What to Include in Your Monthly Email Newsletter

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A monthly email newsletter is an effective way to keep in touch with customers throughout the year, increase awareness about promotions, and encourage sales. Monthly email newsletters are inexpensive marketing campaigns that are within most companies’ budgetary reach.

Here are some types of content that business owners and marketing writers can include in each month’s email.

Season-Related Greeting

An easy way to differentiate your monthly email newsletter’s content is to include a season-specific greeting to customers. This short letter can be used to wish customers a Happy New Year or to have a productive school year. Since each month has different holidays, seasons, and topics to talk about, it’s an effective way to keep the content fresh.

Offer or Coupon

Plan on offering newsletter subscribers one special deal or coupon code. This gives them an incentive to stay subscribed to your newsletter long after they first sign up. They will come to expect a discount or special coupon in their inbox each month.

Customer Thank You

As long as you’re sincere, you can never thank your customers too much. People like to know they’re appreciated. Including a short “thank you for your support or business” each month in your email newsletter can go a long way toward helping customers feel appreciated. Customers tend to shop more with businesses that make them feel like a person and not a transaction. Regularly thanking them can help them know their patronage does make a difference to your company.

Information About Staff

People want to buy products and services from other people. Your monthly newsletter can be a fun way to highlight an employee of the month or give a behind-the-scenes look at your company’s inner operations. Customers value knowing more about the people who work at your company. While this shouldn’t take up the entire email newsletter, it’s completely appropriate to have a dedicated space in your newsletter for this purpose.

Consistent Template

Your company’s monthly email newsletter is not the time to innovate. You want to provide content in a reliable template that people grow to expect. You want at least the logo, colors, and general layout to be similar on a month-to-month basis so customers know where to find the coupon code they’re looking for or the staff highlights. It’s okay to periodically update the template, just be cautious about making any giant changes each time you send it out.

A monthly email newsletter will always be an effective, inexpensive, and simple way to market a business. For companies with smaller email subscription lists, there are free tools available to manage your subscription list and email campaigns. For large corporations, email newsletters are less expensive than other marketing campaigns that may require postage, printed collateral, or high upfront costs.


A monthly email newsletter is a great way to regularly keep in touch with your customers. It's an opportunity to thank customers, promote coupons and discounts, and provide information about your company.

An email copywriter is an expert on email newsletters. If you are too busy with other areas of your business to devote time to monthly newsletters, you can hire a copywriter here.

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