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So, why hire a copywriter? What’s this whole shenanigan about hiring a personal writer? Will they magically grow your company? Will they use mysterious powers to increase your revenue? Well, let's make it simple. If you don’t have a copywriter for your company, you’re missing out on millions of dollars.

As Dan Lok, founder of Closers.com, stated, “People don’t understand the power copywriters have with their written words. They don’t understand that copywriters are the silent rainmakers.” So you might be wondering, what exactly is copywriting?

First, What Is Copywriting?

According to an article entitled What is Copywriting?, “Copywriting is the process of writing advertising promotional materials. Copywriters are responsible for the text on brochures, billboards, websites, emails, advertisements, catalogs, and more.”

In simple terms, it’s a professional writer who uses proven techniques to create compelling pieces that turn people into craving customers. And what is the one thing that every company needs to survive? Yep, revenue!

Copywriters are in the revenue-generating business. They focus their skills and efforts to craft pieces of work that increase metrics such as email open rates and landing page conversions. Not only can they increase your revenue, but they can grasp hidden pain points of prospects and turn them into raving customers.

There have been numerous occasions where companies have generated millions of dollars just because a copywriter wrote a compelling sales page. So imagine what a good copywriter could do if those same principles were applied to all aspects of your company! Why hire a copywriter without a proven track record?

There are probably a million questions running through your mind right now: What makes a good or bad copywriter? What traits should you look for in copywriters? How much should you pay them? Where do you find professional writers?

Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place if you want answers. Let’s dive deep into these topics and discover everything you need to get a copywriter working for you.

Why Hire a Copywriter: the Good Vs the Bad Writers

Hiring a good writer is important for your company to strive. A good writer can turn words into never-ending revenue, while bad writers might end up wasting your time and money. So how do you differentiate a diamond copywriter from a mediocre one? Well… It’s a bit more difficult than you think.

You see, writers can be found on various ends of the internet. The majority of them, though, can be found on freelancing websites such as Fiverr and Upwork. And quite frankly that’s a bad thing. Why, you might be asking?

Well… Let’s take a look together. Head on over to a freelance website of your choice. Some of these sites only need you to fill out all the information required to set up an account. That's it. See how easy it is to become a freelancer? And do you see why this is a problem?

Anyone who has a solid internet connection and a computer can go online and declare themselves as a freelance writer. You have no real indication whether their work is capable of generating revenue for your company.

You can ask them for previous projects, but how many hours can you spend chasing down the perfect copywriter? So why hire a copywriter from these websites if you can’t differentiate the good from bad?

A good writer, on the other hand, has a proven track record with pieces of work readily available for show. Now, there’s a possibility a good writer hasn’t been discovered.

Some writers who are new might simply be in search of one person to help put their skills to the test. So how do you determine who’s a good writer? Simple, find someone who’s been mentored and trained by a professional copywriter.

What Makes a Good Writer

Have you ever wondered what makes the greatest boxers in the world? Or have you ever wondered what makes basketball and baseball players amazing? Sure, maybe it's their burning desire to play the sport. Or maybe it’s the mindset of following their parents' footsteps.

But the trick that no one realizes is the presence of a mentor. One should have the presence of someone who was previously a king or queen in their respected industry. The same logic of a mentor applies to the best copywriters in the world. As Oprah Winfrey said, “A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.”

World renowned copywriters have studied the works of the greatest writers of all time. To name some of them: John Carlton, Gary Bencivenga, and Eugene Schwartz. A mentor has taken the work of the greatest writers of all time and have instilled those lessons through classes for individuals to learn.

A good writer has been trained with techniques that are proven to work and contain skills that mentors have learned across their journey as a copywriter. Why hire a copywriter who has learned the art by himself or herself? How would he or she know if their work converts?

A good copywriter gets paid not per project, but for what they’re worth. Let’s say a writer was able to bring you $100,000 dollars from writing one advertisement. Wouldn’t you be okay paying them 1% of the earnings for their service? What about 5%?

See, most freelance copywriters charge per hour. The best writers in the world charge based on how much revenue they generate for your company. The percentage, whether 1% or 5%, is nothing compared to the amount of money they’ve generated for your company.

The Secret Lair of Copywriters

So why hire a copywriter for your company? Simple. Because they generate more money for your company. Copywriters are not just freelance workers, they’re rainmakers hidden in disguise who take companies to new heights. So where do you find the best writers?

Well, what if I told you there was a group of highly classified individuals, who are experts in writing revenue-generating copy? What if I told you these individuals have been trained from a proven mentor, and possess skills to write compelling work for any audience? And what If I told you these individuals have studied works from the greatest copywriters who ever lived? Well… you’re in luck.

Here at Copywriters.com, you can find the best, industry-specific copywriter for your company. All of our copywriters have been mentored, trained, and individually hand-selected for companies to find revenue-producing writers.

The writers at Copywriters.com call themselves the silent rainmakers. Why? Because whatever they write turns to gold. They write articles, emails, landing pages and sales letters to bring in thousands or millions of dollars for a company. And the opportunity presents itself today. Click here to work with an elite group of copywriters.


So the question falls back to “why hire a copywriter?” Well, it’s simple! If you’re someone who wants to make money and take their business to newer heights, then a certified copywriter will do you wonders.

The best copywriters come from those who were mentored, and practice their skills everyday to perform at par. Remember, copywriters are in the revenue generating business. The more money they bring in, the faster your company will grow.

And if you are interested in hiring a professional writer, click here to hire a copywriter today. It’s one call that could change your company for decades to come.

Noah Nanan

Noah Nanan is an on-demand copywriter who is trained and mentored by industry-leading professionals in producing revenue-generating copy. He is strictly focused on producing results and practices his skills everyday to perform at peak conditions. He has a 10-year history in Martial Arts and a huge passion for working on cars.

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