Why Good Writers In The Content Marketing Industry Are Hard To Find

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Content marketing has become a must for every company if they want to drive traffic to their business. Investing your resources into content marketing is kind of like investing money into index funds. It’s a long-term game.

Many investors like to say that if you put 10% of your salary into index funds every month for the rest of your life, you're setting yourself up for success. The money will be compounded and you’ll have plenty of money by the time you retire.

Similarly, if you outsource writing jobs to freelance writers every day for the rest of the year, the content will be compounded and you’ll begin to see plenty of revenue coming in.

But what if after six months or a year of putting out content, nothing seems to be changed and you're still not seeing results? Perhaps it's because the content you were putting out was sub-par.

If you've been regularly putting out content, yet haven't seen much increase in your traffic, conversions, and sales, your writers probably aren't up to par. It's clearly time to find better quality writers.

Content Marketing is a Team Game

Common reasons you don’t see any results from your content include improper use of the target keyword. Sometimes, the targeted keywords in the content aren't the right keywords. The search volume for those keywords is low, so the writer clearly didn't do keyword research before writing the content.

Do you have a sustainable content creation system? Without this, it’s almost impossible to implement an effective content marketing strategy that consistently earns you traffic and conversions.

A sustainable content creation system is when you have hired a project manager, copywriter, copyeditor, web designer, and content strategist along with a list of back-up writers.

When it comes to content marketing, a great writer is just one piece of puzzle, although a very important piece.

You need a selection of good writers and back-up writers to sustain your content creation process. However, trying to find good writers is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Why are good writers so hard to find?

Many writers don't have proper training, but there are many other reasons why good writers are a rare find. Below are some more reasons why good writers with knowledge of content marketing are hard to find:

The Bandwagon Effect

Jumping on the bandwagon means that someone is doing something because everyone else is doing it. Because freelance writing has gained popularity, people without credentials are jumping on the bandwagon and trying their hand at freelance writing. The problem is, they don't have the skills required to make it in this industry.

Freelancing has become a more lucrative way to make money than a traditional 9-5 job, and more and more people are becoming freelancers.

Upwork recently stated that freelancer earns more dollars per hour than 70 percent of traditional workers. That's why more and more people are quitting their 9-5 job and trying their hand at freelance work, such as freelance writing.

The content marketing industry is projected to be valued at $412.88 billion by the year 2021. Why do you think hopping on the bandwagon of content marketing has become a thing? Unfortunately, the barrier to entry for becoming a freelance writer is too low. That's why the freelance writing industry has become saturated with low-quality writers.

Many people think that just because they have WiFi and a laptop, they can be freelance writers. Someone who just heard about content marketing today might start their career in content writing by tomorrow.

Good Writers Don't Want To Compete With The Low Prices Of Bad Writers

Thus good writers who can do a great job and write quality content for your company, are competing with the low prices on Upwork and Fiverr of the poor-quality writers. Is that fair?

People are hiring the bad writers because they're cheap. Many business owners only look at the price, and hire the cheapest writers. Many businesses forget about the cardinal rule of you get what you pay for. The good writers get fed up, as they don't want to compete with the low prices of bad writers. They want to be paid what they're worth, but they're being ignored because the price is too high, so they end up closing their account on freelancer platforms and find high-paying clients at networking events, instead.

Scarcity of Niche Industry Experts

As freelance writing becomes more saturated than ever, it becomes harder for writers to get hired for one specific industry. Especially new writers.

New and inexperienced writers are desperate to get paid. So, one week they'll write for a nutritional supplement company, then the next week they'll write for the tech company. They write for any industry as long as they can get paid.

It becomes harder and harder to find writers that have specific industry knowledge, and stick with writing for the same industry in order to become experts in a given niche field.

To be consistent in creating high-quality content, writers need industry-specific knowledge. Writers have to know the ins and out of the industry they write for before they even write a single word.

If you work with good writers, they will spend days or even weeks researching your industry. They'll become experts in your industry and get to know your target audience like the back of their hand.

Not only do they learn how to engage with your target customers, but they also learn how to speak with their language. Good writers also spend weeks of their time immersing and adapting to your brand's voice, tone and style.

It sounds like a lot of work, right? That’s why new writers choose to jump from one industry to another rather than working in one industry, or taking the time to become niche industry experts.

Many Writers Don't Understand Marketing

Content marketing is a combination of high-quality content and the right marketing strategy. If a writer understands how to write, but they don't understand marketing best practices such as SEO keywords or how to write a call-to-action, then they won't be good at content marketing.

Without knowledge of marketing and persuasion, the content will be pretty useless.

Simple content marketing has three tiers: TOFU (Top of the funnel), MOFU (Middle of the funnel), and BOFU (Bottom of the funnel). Every level has different purposes, and every piece of written content must fit with one of these purposes.

Let’s use TOFU as an example. Every piece of content at this level is all about educating the reader and answering common questions. So as writers, they have to tailor their messages to fit with these purposes.

Unfortunately, most freelancer platforms don't require writers to know anything about this before starting their writing career. If they're not required to learn it to get jobs, why bother learning it?

It’s all up to the writers to be resourceful and to get themselves proper education and advanced training. Most writers don't do this, but our writers at copywriters.com do this.

Many Writers Haven't Been Trained in Content Marketing

Many writers try to get writing gigs without any experience or training. Some writers, however, choose to get training first, and become qualified before seeking out writing gigs.

These are the writers you want.

For example, every writer at copywriters.com must go through a 7-week certification program before they qualified to be part of the community and get work.

After the 7-week training program, they are still provided with continuous training before they start taking clients.

Further to this, to help them be consistent in creating high-quality content and become a well-rounded writer, they get to learn more skills. They're often stacking up their skills by learning other writing skills such as SEO copywriting.


Even thought it's challenging to find good writers, content marketing is still a must on every company’s marketing plan, so you can't give up in your pursuit of good writers. As Bill Gates said way back in 1996 “Content is King”.

By putting your resources towards into hiring professional writers, the optimal results you're seeking may come quicker than you think. Do you want to optimize your content marketing strategy to drive more traffic into your business? book a consultation now to learn more about outsourcing trained content writers.

Kendrick Liang

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