you also don't want to spend a lot of time revising draft after draft. Wouldn't it be great if you could get to the final draft after just one edit or none at all?

2. The Most Expensive Copywriters Specialize in Niche Areas of Focus

It’s often the case that the most expensive copywriters will only offer specific services, or specialize in a niche industry. When this happens, it usually indicates that their experience, education, or simply their best output is in that space. Just like how some visual artists are illustrators while others are sculptors, writers are craftsmen and certainly not all the same.

For example, the copy for a book is much different than that of a website’s SEO. Hiring a writer who specializes in what you need, though more expensive, will tend to be more fruitful.

Additionally, specialized writers, compared to more versatile ones, will often have more knowledge of their specific writing niche. This lends itself to their ability to churn out  high-quality copy which you can be confident exceeds the industry standard.

3. Supply and Demand

There’s no shortage of writers. There is however a shortage of good writers. The most expensive copywriters charge what they charge, not just because people will pay their rate. Mostly, it has to do with the fact that their writing could generate serious revenue, and help you and your company build strong customer relationships. There aren’t many copywriters who can achieve this for you.

At the same time, competent writers are in high demand across various sectors. So when you find a solid copywriter, you should try to retain them. Especially as it relates to the most expensive copywriters, they know how good they are and can often find contracts anywhere. You should look to make sure that that contract is yours.

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Erica Gordon

Erica Gordon is a lead strategist for Copywriters.com, an SEO content writer, blog writer and a copywriter. Erica has over a decade of experience writing for top tier publications such as Huffington Post, POPSUGAR, Elite Daily and Thought Catalog. You can follow Erica on Instagram @ericaleighgordon to say hi and see her full portfolio.

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