What The Best Marketing Campaigns Did To Become Success Stories

Erica Gordon
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The best marketing campaigns are the ones that exceed expectations in terms of campaign results. They often go viral because they’re just that good. And, just like well-crafted stories, they culminate in impactful endings. In advertising, this is often the delivery of a brand’s tagline or company slogan. Provided the customer understands the value proposition you set, you'll know you have a winner if impressions are through the roof during your marketing campaign.

A great impression would be a sale, but additionally, you'll know you did a great job if people are searching for that campaign on Google or on social media, and sharing it. In the end, the best marketing campaigns are also the most memorable.

As you might imagine, achieving this kind of success is far easier said than done. Thinking about a few very successful ad campaigns, here are a few things the best marketing campaigns did that worked. These also happen to be things you can implement in your own marketing campaign:

The Best Marketing Campaigns Are Humorous

Sometimes it is through satire that we can best identify what needs to change. By appealing to a person’s sense of humor, you’re not only entertaining them, you're giving them a reason to keep watching, reading, or listening. You’re also making them like your brand, because people like to laugh. When people laugh after seeing an ad, they’re also more likely to share it with friends and family.

We all have preferences for certain companies for one reason or another, and the use of comedy can be the reason your company is well-liked.One of the best marketing campaigns in terms of humor has been Allstate’s Mayhem campaign.

Through its satire, Allstate, perhaps more than any other company, forces the prospect to encounter the problems it solves.

From including an emotionally compromised teenager to a faulty GPS, the Mayhem campaign closely it mirrors reality. And by taking seemingly innocuous aspects of the real world and anthropomorphizing the problems as a comedically malevolent force, Allstate created a beloved character while promoting its organization.

If the limitless Mayhem compilations on YouTube aren’t enough evidence, perhaps you’ll be convinced by knowing that their sales numbers more than double Farmers Insurance Group’s.

The Best Marketing Campaigns Are Original

An original idea can be difficult to come by. Often, entrepreneurs think that the value proposition which they provide in and of itself is compelling enough to generate interest.

This seldom is the case. More likely than not, you’re operating in a space with many competitors. Standing out among the competition requires more than a competitive product -- it requires you to occupy the first space in the prospect’s mind when they want whatever you’re selling.

One of the best marketing campaigns of the recent past is Chick-Fil-A’s “Eat Mor Chikin.”

Not only is a primarily billboard-based campaign unheard of, but the success of the “Eat Mor Chikin” campaign has made it one of the most popular fast food places in America. 

People thought the intentional misspelling of the word “more” was cute and clever. Not only that, but misspelling a word actually gets the ad more attention.

At the moment, Chick-Fil-A does more annual sales than KFC and Popeyes combined, despite having less than a third of the location quantity.

With origins as a mall-based chain, Chick-Fil-A’s rise into national consciousness is a true story of marketing success.

The Best Campaigns Stand For Something

Taking a stance on a particular issue can be a double-edged sword. Despite this, campaigns that aim to stand for a good cause can secure themselves a spot in the history books.

Sometimes this type of move will cause controversy. But if you’re really on the right side of things, standing for a cause can be wildly effective.

Think about the success of Nike’s “Believe in Something” campaign with Colin Kaepernick.

Regardless of how you feel about their choice, a 31% sales increase and an all-time high stock price are undeniable.

For a company as well-established as Nike, stepping away from “Just Do It” might seem like a questionable move. Even so, true entrepreneurs know that massive risk is the best way to seek massive rewards.

Regardless of what your product is, any of these strategies alone aren’t enough by themselves. The best marketing campaigns take advantage of more than one of these strategies at once. The best marketing campaigns are written by the best copywriters, and that’s why you should hire a campaign copywriter today.

Erica Gordon

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