Why Business Owners Shouldn’t Write Their Own Copy

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Maybe it’s an unfair generalization, but I’ll go ahead and say it anyway. Business owners shouldn’t write their own copy.

Why not? Because they aren’t marketers. Sure, their own copy might be interesting to some. It might even be grammatically correct.

But it’s likely missing key elements that copywriters know how to use: unique selling propositions, customer pain points, consistent voice, branding, and sales psychology, for starters.

Copywriters understand these concepts and seamlessly integrate them in a way that helps businesses speak to potential customers, address their questions, and drive sales.

Much of marketing sounds like common sense, and business owners are among the brightest and most dedicated people on the planet. So why can’t they write good copy? Two big reasons.

They Are Too Close to Write Their Own Copy

Business owners usually go into business for themselves because they love what they do and they are good at it.

They know their industry. They know their products and services. They know their craft.

But with these strengths comes a weakness. They’re often too close to the business to see it objectively from the customer’s point of view.

Again, it’s a generalization, but most business owners make one of the following mistakes when writing their own copy:

  • They play it too safe. They write boring content that their competitors could just as easily use. “We offer service A and service B at an affordable price.”

  • They go too technical. They give high-level information that customers, particularly in the early stage of the buying cycle, simply don’t need (so they click away). “Our FDA- USDA- and OSHA-certified widgets are ergonomically compatible with eco-sustainable materials of the sub-Saharan desert and are available in 23 widths and 17 weights.”

  • They talk about themselves. Instead of telling how the business serves the customers, they talk about their background and how they got started in the business, all from a me-centric viewpoint. So the About Us page, for example, reads like a résumé rather than a compelling brand story. (The About Us page, by the way, is likely one of the first two pages your potential customer navigates to, so it needs to be good. Check Google Analytics for stats on your site.)

They Don’t Have Time to Write Their Own Copy

Naturally, business owners are devoted to the success of their business. They generally work more than 50 hours a week.

But if their days are consumed with account management, customer service, staff training, workflow processes, vendor relationships, and other must-be-done today issues, when do they have time to plan and execute their marketing strategies?

They often don’t. Unfortunately, finding time and resources is the top challenge for many business owners when it comes to marketing their businesses.

So they do what seems like the next best thing and call it good enough. Maybe they fill in a website template with some okay-sounding words. Maybe they ask a friend of a friend to tackle it. Maybe they just let it go completely undone. But these poor options deliver poor results.


Business owners are busy with running all the areas of their business. Often writing good advertising copy becomes a challenge because they don't have the time and/or the skill to write copy that speaks to their customers.

An expert copywriter helps business owners talk to people in a way that skillfully moves them from browsers to buyers. And since businesses depend on buyers, it’s worth the investment to hand over this aspect of business to an expert copywriter.

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