Here's Why Your Audience Is Ignoring Your Emails

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There’s no denying the power of a comprehensive email marketing strategy. This provides the opportunity to connect with your audience on a variety of topics, ranging from advice and guidance to company updates—and that’s just the start.

With 86 percent of professionals preferring to use email when communicating for business purposes, it’s a great way to stay in touch with your audience. However, there’s a big difference between implementing an email marketing strategy and generating positive results.

Here are four reasons why your audience is ignoring your emails:

1. Your Writing Style is “Off”

We covered this in great detail in a recent blog post, with this excerpt among the most important:

"Write an email draft that focuses on the message you want your readers to agree with and understand. Read over the draft and ask yourself whether or not the message is clear and precise."         While there’s more to it than that, this passage shows that the way you approach email content creation is essential to your success.

Experiment with several styles and voices, all while closely tracking results and performance. This will give you a clear idea of what resonates with your audience.

2. Your Subject Line Misses the Point

The subject line is the first thing your audience sees, so there’s no room for error. It needs to be powerful. It needs to be engaging. It needs to give the reader a reason to open your email.

Here’s a great article on writing catchy email subject lines, with these tips among the best:

  1. Create a sense of urgency (Click Now to Get 50% Off Your Next Order)

  2. Show the value (You Can Increase Sales by 100% in 5 Days)

  3. Personalize the subject line (Welcome to XYZ Company Mr./Mrs. XXXXX)

When you go the extra mile with your subject line, your open rate will increase, thus giving you a better chance of success (no matter how you’re measuring results).

3. They’re Too Long

You have a lot to say, and there’s nothing wrong with that—except when it comes to email marketing.

Your audience will only give you so much of their time, so you need to use it wisely. An email that gets its point across in one paragraph has a better chance of converting than one that stretches on for five paragraphs.

Strive for short, concise, and to the point. This could be your key to email marketing success.

4. You Don’t Have Anything to Say

Don’t send an email just to send an email. Sure, email marketing is a powerful way to connect with your audience, but that’s only the case if you have something unique and of value to share.

It’s better to send one truly valuable email per month that excites your audience than one so-so email every week that misses the mark.

Success with email marketing is often tied directly to trial and error. With each email you send, you get a better idea of what does and doesn’t work.

When you combine this advice with the help of a few high-quality apps, it won’t be long before you’re achieving the results you’ve been wanting.


Why is your audience ignoring your emails? It could be any of these four reasons:

  • The voice of your brand doesn't resonate with them.

  • The reader doesn't have a reason to open the email.

  • The email doesn't get to the point quickly.

  • The email doesn't have anything of value to offer your audience.

What you need is a comprehensive email marketing strategy that increases your email open rate. If you're looking for an email copywriter who can write emails that your audience can't wait to open, you can book a call with us.

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