Why You Should Use SEO Copywriting Services Instead of Learning SEO Yourself

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There’s no doubt about it: How well your website ranks on Google has a major impact on your bottom line. One of the biggest hurdles to this is having web content with good search engine optimization, or SEO. To get this result, your best bet is to invest in SEO copywriting services.

In this regard, not all copy is created equal. Without good SEO, your website and its content will float along, unnoticed in a sea of competition.

Even if you provide outstanding results for your existing client base, you need a way for new prospects to find you. Without a consistent flow of leads, your business will eventually shrivel up, while your competitors continue to grow their market share.

The thing is, it’s no small task to have your content rise to the top of search results. And it isn’t only about writing good copy. You also need enough technical know-how to navigate the ever-changing landscape of SEO best practices.

With so much at stake, it’s a good idea to consider paying for the best SEO copywriting services you can find.

But why is that, exactly? Why not take the plunge into the woolly world of SEO, and figure it out for yourself?

In this article, I'll explain some of the pitfalls of taking a DIY approach to SEO. You will also discover why hiring a professional SEO copywriter can give you massive returns on investment.

The Big Win Behind Using SEO Copywriting Services

When you are first starting out as an entrepreneur, it’s common to wear many hats in the company. Until you put together a strong team, you are likely managing many aspects of the business simultaneously.

You’re not only deciding the direction of the company, but you’re also in charge of everything from marketing and web copy to sales and fulfillment. This early stage of your business journey is marked by jumping from role to role, forcing yourself to become a jack-of-all-trades.

However, as you add members to your team who are specialists in their field, you have the opportunity to shift your focus back to your primary role.

This is a critical shift for any business owner. But it is not only important for the CEO - delegating responsibility to experts is equally important if you’re in a management position.

By assigning specialized tasks to true specialists, you gain the freedom to work on your business, rather than only working in your business.

When you shift your focus to the big picture and leave the technical work to technicians, you become a much more effective leader. You free yourself up to play to your strengths and allow those around you to do the same.

This is the core of what makes outsourcing your SEO copywriting services so effective.

By entrusting the complex and ever-changing SEO requirements to those who already have the expertise, you allow yourself the freedom to focus on what’s most important for your job.

For some, however, it’s hard to let go of the notion that they can “do it all” in their organization. After all, you’ve made it this far, right?

The Biggest Problem with Teaching Yourself SEO

As you have helped grow your business, you’ve proven time and again that you can learn new skills and add value to the company.

As mentioned above, the biggest problem with this approach is that it ties up your time in work that isn’t your primary focus.

But that isn’t the only reason why learning SEO yourself could do more harm than good. Perhaps the biggest challenge to learning SEO copywriting yourself is that, like everything else in business and in life, SEO will inevitably change over time.

And if you don’t take the time to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, your website could begin a slippery slide down the search engine results pages (SERPs).

As Tony Robbins put it, "Change is inevitable. Progress is optional."

Studies show that sites appearing on the first page of Google search results claim an average of 91.5 percent of the traffic. If your business doesn’t at least appear on the first page, your remaining piece of the pie is very small indeed.

To avoid being left in the dusty back room of SERPs, you not only need good content, but that content has to be SEO friendly. And since the terms of what defines “SEO friendly” have undergone consistent, major changes over the past decade, you would also need to constantly adjust your strategy to keep up.

Even in the past few years, the rise of solving for search intent and featured snippets alone has set many less-experienced copywriters on their heels.

Fortunately, any SEO copywriter worth their salt is not only familiar with these changes, but they know how to work them seamlessly into their copy.

How to Jumpstart Your SEO Copy

If you’ve made it this far, you’re likely ready to learn the best way to outsource your SEO copywriting needs.

There are two ways to make this happen:

  1. Hiring in-house SEO copywriters.

  2. Outsourcing your SEO copywriting needs to a team of specialists.

To help you decide which is best for you, let’s take a look at what each option has to offer.

Keeping SEO In-House

Your first option is to increase your in-house staff to add SEO copywriting specialists to your team. This is a good option if your business already has enough cash flow to support the additional staff.

Since SEO is complex and time-consuming, you'll need more than one person on your team to maximize results. With an SEO manager earning an average of $74,032 per year, you could easily exceed $200,000 annually for a team of three. This is assuming that two of your team members are less experienced than the manager, and will contribute accordingly.

The main benefit of keeping your SEO copywriting services in-house is that there is a bit more transparency to the process.

When your staff is just down the hall, it is a bit easier to get frequent reports. You can check in daily to find out how your content is ranking, and what changes are being made to boost your website’s position on SERPs.

Then again, with today’s wide range of popular team project apps such as Slack, Teamweek, and Asana, this is less of a problem, should you decide to work with an outside service.

Which brings me to the second option for hiring SEO copywriting services: hiring an outside team.

The Benefits of Using Hired Guns

The main benefit of using freelance specialists to write your company’s SEO copy is that, if done correctly, you will see a much greater return on investment.

This increased ROI occurs from both sides of the profit equation. You are not only likely to see better SEO results, but you will also save quite a bit of money along the way.

As mentioned above, full-time staff requires a full-time salary, as well as all of the overhead such as benefits and office space.

Freelance SEO copywriting specialists, on the other hand, often come at a fraction of the cost, with excellent results.

If you contract with a copywriting team specializing in SEO, they also bring a full range of SEO-related copywriting skills to the table. A large team will have specialists in all aspects of good SEO. There will be team members devoted to optimized content writing, web page optimization and SEO strategy and analysis.

With so many specialists working together toward the same goal, it’s easy to see how you can get even better results than keeping only a handful of copywriters in-house.


SEO is a complex and ever-changing landscape, and it requires a constantly evolving skill set to navigate. However, its importance can’t be underestimated.

Some 32.5 percent of search result traffic goes to the top organic search result. With so much to be gained from ranking highly on SERPs, it’s critical to make sure your web content is SEO friendly.

While it might be tempting to try to learn SEO copywriting yourself, doing so will only distract you from working on what is truly important in your business. Instead, you should consider hiring someone else to manage your SEO copywriting.

Hiring a team of in-house copywriters is one option, and has its advantages. These include tighter control and oversight. However, this is usually a better option only if you have enough positive cash flow to afford the higher overhead costs of keeping SEO copywriters in-house.

The second, more cost-effective option, is to hire freelance copywriting services to manage your SEO copy. Companies who go this route often see higher returns on investment than when they hire full-time staff. This is both due to the generally lower cost, as well as the excellent performance provided by diverse, experienced teams often found at professional SEO copywriting firms.

If your business is currently struggling to rank on search engines, now is probably a good time to consider hiring a professional to fulfill your SEO copywriting needs.

At copywriters.com, we provide a wide range of copywriting services, including dedicated copywriters, project-based hires, and even entire teams devoted to your company’s total success.

If you’re ready to see your website soar to the top of the search engine result pages, book a consultation today and put our team of expert copywriters to work for you.

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