Why Marketing Managers Should Outsource Copywriting Services

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The criteria you use to outsource copywriting services can greatly affect the growth trajectory for a business. With success and growth comes responsibility for more deliverables, new goals, and deadlines that are approaching faster and faster.

It may be time to outsource copywriting services to get the extra help that you need. Copywriters who work on a freelance basis remotely, can jump right in and start contributing to your company's growth immediately. Copywriters can help deliver quality leads to your sales team, and increase your company's revenue. All you have to do is search reliable online freelancer platforms for talent, looking for the top copywriters.

According to a recent article entitled Demand for Digital Marketing Skills Outstrips Supply, high-quality copywriters are hard to come by. It's not always easy to outsource a great copywriter that can hit those KPIs within a short period of time. You have to know where to find them, and luckily, you're in the right place.

Outsourcing Copywriting Services Allows You to Focus on Your Primary Role

Does your day resemble this: Write copy, create Facebook ads, buy ads, and search online platforms like Upwork for some outside help? When you don't find a quality copywriter, you jump to the next emergency and decide you'll try again later to find a good copywriter online.

At a certain point, all of that workload stress will creep into your personal life if it hasn’t already. Outsourcing copywriting services from a reliable online platform like Copywriters.com is the answer.

The constant ‘jumping’ from task to task can't keep taking up all your time and energy. Not when there's higher-level work you need to perform. Your ability to focus on the big picture ultimately affects the quality of your output to the sales team.

As a manager, you need that precious time for thinking and planning. When you're forced to be the copywriter and the graphic designer and wear all these hats, you're doing yourself a disservice. Outsourcing copywriting services is crucial for a growing business. They can create the compelling copy that's required for continued growth. You may also get a fresh perspective from a new remote team member. They may notice some incongruity in your overall message between your marketing channels.

A blog post from Jeff Bullas states that outsourcing can take your content marketing strategy to the next level.

Your Strategic Goals Determine Your Hiring Needs

Since your strategic goals and marketing plan will outline your campaigns and tools used for each campaign, your hiring requirements are dictated by that. Because inbound marketing requires an understanding of human psychology and technical platforms. If you want to outsource a copywriter that is truly world-class, your search should aim to find both of those talents.

Make a list of the job requirements, skills (soft skills and technical skills), goals to be met, adversity to be overcome and a client profile for your requirements. It’s also very helpful to review the portfolio of each outsourced copywriter you are considering. You may notice that some of them write in a similar ‘voice’ as your company. Would you agree that would be a good starting point?

The best copywriters will ask to speak with your top performers on your sales teams. They will also ask permission to speak with your customers. This is them doing their due diligence.

The best of the best will do the research to find out what your target market is motivated by. If they can make this connection, you've struck gold.

Here are some positive traits to look for when you outsource copywriting services:

• Are they coachable?

• Are they resourceful?

• Do they excel at more than one skill? (i.e. copywriting, SEO, and closing)

• Are they prompt?

• Do they want to be a lone wolf or work with the team?

• How do they keep up with different technologies?

• Do they ask a lot of questions about your market and customer profile?

• Do they have an awesome list of references, or are professionally trained?

• Can they write Facebook compliant ads?

Someone that possesses most of these traits, if not all of them, would be an awesome addition to your team.

Outsourcing a Copywriter Definitely Has its Benefits

There are many benefits when hiring an outsourced copywriter rather than adding a new person full-time. Here a few of the greatest benefits:

Reduced Costs

There are no overhead costs such as sick time, vacations, insurance and other ‘perks’ of full-time’ employees. Outsourced copywriters can be paid by the project or a negotiated amount per month.

When you outsource copywriting services, you just pay the copywriter when you need them. This saves a ton of money compared to hiring a full-time copywriter.

Multi-Skilled Talent Pool

If you bring on a top-tier copywriter, they can be assigned to projects that may require them to use a different skill set. You can vet their skill sets in the interview. This way they are a ‘switch hitter’ of sorts and are more valuable to you and your team.

