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Erica Gordon
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These days, your customers are more likely to find you online than ever before. With that said, no business should ignore the power of effective website copywriting. Written with a strong focus on persuading your audience to buy your offer, website copywriting ensures that your company puts its best foot forward upon a prospect’s first glance.

You’ll need website copywriting for a variety of reasons. Many customers will read the “about” section on your website before deciding to buy. They’ll also read your company’s mission statement, your blog posts, your list of services, your guarantee and your product descriptions. Website copywriting covers all of this. By leveraging carefully-crafted wording, website copywriters can help you meticulously position your brand. And whether direct or not, effective website copywriting will put you in the best position to close more sales.

Poorly-written website copy can deter even the most interested customers. Today, we will take a deeper dive into how website copywriting services can benefit your brand.

Why Business Owners Shouldn’t Handle Their Own Website Copywriting

Though it is true if you started your own business, you will know how to best describe it, website copywriters have the ability to echo your sentiments in a way that results in a sale. Often, you might even find that a copywriter can articulate your message in a way that is more compelling than the one you crafted yourself.

But perhaps even more importantly, business owners seldom have the bandwidth to focus on growing their business and managing all of their content. Business owners don’t really have time to write their own website copy, and even if they do have time, they should still hire a professional. And that is exactly where website copywriters can help.

Remember, your job as a business owner isn’t in website copywriting — it is in identifying the best ways to grow your company. You are already taking a bunch of meetings with partners and employees, coupled with company-specific commitments. So why add copywriting to the mix?

By trusting a website copywriter to put together that content, you will have much more of the resource that matters most: time. And that can make all the difference, especially in the earlier days of your business. 

Spend your time doing what you’re best at, and let copywriters spend their time doing what they’re best at.

The Value In Having Effective Website Copywriting

By having a skilled copywriter on your marketing team, your company can optimize your website for what matters most: customer experience.

Walking a Fine Line Between Promotion and Storytelling

Though oftentimes people think good website copywriting is synonymous with being promotional, it is much more than that. It isn’t always a good idea to hard-sell your products. In fact, it seldom is. Nobody likes being sold to, and your website copy should therefore limit the hard sell.

Where is the balance between being informative and being too promotional? Without hiring a skilled website copywriter, that can be difficult to navigate.

Instead of leveraging your website as an advertisement, effective website copywriting tells a story. It starts with your customer’s biggest problems and ends with how your company can help solve them.

At its core, website copywriting is about customer empathy. And when you hire a skilled website copywriter, they bring that with them when they help you put together copy for your website.

Standing Out From Your Competition

Because there are often so many different sites online that offer the same service, it can be difficult for customers to discern them. What doesn’t help is that a lot of companies are often vague about how they describe their offerings. That lack of clarity results in money left on the table.

Effective website copywriting not only tells a story — it tells that story in a clear and unique way. It, once again, starts with your customers’ biggest problems and ends up at how your company solves those problems differently.


By hiring a copywriter specifically for website copywriting, you can increase your company’s sales, credibility, and efficiency. Putting together a superstar copywriting team is worth every dollar.

So are you ready to optimize your website’s content so that your online customers know how you can bring value? If so, hire a skilled website copywriter today.

Erica Gordon

Erica Gordon is a lead strategist for Copywriters.com, an SEO content writer, blog writer and a copywriter. Erica has over a decade of experience writing for top tier publications such as Huffington Post, POPSUGAR, Elite Daily and Thought Catalog. You can follow Erica on Instagram @ericaleighgordon to say hi and see her full portfolio.

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