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When you look at the marketplace, you’ll notice that web copywriting rates can vary for landing pages. You might wonder, what’s the right budget to invest in this type of project?

As you know, your landing page is the main drive for generating your revenue. It’s your silent salesmen doing the work by bringing in more leads, customers, and money while you focus on other areas of your business. A mistake could easily turn this decision into a bad return on your investment. And it may take you some time to earn that investment back.

A quick Google search and you’ll notice that web copywriting rates for landing pages can range anywhere between $100 to $5,000+. These rates are usually for a single page. When you need more than one, prices can easily go up in the $10,000+ range. Also, other factors impact the copywriting rates, but I’ll get into that later in this article.

What are the key elements you should pay attention to when you start comparing the different web copywriting rates for your next landing page?

Web Copywriting Rates for Building Your Landing Page

Now you might be asking yourself, "How much money should I invest in building a landing page? What’s a good web copywriting rate?"

Joanna Wiebe, a copywriter from copyhackers.com, did an interesting survey. She asked 14 top marketers what they’d think when they’re being charged with an invoice of $5,000 for a sales landing page. And how did the marketers respond? Their answers were mixed.

While the majority have no problem with spending $5,000 on a project, the other group finds it too expensive. Here’s what they have to say:

“It better make me at least 2x that amount or at least exponentially more than it was making before. If it does the job, I’m happy to pay it.” – Nadya Kohja

“You better be damn good at what you do! ROI matters more than cost, so you better be able to produce ROI at that cost.” – Barrett Brooks

So to answer your question: It really depends on what kind of return you would like to get out of your investment. How much revenue should your landing page produce to make your project or campaign successful?

Why Is It Important to Compare Web Copywriting Rates?

Now that you know that your decision should be ROI focused, you can start looking at the different copywriting rates. But why is it so important to compare different web copywriting rates?

I’ll give you two simple examples to help clarify this question.

We have a copywriter named Ben, who’s offering you $1,000 to build a landing page. This landing page drives traffic with 1,000 visitors. It converts 2% of your traffic, at a net profit of $1 per conversion. The return on investment (ROI) for this would be $20 divided by $1,000 = 2%.

Another copywriter, Mike, is offering $5,000 to build your landing page. His page drives 2,500 visitors while converting at 4%. It produces a net profit of $10 per conversion. This results in an ROI of $1000/$5000 = 20%.

If we use these examples, you can see that with Ben’s offer, you’d end up with a very low ROI. Even with the lowest rate of a thousand dollars, you’d end up nearly losing your money.

On the other hand, Mike's page will produce a much higher return on your investment, even if he's charging 5 times more than Ben.

Look at the Big Picture When Comparing Rates

Always remember to look at the big picture when you start comparing web copywriting rates. As you can see from the examples above, there are multiple factors that determine your ROI. A wrong decision and you could potentially lose your money instead of generating more. So besides looking at the web copywriting rates, also have a look at the conversion rates of your landing page. Then spend time researching how to maximize it.

6 Ways to Customize Web Copywriting Rates for Your Landing Page

There are different factors that influence web copywriting rates for building a landing page. There isn’t just one fixed fee that most companies and agencies charge for a single package. Every package is custom-tailored around your personal business needs and project goals. It also depends on what extra features you’d like to add to your project.

Copywriters have different traits, and they can also charge you extra fees for their specialized services. These extra services and fees will impact your ROI as well. I’ll give you 6 tips on how you can customize the web copywriting rates for your next landing page project.

1. Hourly Rates or Per Project

The majority of copywriters on websites such as Fiverr and Upwork tend to use hourly rates to charge for your project. They consider experience level and expected time and effort to complete your project in their pricing. Then, they’ll either charge you an hourly fee or fixed price per project.

For the best possible ROI, it’s recommended to negotiate a fixed price per project. This will allow you to have predictable results. In doing so, you avoid situations where you’d have to pay extra fees for unexpected events. For example, a copywriter might suddenly need more time to complete your work due to an emergency.

2. Skill and Experience

It’s worth to look at the skill level of your copywriter. How many years of experience do they have? What kind of results did they produce in the past? What do other clients have to say about their work? An experienced and skilled copywriter can get your work done better and faster. If you need someone who can deliver and produce better results, it’s worth considering more experienced copywriters. 

3. Specialization Within Your Industry

A copywriter specialized in the market that you’re currently in may charge a higher premium price. For example, IT industry demands specialized knowledge. A copywriter with a computer engineering background will have a much deeper understanding of your market. This will show in the copy, as they'll be more effective in selling your products and services.

Do you intend to become a thought leader within your industry? It may be worth the effort to partner up with an expert copywriter in your industry. These copywriters are more than capable of creating content that will effectively resonate with your target audience. This will result in producing more revenue for your business.

4. Extra Skill Sets

Copywriters can do more than just write your copy. Copywriters may also know SEO, keyword searches and how to rank your landing page higher on Google. Some may even provide you with an extensive marketing strategy for your next campaign. They may do all the research on your audience and come up with an irresistible offer before writing the copy. Expect to pay a higher premium for these extra skill sets.

5. Rush Fee

If you’re unlucky, your dedicated copywriter has their schedule booked for months. And if time is against you, you don’t have months to wait. Then you can ask your copywriter to charge a “rush fee”. Your project will become their priority so you can expect to meet the deadline you have both agreed on. They may charge more, as they might need to book some extra time during the holidays or weekends to complete your project. Perhaps they will have to turn down other clients to give priority to your work.

6. Agency vs Freelancer

If you’ve already spent time researching the marketplace for copywriters, you may have noticed there are individuals working as freelancers from home or while travelling. You also have copywriters who work for an agency. Often they charge higher fees than their freelancer counterparts. Why is that?

Agencies are a group of professionals. They’re able to communicate and work more efficiently together. You can expect to have projects done in a much shorter period of time, within the agreed deadline. And they don't make errors either! Generally, it’s worth it to spend more to work with an agency. You can expect your work to be taken care of professionally. And you’ll see this in the results their work will produce for you.


When comparing web copywriting rates for landing pages, you mainly want to focus on the return of your investment. To achieve that, you must look at the entire picture. And there are many factors you need to pay attention to, such as:

  1. Comparing the different web copywriting rate offers in the marketplace.

  2. What kind of conversion rates you'd like your landing pages to produce.

  3. How copywriters charge their rates and which to choose from.

  4. What experience and skill level copywriters need to have for your project.

  5. What background industry you want your copywriters to operate in.

  6. Which specialized skills copywriters have. 

  7. Hiring freelancers vs an agency.

If you’re interested and need help in hiring a copywriter to get the ROI you’d like to see, we'll explain how we work here.

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Sandiardiyanto is a certified copywriter, with a passionate background in music production and engineering. As a result he enjoys to write with emotion, while also focusing on high yielding results. He's committed to help businesses generate more revenue with scalable and high-converting copy. When he's not writing, he loves spending time producing music, travelling or racing on a racetrack.

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