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You might find this hard to believe, but the real secret to writing the best blog posts is not what you write. Rather, it's who is writing it for you. Let me explain.

These days, writers are a dime a dozen thanks to the rise of content mills and freelancer websites such as Upwork and Fiverr. You can instantly find many types of writers on these platforms, including bloggers, freelance writers, and copywriters. The problem is that with such a low barrier to entry, you can easily get stuck with a writer who is sub-par. These platforms don't check the skill set of the writer for you. You could end up with someone who isn’t good at B2B writing, doesn't know how to write persuasive content, and doesn't know how to write SEO-friendly content. You could end up with a junior writer who doesn't understand the impact their content will have on your sales and marketing goals.

Often, freelancers on these types of sites can take on clients without having any credentials at all. Often just knowing how to read and write English can be enough for a freelancer to claim they know how to write stellar copy. Therefore, hiring writers who lack the knowledge required to execute a great content strategy can be a very costly mistake. It would be like relying on the medical advice of a person who simply wears a doctor’s white coat. Not a great idea at all.

That’s why hiring a certified, professional copywriter to write your blog posts is one of the best investments you can make. Lets go over the reasons why:

Copywriters are Trained to Have a Unique Set of Skills That Set Them Apart From Other Writers

Copywriters are well-versed in the art of persuasion, and have a deep understanding of psychology, and emotional trigger words. They have also mastered marketing strategies related to content writing. This is part and parcel of their training as professional copywriters. They write with a singular focus in mind: to get prospects to take action. In regards to your business, they write to help you with blog posts that can achieve your sales and marketing goals.

Now, before we dive further into why copywriters write the best blog posts, we need to first understand what makes up great blog posts and why that matters.

What Are the Elements of the Best Blog Posts?

The best blog posts are made up of 2 key elements.

First, they provide valuable, quality content that your audience loves to read, engage with, and share. This increases your brand’s credibility and trust so that you get better quality leads and customers.

Blog posts educate your audience on your product or service, increasing the likelihood that a prospect will buy. According to a study done by Conductor, consumers who read a brand’s educational content were 131% more likely to purchase from that brand. Now how is that for a great ROI?

Second, great blog posts rank on Google and align to fit SEO algorithms. This helps your business rank much higher on Google search engine results pages so that your customers can find you more easily. SEO-optimized blog posts written by an SEO content writer draw in more visitors and potential leads to your website, which of course means more sales.

Most copywriters understand SEO, and their knowledge of SEO benefits your company blog.

There’s one important thing to note though. It’s crucial to get both of these elements right when executing your content strategy: That means it's crucial to write engaging blog posts and nail SEO. Why? Because in doing so you’ll be creating a sales & marketing machine within your company blog, that can predictably bring in hordes of new customers.

It just so happens that copywriters excel in both elements of crafting the best blog posts. They can write amazing content that turns your visitors into leads as well as write in a way that is fully SEO-optimized. This is what makes them an excellent choice for your content strategy.

But if you’re still on the fence about hiring a professional copywriter to create your content, below are 3 other reasons why copywriters write the best blog posts:

Copywriters Are in the Revenue-Generating Business

One of the most powerful reasons why you should hire a copywriter to craft your content is because copywriting is the language of revenue.” - Dan Lok.

As owners of content, your number one responsibility is creating engagement with your visitors in a way that paves the road to sales. Selling is not something that you can put off to the side. “Your existence as a business lives and dies by how effective your marketing and sales strategies are at generating new revenue every day.” - Sabri Suby

By the same token, copywriters are the ideal choice for your blog post strategy. This is because they approach content creation through the lens of their marketing expertise. They write blog posts with a potential sale in mind, and that's what your business needs in a blog writer. What’s more, copywriters are well aware of the importance of how their content plays into your overall marketing strategy.

Their frame of mind when creating magnetic blog content is to influence and drive your readers to take action. As a result, they understand and work with your sales and marketing team to create ROI-focused copy.

Now just imagine if you could hire a copywriter who could double or even triple your revenue. What would that do for your business?

Copywriters are Masters of Psychology

Unlike other content writers, professional copywriters have gone through training that gives them a deep understanding of human psychology. They undergo expert mentorship and training that reveals the hidden motivators behind why people buy.

Neuroscience confirms that people buy based on emotion and justify with logic. Therefore, knowing the emotional reasons that drive purchase decisions can greatly affect how well you're able to turn leads into sales.

Thus, the words copywriters strategically string together work to influence a decision from your prospects. That decision can be to book a consultation, to schedule a demo, or even to directly purchase your product or service. Their words are persuasion in print!

This is so important because, without the ability to persuade, it's difficult to have engagement with your readers. And if your visitors read your content but don’t engage with you, they’re not likely to become a lead or buy your products and services.

But by having a superstar copywriter who can create engagement through your content, you’re much more likely to generate sales. For this reason, consistently crafting the best blog posts is the secret to executing an effective content strategy.

Copywriters Can Read Your Prospect’s Mind

One of the little known secrets that copywriters use to create the best blog posts is that they're able to enter the conversation in your prospects’ minds. This means that copywriters are able to write in a way that speaks directly to the struggles your prospects are experiencing. Consequently, they can provide your product or service as a solution!

Professional copywriters achieve this by spending a great amount of time researching who your target customer is.

For example, they hop on the phone with your customers and listen to their cares and concerns. They speak to your sales team to understand what your customer’s biggest questions are. They scour the online space, leaving no forum unturned to hear what your customers say to each other.

Like a detective diving deep into a person of interest, copywriters uncover and unravel your customer’s deepest hopes, fears, and desires. And all of this is done before they even write a single word of copy.

Can you imagine what they’re able to craft after collecting such pure marketing gold? Can you picture how your site’s visitors can turn into high-quality leads and customers with such persuasive & relatable copy?

It’s with this level of in-depth knowledge of your ideal customer, that they’re able to write the best content. Content that’s personable, engaging and relatable. Content that speaks directly to your prospect’s hearts, intrigues them and converts them into loyal, paying customers.


The secret to creating superior business results is to create superior content. And the key to creating superior content is to hire a professional copywriter. In doing so, you’ll be setting up your content strategy and company blog for stratospheric success.

If you’re ready to hire a vetted copywriter who can help grow your sales, click here to begin.

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Hadi Yousufi is a certified copywriter, marketing strategist, and entrepreneur. His copy expertise focuses on maximum conversion while being compliant and scalable. He's lead a startup from the ground up, provides marketing strategy to private clients, and brings a wealth of revenue-generating knowledge with him. He loves cultivating fresh, new experiences & traveling the world with his wife and son.

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