Why Getting Into The Holiday Spirit On Social Media Improves Customer Relationships

Matthew Nanan
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Are you sprinkling some holiday spirit onto your brand's social media posts? The holiday season brings many new opportunities for you to connect with your customers.

Dr. Seuss once stated, “Christmas doesn’t come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more….”.

Let’s face it, you can’t ignore the holiday season. Your competitors will be dressing up their brands with festive designs, great offers, and new products. They'll be posting on Christmas Day because just like any other day, people still check their social media on Christmas Day. How do you plan to stand out?

Focus on building long-term relationships with your customers

For your customers, much of the joy and fulfillment of the holiday season comes from finding the perfect present for their loved ones. Your job is to create the magic behind these moments.

A recent study done by Adespresso found that “6.5% of Millennials and Gen Z say that social media is ‘very influential’ for holiday shopping”.

What does this mean? You have the ability to entice emotion and drive action during this holiday season. But its not going to be easy. Given the sheer volume of competitors on the market and new brands emerging, you’re going to need a strategy to stand out. Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place.

With major events coming up such as Boxing Day, this is going to be a marathon, not a sprint. Below are three tips for how you can bring the holiday spirit to your social media:

1. Tell a Holiday-Related Story

‘Tis the season of giving back, sharing emotions, and encouraging resolution. Storytelling is an effective way to resonate your brand with your customers. You see, when you tell a great story, your customer won’t even know that they’re being sold to. This is because stories have the ability to drive emotion, and encourage action.

In the business world, customers are overwhelmed with cold calls, emails, and advertisements all day long. When you add these all up, it can create a lot of noise. It turns out that people don’t like being sold to. Storytelling can bypass your customers conscious filter and draw them into your brand without them ever being aware of it.

Think about the last time you went Christmas shopping online. Ask yourself, what connection did you make with the company you purchased from?

Dr. Howard Gardner, a Professor at Harvard University said that, “Stories constitute the single most powerful weapon in a leader’s arsenal".

So how can you embrace the holiday season? Share a heartwarming story that will get your readers into the holiday spirit, and encourage them to join in on the action. Some may share heartfelt sentiments, while others may talk about some of the difficulties they face during the holidays.

Here, you are creating an emotional driver through your words that are carried throughout the holiday season. Additionally, you are encouraging the spirit of joy, thankfulness and reflection all throughout your brands image.

2. Post Festive Graphics

Have you ever heard the saying:

A picture is worth a thousand words?

Adding a festive graphic can add some spice to your content. Here are three simple ways you can incorporate festive graphics onto your social media today.

Facebook / Instagram

Create an overarching theme by changing your profile picture and banners to embrace the holiday spirit. You can even get creative on Instagram and post multiple snippets of photos to create a cohesive grid of images.


Keep your call to action simple and straightforward. What do you want you audience to do? Buy? Engage? Learn? Start with the end game of your design and use a graphic that fits your theme.


By using the story feature on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat. You can regularly reach out to your audience and remind them about your current promotional offers. In fact, a study done by Impact concluded that 62% of people are more interested in a brand after seeing it in a Facebook story.

By combining these three strategies, you can improve your reach and engage with more people on your social media. So now what?

3. Hire One of Santa’s Elves to Get Into the Holiday Spirit

Going into the holiday season, the market is going to be saturated with thousands of competitors. If you want this holiday season to be successful, you need to craft creative copy that will entice emotion within your customers.

I hate to say it, but it looks like you’re quickly running out of time before the season ends.

That’s why you should leverage the expertise of a copywriter here at copywriters.com to craft creative, holiday-themed copy for your business.

The key to improving your reach on social media is consistency. Not only do the copywriters here at copywriters.com have the ability to rank #1 on Google SEO, they can write scalable and compliant copy that matches Facebook’s rules and regulations.

This will remove the headache and hundreds of hours you will need to spend to craft your holiday-themed copy, and let you spend more time interacting with your customers. Are you ready to get into the holiday spirit?


There are three simple secrets to follow to bring the holiday spirit to your social media today:

  1. Share a heartwarming story that will get your readers into the holiday spirit, and encourage them to join in on the action.

  2. Add a festive graphic to add some spice to your content.

  3. Hire a dedicated copywriter to craft your holiday-themed copy

The reason why these secrets work are because humans are behind every single advertisement. And as much as anyone could argue we are all different, we are all wired to experience and feel emotions.

With that being said, if you are overwhelmed with the amount of work you have this holiday season. Consider hiring a dedicated copywriter to write consistent, holiday-theme copy for your next project.

Matthew Nanan

Matthew Nanan is a freelance copywriter and blogger from Toronto, Ontario. He is a resourceful young adult who has been trained and mentored by industry leading copywriters. He writes unique and research-driven content that is strictly focused around providing his clients with results. When Matthew is not writing, he enjoys reading and teaching martial arts.

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