Why Free Quizzes Are A Perfect Lead Magnet

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Have you noticed how people love taking free quizzes on the internet? Have you ever wondered why a personality quiz or self-discovery quiz is so tempting?

The thing is, people have a natural tendency - an urge, really - to learn more about themselves. It’s a form of self-discovery and a fun way of gaining new knowledge or insight. But, most importantly, people are just curious more than anything, about what the results will tell them. That’s why people love a free quiz.

Free quizzes are fun and entertaining, and they're a perfect lead magnet because people are likely to participate and fill in their valuable data. Free quizzes are a great way to gain cold traffic that will visit your website and consume your content.

Do you remember the last time when you, or your friend, shared results from a quiz on social media? According to BuzzSumo, the average quiz will get shared about 1,900 times. And 84% of quiz shares are on Facebook – so it’s not surprising seeing quizzes filling up your newsfeed.

And when it comes to business, free quizzes don’t have to be all dry or salesy. The hook to take a free quiz can be anything from, “which type of high-income skill you were born to do?” to something like, “discover the 4 types of entrepreneurs - which are you?

You see, the questions can go from B2C to B2B, depending on what’s relevant to your ideal customer.

But what’s so powerful about free quizzes as a lead magnet? The power lies in how effective they are in spotting the right customers for your business.

You can use the quiz questions to filter out the people outside of your niche, so that you can segment your leads effectively.

The magic of using quizzes is that it tempts most people to take a shot – a challenge. And, they don’t even mind spending their time doing it!

People love talking about themselves, or answering questions about themselves, and most people know that quizzes don't take long to complete.

Direct-response copywriters can help you write a quiz that is clever and compelling.

Below are some more reasons why free quizzes are an excellent tool that acts as your perfect lead magnet:

Free Quizzes Grant You the Power to Spy on Your Customers.

Yes, seriously. Think about all of the information your customers reveal about themselves when they're completing a quiz.

With free quizzes, you can spy on your customers the legit way without looking like a creep!

Using quizzes allows you to gain more insight from your target audience, especially when you’re using ads. And, as they enter their emails to receive the quiz results, you’re gaining leads to your business.

But aside from the leads generated, you’re obtaining useful information from your audience. The results from the free quizzes help you to create better and more relevant content for your ideal customers.

Preferably, each quiz subheading asks different questions with 2 to 5 pre-provided unique answers. With the responses given, you can discover your audience’s beliefs, preferences, and attitudes towards certain circumstances precisely. Understanding how their minds work ultimately allows you to understand their goals and challenges.

With just a few questions, you can learn many things about your leads. At the same time, you’re cutting back resources on your research, which means less time, money, and energy.

Using quizzes is a great way to gather individual data. And it’s an engaging two-way communication between you and your prospects. It tells about your audience while giving them advice on which direction they should take to overcome their challenges.

Eventually, the responses you collect help determine precisely the right solutions for the right customers.

Nobody Knows You’re Trying to Sell.

People hate it when someone is trying to sell them something.

Do you remember those salespeople that you meet at the expo? They are terrifyingly friendly as if they’re trying to “eat” you alive. So you quickly run away from them!

But with free quizzes, you’re bypassing their conscious filter. They don’t feel that someone is trying to sell them something. Instead, they see it as entertainment to know more about themselves and voice out their opinions.

When you share a quiz with friends, they can’t help but give it a try due to curiosity. But, for what? Just for the sake of showing off their result back to you, and share again! They forget you’re trying to sell you something. Before they know it, they give away their Google, Facebook, or email accounts – giving away leads.

It’s no surprise when you receive sales emails from a company after doing a quiz. But, is that all? No.

What’s so compelling about using free quizzes is that your leads will unintentionally learn about your company. It prompts them to learn more about you and your offer, especially when they can perceive a positive result.

You see, people only listen to what they want to hear based on what they already believe. It’s the confirmation bias – the filter you want to overcome. So when you can articulate their quiz results favorably to make them feel good about themselves, they’ll trust you.

They’ll like you and want to hear more from you, because you’re saying good things about them. And when they have a good impression about your brand, the halo effect takes place.

Since you’ve made your audience feel understood, you’re giving them a reason to believe in you. They’ll assume you have the solution to their problems, which makes them more willing to buy. Consequently, you’re generating more qualified leads.

Free Quizzes to Qualify and Segment Your Customers.

Another reason why quizzes are a powerful lead magnet is that you can craft them with a predefined purpose. As mentioned earlier, you can use them beyond just generating leads.

The answers and results from your free quizzes allow you to gain qualified leads. Leads that you want to serve and have the potential to buy from you. Similarly, it tells you which customers you want to “fire” from your leads – disqualifying customers.

Well, firing your customers may sound too harsh. And doing it too early can mean that you’re losing potential leads. To ensure that you’re not missing out on opportunities, use your quizzes to segment your customers.

A well-crafted quiz has separate sections containing different subheadings with a clear goal. When you’ve made a set of objectives in advance, free quizzes help you understand customers in different segments. This way, you can effectively market to leads who are sales-ready and those who need more nurturing.

Finally, free quizzes can help you in…

Getting Strangers to Hop on the Bandwagon.

Strangers are the cold visitors who hop on your company's bandwagon.

Surely, you want as many people to be part of your company – more leads. You want more prospects that show interest in whatever you’re selling to the market.

But have you ever heard about the bandwagon effect? It’s when you acquire customers who buy for the sole reason that “everyone does” or “on hype”. That’s a bad idea.

Because when people buy products or services that have nothing to do with them, they’re likely to feel disappointed. And when they do, they’ll leave you with bad reviews and comments that may tarnish your reputation.

Your company might’ve generated many qualified leads that convert. But have you ever wondered why some customers couldn’t see the value of your products or services? Most likely, they’re not your ideal customers in the first place.

Now, by using free quizzes, you can make full use of the bandwagon effect to serve the right customers. They are those who genuinely need and desire for what you have to offer to the market.

As mentioned above, quizzes help you learn many things about your customers. That’s why you can focus on getting your ideal customers onto the bandwagon. Plus, you can continue providing them with the solutions they need. This way, they can keep coming back to buy from you as loyal customers.


Free quizzes get most people hot to trot that hardly anyone can leave them alone – “My turn to give it a try!”. They are very enticing that people often don’t know you’re trying to sell them something. It’s an appealing and likeable way to gather useful information to generate qualified leads.

That’s why businesses should highly consider using quizzes as a lead magnet. And if you combine them with copywriting, people will “beg” you to sign them up to your leads.

To do this, you might need your direct-response copywriter to craft engaging quizzes that suit your business. Having an expert to create your quiz results can have a tremendous impact on influencing your leads. They’ll feel guilty if they don’t take action to buy or, at least, learn more about your offers.

To find out how you can create more qualified leads to increase your sales, hire a copywriter today.

Giovanni Lee

Giovanni Lee is a copywriter and marketing strategist. He’s on a lifelong mission in supporting business “heroes” with revenue-generating copy to help them make significant impacts on the world. He loves writing educational, technological, and game-related content. When he’s not writing, he gets nerdy doing concept arts and storytelling in a parallel universe.

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