Fresh Perspective

A fresh set of eyes might bring to light something so obvious that it’s been overlooked.... sound familiar? How many times have you looked at the same copy time after time and it loses its feeling or just turns into a blur?

A fresh set of eyes from someone in a different part of the world might be exactly what your team needs.

The Best Talent Grows Their Skill Set as the Market Changes

Digital marketing is changing very quickly, and so is the way people are reading and engaging with content. For example, HubSpot research shows that 53% of consumers want to see more video from marketers in the future, while only 14% want to see more blog posts.

That is one example of how the changing digital advertising world is evolving. After all, the customer is the market and they drive the market. They vote with their wallets every second of every day.

Another example is content marketing. Content marketing is becoming highly valued, and companies that do not take advantage of it will fall behind.

Content marketing provides a way to connect with people (B2B or B2C) who are looking for solutions to their challenges. It is a method where ‘giving value’ as a first step helps build trust between the brand and the customer.

When you don’t try to ‘sell’ on the first interaction, your potential customer has a positive and relaxed feeling. This will prompt them to interact with you again.

An ideal candidate to look for when you want to outsource a copywriter would have mastered several skills such as SEO, Closing, Inbound Marketing, Facebook Ads/Compliance, Bots and Instagram.

Why the Skill Stack Matters

Let’s imagine a salesperson who sells solar systems to homeowners. She has one skill and that is closing but she is not versed on the technology of the panel, installation or how to calculate the ROI. As a result, when she is asked questions her answers are not direct. She must get back to clients after she speaks with one of the experts on the subject. This gap in her skill set causes longer sales cycles, lost deals, and weakens the sales team.

She realizes that her skills are limited so she spends one week with the number one install team in her area. Following that, she takes online training on the manufacturing process. Lastly, she spends time with a CFO she knows from a business group and learns the mathematics and accounting to determine the ROI of the system investment.

Now that she has mastered more than one skill set, she is more valuable to the team and her manager.

Compare that to a copywriter who has only one skill set rather than multiple skill sets. This copywriter with multiple skill sets (a skill stack) can use industry tools to write SEO-optimized blog posts, emails, landing pages, compliant and scalable Facebook ads and possibly a bot.

Wouldn’t you rather outsource a copywriter that has many valuable skills, rather than just one or two?


As businesses grow beyond their current staff of copywriters, management can become overwhelmed with several tasks that staff should be completing. This leads to mounting frustration for the manager and the distinct possibility that important management responsibilities are being overlooked.

Outsourcing copywriting services is an option in these circumstances, but the criteria for the selection of the copywriter can make a huge difference in the quality of the work. As an extra bonus, there's the possibility that your selection may have the skills to fill other roles from time to time.

A copywriter that understands more than one skill can help with your main objectives but also fill in with quality work on other tasks as needed.

What Else Should You Know Before Outsourcing?

It’s not easy to find copywriters who are talented in more than one skill set. Some copywriters, however, are proactive when it comes to learning multiple skills and becoming a full stack copywriter.

If we agree that copywriting is closing in print, then wouldn’t it be a good sign if your copywriter is also a skilled closer?

A copywriter should also be skilled at using tools such as BuzzSumo, Ahrefs, Answer the Public, Moz, Google Scholar, Hotjar, and other research tools.

And how could a certified Facebook Compliant copywriter relieve your workload and get you back to managing?

The top copywriters are certified by HubSpot in Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing.

And the best part is, you don’t have to train them on these skills, they already have them and are very proficient at them. They've taken it upon themselves to learn the required skills on their own.

If you would like to relieve your stress, outsource a copywriter with several skill sets and continue to exceed your goals, schedule a consultation to learn more about outsourcing a top copywriter.

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Robert Wittstock increases revenue for your company by creating compelling, scalable, compliant, and SEO optimized copy. As part of copywriters.com, Robert has completed advanced courses on Inbound Marketing, SEO, Landing Pages, Emails, Blogs, and Compliant Facebook ads. His background includes high-tech sales, most notably as a lead-generation manager and sales leader in residential solar. He is a mentee of Dan Lok, and a member of copywriters.com which is a world-class, ROI focused copy agency.

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